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“Volcano of Fire” Explodes, Devastating Towns and Villages

Posted by feww on June 4, 2018

Fuego volcano’s violent eruption kills dozens injures hundreds in Guatemala

The eruption has affected thousands of people, forcing mass evacuations.

EW said

  • Guatemala’s Fuego volcano erupts – most violent eruption in 4 decades.
  • The eruption, second this year, killed at least 25 people,and left about 300 injured. “Volcano of Fire” ejected a thick column of smoke and ash more than 8-kilometer into the air.
  • Most of the casualties were located in three towns: El Rodeo, Alotenango and San Miguel los Lotes.

The volcano is located 40 km southwest of the capital, Guatemala City, where heavy ashfall was reported.

February’s Eruption

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Strong Earthquake Strikes Guatemala Coast

Posted by feww on June 22, 2017


M6.8 quake strikes 23km SW of Puerto San Jose, Guatemala [USGS]

EQ Details:
Magnitude: 6.8mww
Location: 13.753°N, 90.949°W; 46.8 km depth
Time: 017-06-22; 12:31:04 UTC

FIRE-EARTH Reference: 000697 – Update 061901

Other Significant Earthquakes:

M 3.0 – 1km ESE of El Cerrito, California
37.909°N, 122.292°W; 4.6 km depth
2017-06-21, 19:00:20 UTC

M 4.5 – 28km ESE of Hawaiian Ocean View, Hawaii
18.926°N, 155.538°W; 38.1 km depth
2017-06-21, 20:09:06 UTC

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M 6.9 Earthquake Strikes near San Pablo, Guatemala

Posted by feww on June 14, 2017


Strong quake rattles W. Guatemala

Earthquake Details:

Magnitude: 6.9 mww [USGS]
Location: 14.982°N, 91.988°W [5km NNE of San Pablo, Guatemala]
Depth: 94.0 km
Time: 2017-06-14 at 07:29:05 UTC

Nearby Places:

  • San Pablo, Guatemala, 5.9 km (3.6 mi) NNE, Population: 13,668
  • Malacatán, Guatemala, 10.9 km (6.8 mi) NE, Population: 14,923
  • Cacahoatán, Mexico, 19.2 km (11.9 mi) E, Population: 14,404
  • San Marcos, Guatemala, 20.9 km (13.0 mi) W, Population: 25,088
  • San Pedro Sacatepéquez, Guatemala, 23.9 km (14.8 mi) W, Population: 40,021

FIRE-EARTH Reference: TPL1

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Earthquakes Strike Guatemala, Alaska, Montana, Nevada

Posted by feww on June 15, 2016

M5.7 quake strikes SW of Guatemala City

Magnitude: 5.7Mw [EMSC]
Location: 14.22 N ; 91.44 W
Depth: 100km [77.5km USGS/EHP]
Date/ time: 2016-06-15 13:46:58.7 UTC

  • 110 km SW of Guatemala City, Guatemala [pop: 994,938]
  • 35 km S of Mazatenango, Guatemala [ pop: 44,132 ]
  • 11 km SW of Pueblo Nuevo Tiquisate, Guatemala [pop: 18,189]

M5.1 – 39km SW of Adak, Alaska
Location: 51.611°N 177.033°W
Depth: 48.2 km
Time: 2016-06-14 17:13:26 UTC

M4.0 – 52km W of West Yellowstone, Montana
Location: 44.733°N 111.765°W
Depth: 9.7km
Time: 2016-06-14 14:35:28 UTC

M3.7 – 17km SSE of Gabbs, Nevada
Location: 38.721°N 117.842°W
Depth: 9.9 km
Time: 2016-06-15 10:12:24 UTC

Other Significant Seismicity

M5.0 – 43km W of `Alaqahdari-ye Kiran wa Munjan, Afghanistan
Location: 36.097°N 70.301°E
Depth: 112.1 km
Time: 2016-06-15 09:02:16 UTC

M5.6 – 194km ESE of Enarotali, Indonesia
Location: 4.606°S 137.965°E
Depth: 10.0 km
Time: 2016-06-14 22:09:26 UTC

M5.6 – 171km SSE of Naze, Japan
Location: 26.948°N 130.188°E
Depth: 6.0 km
Time: 2016-06-14 15:01:56 UTC

M5.2 – 66km NW of Sola, Vanuatu
Location: 13.428°S 167.147°E
Depth: 222.4 km
Time: 2016-06-15 13:31:17 UTC

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Global Seismicity – June 8, 2016

Posted by feww on June 8, 2016

M6.3 quake strikes 126km WNW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia

M6.3 [1.295°N, 126.355°E; depth=38.3 km] 126km WNW of Kota Ternate, Indonesia 2016-06-07 19:15:16 UTC 38.3 km

M5.1 [13.577°N, 90.804°W; depth=52.0 km] 38km S of Puerto San Jose, Guatemala 2016-06-08 10:38:29 UTC

M4.5 ~ 78km SW of Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador 2016-06-08 09:56:54 UTC 32.3 km
M5.0 Central East Pacific Rise 2016-06-08 08:31:39 UTC 10.0 km
M4.9 ~ 175km SSE of Naze, Japan 2016-06-08 02:02:22 UTC 10.0 km
M4.9 ~ 147km SSE of Naze, Japan 2016-06-08 01:54:27 UTC 10.5 km
M4.9 ~ 87km S of Nishinoomote, Japan 2016-06-08 00:56:39 UTC 19.0 km

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Nearly 3M People in Central America Rely on Food Aid to Survive

Posted by feww on May 29, 2016

2.8 Million people Need Food Aid in Drought-Hit Central America: UN

At least  2.8 million people in three Central American countries—El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras—need food aid after two consecutive years of severe drought decimated crops and exacerbated hunger among the poor, said the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

“People are and have been selling their assets to survive, selling land and seeds, reducing the number of meals a day and reducing their amount of protein intake,” said a disaster response coordinator for Central America at the U.N. humanitarian agency (OCHA).

“Right now the situation is very serious, and it’s fragile.”

Losses as of September 2015 (FAO)

At an estimated 3 million tonnes across the subregion, this year’s maize harvest is expected to be far below average and some 8 percent below last year’s already compromised harvest.

Production declines are expected to be particularly sharp in El Salvador and Honduras, which both saw 60 percent of their maize crops destroyed by the irregular rainfall earlier this year. In El Salvador alone, losses are estimated at $28 million in seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and land preparation. Honduras additionally saw 80 percent of its beans perish.

In Guatemala’s most affected areas, some 80 percent of crops are estimated to have been lost, including 55,000 tonnes of maize and 11,500 tonnes of beans, affecting over 150,000 families.

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Two Volcanoes Erupt in Guatemala

Posted by feww on May 20, 2016


Volcan de Fuego and Santa Maria Volcano erupt

Santa Maria volcano explodes at Santiaguito Dome Complex, sending a column of ash about 4,500 meters into the air. (Photo Credit: Prensa Libre/Carlos Ventura)

The 3,771-meter high Santa Maria, is a massive active volcano located in the western highlands of Guatemala.

The VEI 6 eruption of Santa Maria in 1902 was the third largest eruption of the 20th century, following the 1912 Novarupta and 1991 Pinatubo eruptions.

Volcano of Fire: The volcano that never sleeps

The ash column from eruption at Volcán de Fuego [the “Volcano of Fire”] reached a height of about 5,500 meters above sea level, with “moderate” lava flow from the summit.

The volcano that never sleeps. A new round of activity began at Volcán de Fuego, exactly four years ago on May 19, 2012. Photo credit: Ana Patricia Orizaba

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Strong Quake Strikes Offshore Guatemala

Posted by feww on April 15, 2016

M6.2 EQ Strikes 95km SSW of Champerico, Guatemala

Magnitude: 6.2Mw [USGS/EHP]
Location: 13.475°N 92.163°W depth=48.4 km (30.1 mi)
Time: 2016-04-15 14:11:29 (UTC)
Nearby Places

  • 95.0 km (59.0 mi) SSW of Champerico, Guatemala
  • 119.0 km (73.9 mi) S of Suchiate, Mexico
  • 123.0 km (76.4 mi) SW of Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala
  • 124.0 km (77.1 mi) SW of Pueblo Nuevo Tiquisate, Guatemala
  • 219.0 km (136.1 mi) SW of Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Eruption Continues at Guatemala’s Fuego Volcano

Posted by feww on December 6, 2015

Strombolian eruptions at Volcán de Fuego  

The 3,763 m volcano, dubbed the “Volcano of Fire,”  sits about 10km SW of the colonial city of Antigua (Pop: ~ 50,000), Guatemala’s former capital, and about 50km from Guatemala City. and is one of Central America’s most active volcanoes.

  • Fuego volcano [Volcán de Fuego, or “Volcano of Fire,”] located about 40 km southwest of Guatemalan capital, erupted on February 7-8, prompting the authorities to evacuate a nearby community and forcing the closure of the capital’s international airport.
  • In September 2012, powerful explosions at Fuego ejected smoke and ash about 4km into the air, spewing two lava stream down the volcano flanks, accompanied by thousands of tons of volcanic ash and tephra. Tens of thousands of people from two dozen villages nearest to the volcano were either evacuated, or put on evacuation alert.

Fuego Volcano – Elevation: 3,763m – Location: 14°28’54″N, 90°52’54″W

The camera is located at INSIVUMEH’s Fuego Observatory in Panimache, Chimaltenango, Guatemala about 7 km southwest of the summit of Fuego. The image is updated every minute. Note that all times are UTC (local time plus 6 hrs).

Fuego is a stratovolcano in the Central American volcanic arc that erupts crystal-rich lavas of basalt to basaltic-andesite composition. It has been continuously active since 1999. Typical activity includes dozens of small-scale explosive eruptions each day.

Fuego is monitored by the Instituto Nacional de Sismología, Vulcanología, Meteorología e and Hidrología (INSIVUMEH). In addition to volcano observatories, INSIVUMEH maintains a network of seismograph stations near the active volcanoes. For the latest webicorder plots from INSIVUMEH, click here. The Fuego station is called FG3.

For the latest volcano activity status from INSIVUMEH, click here or here for the google translation to English. [Source:


Jamás lo había visto tan Hermoso 😍 #volcandefuego #Sacatepequez

A photo posted by Míguel Leal Ruiz (@miguelealruiz) on


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Dozens Killed, Hundreds Missing in Guatemala Mudslide

Posted by feww on October 3, 2015

Hillside collapses on Guatemalan village, destroying scores of homes, burying hundreds of people

At least 26 bodies have so far been recovered after a hillside collapsed on the village of El Cambray Dos, near the Guatemalan capital, officials said. 

The mudslide may have buried as many as 600 people, according to the Guatemalan disaster agency. About three dozens people were pulled out of the mud and taken to nearby hospitals.

The disaster occurred after extreme rain events washed off the hillside unleashing a torrent of mud and debris onto houses in El Cambray, located in a valley about 12 km east of Guatemala City on Thursday.

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Drought Emergency in Papua New Guinea

Posted by feww on September 7, 2015

Deadly drought and frost kill crops, cause severe food shortages in PNG and Guatemala

An urgent call for help has been made from the Papua New Guinea province of Madang which has been badly affected by drought and frost.

Reports say up to 80 percent of the province has been affected, with food gardens destroyed by frost and streams running dry.

At least 1.8 million people have been affected by drought and frost in the Highlands region of PNG. Drought and frost have destroyed crops, and several schools and health facilities have been forced to close due to water shortages, said ACAPS.

“Guina said the National Disaster Centre had not received any reports of people being displaced but unconfirmed reports from Chimbu said that at least 14 people had died. In another area of the province, an unconfirmed report said five people had died,” said a report.


Severe drought in Guatemala has led to a deterioration of food security, with about a million people facing acute food shortages, mainly due to reduced harvest. More than 900,000 people have no food stocks left, according to ACAPS.


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Prolonged Drought Plagues Central America

Posted by feww on August 23, 2015

Drought severely affects millions in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras

A prolonged, debilitating drought is severely affecting Central America, leading to food shortages and threatening food insecurity in addition to water famine across the region.

drought-damaged maize
A farmer shows his maize crops severely damaged by the drought in Santa Cruz,  southern Honduras (Aug. 22, 2015). A  prolonged drought has affected at least 146 municipalities in Honduras. (Xinhua/Rafael Ochoa). More images…

“Since mid-July, nearly all of the Central America has experienced below-average rainfall, as the largest moisture deficits (<50 percent of normal) have been mainly observed in the Gulf of Fonseca region and in parts of northern Honduras according to satellite rainfall data. The drier than average rainfall has been preceded by both poor Primera rains season which has reportedly led to losses in maize and bean crops over the El Progreso, Zacapa, and Chiquimula departments of eastern Guatemala,” according to Climate Prediction Center.

drought central america
Climate Prediction Center’s Central America Hazards Outlook

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Drought Destroys 75% of Major Crops in Central America

Posted by feww on December 14, 2014

SCENARIOS: 808, [500,] 444, 300, 277, 255, 111, 100, 078, 012, 03, 02

Millions of Central Americans face food insecurity due to drought: UNOCHA

Prolonged drought has destroyed up to 75% of staple crops—maize and bean—in Central America, killing thousands of cattle and affecting more than 3.35 million people by food insecurity, mainly in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.

drought in centrica

  • Guatemala. The government declared a State of Public Calamity in August 2014 in 16 out of 22 departments and extended the decree in October.
  • An Emergency Food Security Assessment (EFSA) identified a total of 248,000 households (1 in 4 houses surveyed in the dry corridor) with moderate and severe food insecurity.
  • In the coming months food insecurity is expected to worsen as families deplete their food stocks.
  • Honduras. The Government has declared State of Emergency in the Honduran dry corridor for the impact of crop loss (between 54 to 75%).
  • At least 19,559 children are malnourished as a direct consequence of the drought.
  • El Salvador. The country is experiencing the most severe drought since 1977, with
    July 2014 rainfall being the lowest in 44 years.
  • About 65% of basic grain producers registered crop losses. Of the producers affected in the eastern part of the country, 82% have lost their entire crops.
  • Other countries. Drought has also affected crops and livestock in Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica.

“The lack of rain in recent months has resulted in the loss of staple grain crops and death of thousands of cattle in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and to a lesser extent in areas of Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. The most vulnerable population are families of subsistence farmers, labourers and landless farmers, who are characterized by low income, with limited access to land, basic health services and education, and difficulties in obtaining the basic food basket,” reported UNOCHA.

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Drought Destroys Crops, Livelihoods across Central America  September 4, 2014

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Significant Quakes – December 8, 2014

Posted by feww on December 8, 2014

SCENARIOS: 704, 703, 700, [500,] 09, 08, 07, 02

M6.6 Strikes Near Punta de Burica, Panama

Centered at 7.969°N, 82.694°W the quake occurred at a depth of 20.0km (12.4mi), reported USGS/EHP.

FIRE-EARTH models show continued significant seismicity in the Caribbean plate and the four surrounding plates—North America, South America, Nazca, and Cocos.


For detailed FIRE-EARTH Earthquake Forecasts tune into Fire-Earth Reports  daily @ 06:32UTC.

EQ Details
Magnitude: 6.6Mw
Event Time: 2014-12-08 08:54:52 UTC
Location: 7.969°N 82.694°W depth=20.0km (12.4mi)
Nearby Cities

  • 20km (12mi) ESE of Punta de Burica, Panama
  • 39km (24mi) SSE of Puerto Armuelles, Panama
  • 52km (32mi) SSW of Pedregal, Panama
  • 58km (36mi) SSW of David, Panama
  • 265km (165mi) SE of San Jose, Costa Rica

Tsunami Evaluation
This quake did NOT generate a destructive tsunami.

Other Significant Seismicity

M 5.5 – 228km WNW of Abepura, Indonesia
Time: 2014-12-08 @ 12:51:26 UTC
Location: 1.794°S 138.705°E
Depth: 38.3km

M 5.6 – 139km ESE of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia
Time: 2014-12-08 @ 09:52:04 UTC
Location: 50.365°N 158.028°E
Depth: 45.3km

M 5.8 – 53km SSW of Nueva Concepcion, Guatemala
Time: 2014-12-07 @ 21:16:37 UTC
Location: 13.732°N 91.437°W
Depth: 32.9km

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Food Security Alert for Central America

Posted by feww on October 23, 2014

COFFEE RUST (Hemileia vastatrix)
MAIN SCENARIOS 900, 817, 808, 800,  444, 300, 277, 255, 244, 111, 101, 100, 03, 02

Drought, Coffee Rust Threaten Food Security across Large Areas of Central America

Poor harvest caused by drought and coffee rust threaten food security across large swathes of Central America, severely affecting millions of people in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, according to Famine Early Warning System (FEWS).

Poor harvests caused by severe drought and “the reduction in coffee-sector income for day laborers, and a more rapid than usual increase in the prices of some staple foods, extremely poor households across large areas of Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador will experience a rapid deterioration in their food security in early 2015. Atypically high levels of humanitarian assistance, possibly the highest since Hurricane Mitch in 1998, will likely be required in order to avoid a food crisis,” reported FEWS.

Large swathes of central America have been experiencing severe drought since May, with the rainfall accumulation being up to 75 percent below average.

proj primera 2014 vs 2013 crops-FEWS
Estimated losses to basic grains for the 2014 harvests of Primera crops.  † For Honduras, the reference year is 2010/11. Source: Prepared by FEWS NET with data provided by national Ministries of Agriculture, and estimates

“Primera crops are estimated at between 9 and 75 percent, while losses incurred by subsistence farmers located in the worst-affected areas are expected to exceed 70 percent. Forecasts by the XLIV Central American Climate Outlook Forum indicate below-average rainfall will continue through November in all four countries, meaning that Postrera harvests are also likely to be below-average,” said FEWS.


The Government of Honduras declared a state of emergency for drought in the dry corridor in July, 2014.

As of last month, up to one million people (about 190,000 families) have been affected by the drought.

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EREs Kill Dozens, Displace 36,000 in Nicaragua

Posted by feww on October 19, 2014

SCENARIOS 888, 444, 111, 070, 066, 047, 027, 023, 022, 03, 02

EREs kill dozens, destroy thousands of homes, displace tens of thousands in Nicaragua

Extreme rain events (EREs) since September have unleashed deadly floods in Nicaragua killing at least two dozen people,  destroying or damaging thousands of homes and leaving more than 36,000 people homeless.

The rains have severely affected 17 departments in the country, and have impacted El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, according to local reports.

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Strong Quake Strikes S. Mexico

Posted by feww on July 29, 2014


M6.3 quake occurs near  Juan Rodriguez Clara, Mexico

Centered at 17.842°N, 95.524°W the quake struck at a depth of about 95.1km (59.1mi), said USGS/EHP.

More than 150,000 people may have felt the quake. Several fatalities/injuries and moderate damage may have occurred, according to the USGS model.

EQ Details

Magnitude: 6.3Mw
Event Time: 2014-07-29 at 10:46:15 UTC
Location:17.842°N 95.524°W depth=95.1km (59.1mi)
Nearby Cities

  • 19km (12mi) SW of Juan Rodriguez Clara, Mexico
  • 60km (37mi) W of Sayula de Aleman, Mexico
  • 62km (39mi) SSE of Carlos A. Carrillo, Mexico
  • 65km (40mi) W of Acayucan, Mexico
  • 418km (260mi) ESE of Mexico City, Mexico

EQ Location Map 

mex quake 29jul14
Earthquake Location Map[SOURCE: USGS/EHP]

IMPORTANT NOTICE: FIRE-EARTH EQ Forecast For detailed FIRE-EARTH Earthquake Forecasts tune into UDCCpf daily @ 06:32UTC.


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Strong Quake Destroys Homes in Guatemala, Mexico

Posted by feww on July 7, 2014


M6.9 quake strikes near Puerto Madero, Mexico

Centered at 14.742°N, 92.409°W the quake occurred at a depth of about 60km (37.3mi), reported the USGS/EHP.

“‘This quake was pretty strong. There are houses destroyed,’ said Luis Rivera, governor of the San Marcos region, which was also hit by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in late 2012 that killed 48 people,” according to a report.

The quake also destroyed or damaged dozens of homes in San Marcos region, Guatemala, leaving at least 2 people dead, said the report.

EQ Details

Magnitude: 6.9Mw (downgraded from M7.1)
Event Time: 2014-07-07 11:23:55 UTC
Location: 14.742°N 92.409°W depth=60.0km (37.3mi)
Nearby Cities:

  • 2km (1mi) NNE of Puerto Madero, Mexico
  • 22km (14mi) SW of Tapachula, Mexico
  • 29km (18mi) NW of Suchiate, Mexico
  • 29km (18mi) WNW of Ciudad Tecun Uman, Guatemala
  • 204km (127mi) W of Guatemala City, Guatemala

EQ Location Map

Mexico quake 7-7-14
EQ Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP


For detailed FIRE-EARTH Earthquake Forecasts tune into UDCCpf daily @ 06:32UTC.

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Extreme Weather Events Plague Chile, Guatemala, Mexico

Posted by feww on June 6, 2014


Severe Flooding Inundates Large parts of Latin America

Extreme Raine Events have flooded large areas of Chile, Guatemala and Mexico since Tuesday, causing significant damage to homes, vehicles and public infrastructure.

Meantime, Tropical Storm BORIS formed off Mexico’s Pacific Coast, forcing  evacuations in mountain and seaside communities prone to flooding and mudslides.

Earlier today, the US National Hurricane Center in Miami said:

Thunderstorm activity has increased slightly near the center of a stationary low pressure system located over the southern Bay of Campeche. Unfavorable upper-level winds are forecast to subside somewhat during the next day or so, and gradual development of this disturbance could occur later today [Friday] before environmental conditions become hostile again on Saturday. […] Regardless of development, this disturbance will continue to produce extremely  heavy rains, along with life-threatening flash floods and [mudslides,] over portions of southeastern Mexico during the next few days.

  • Formation chance through 48 hours, medium, 50 percent.
  • Formation chance through 5 days, medium, 50 percent.

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Santa María Volcano Continues to Erupt

Posted by feww on May 11, 2014


Mass evacuations ordered as  Santa María continues to erupt

Santa María volcano (volcán Santiaguito) is a large active volcano located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, near he city of Quetzaltenango. The volcano has been eruting since May 9, 2014, forcing the authorities to evacuate hundreds of people.

Lahar races down a river valley near El Palmar

lahar from Santiaguito
Original caption: Image provided by Guatemala’s Prensa Libre Newspaper on May 9, 2014 shows a man watching the volcanic material descending at El Palmar municipalty of Quetzaltenango department in Guatemala. The Santiaguito volcano continues its explosive activity with less intensity, according to technicians of Guatemala’s Disaster Reduction National Coordinator, according to local press. (Xinhua/Prensa Libre)

santiaguito volcano
Santa María volcano erupts. Credit Daniel Leclair/ Reuters

Santa María’s eruption in 1902 is recorded as the fourth largest volcanic explosion of the 20th century with a VEI of 6 [‘Colossal’.]

The volcanic ash from the eruption was detected as far away as San Francisco, more than 4,000 km away.

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Extreme Rain Events Destroy or Damage Thousands of Homes in Guatemala

Posted by feww on September 14, 2013

Widespread flooding triggered by EREs affect hundreds of thousands in Guatemala

Dozens of rivers including Slaves, Motagua, Chixoy, The Passion, St. Peter and Usumacinta have flooded causing widespread deluge as forecaster warn of more torrential rains to follow, said the National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED).

The authorities have issued an “orange alert” for destructive flooding in several regions.

flooding in guatemala
Source: Guatemala’s National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (CONRED).

“In the last 48 hours in Jalapa department, some 783,000 people were affected and dozens of homes damaged,” according to a translation of bulletin issued by CONRED.

In the week to September 12, 2013, CONRED said it had responded to 39 incidents of landslides; 38 incidents caused by an earthquake on Friday September 06; 14 flood-related incidents, 4 slides, and one incident of collapse that affected more than 200,000 people nationwide.

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Global Disasters/ Significant Events – 4 May 2013

Posted by feww on May 4, 2013

100 killed or injured, 100,000 displaced as flash floods devastate parts of Kenya

Flash floods triggered by extreme rain events have left about 80 people dead, 20 injured and more than 100,000 others displaced in Rift Valley, eastern, western and central Kenya. 

Floods have caused widespread devastation, destroying much of the harvest, property and infrastructure throughout the affected areas.


California wildfires

Springs Fire in Ventura County has blackened more than 30,000 acres, but was 30% contained as of posting.

  • Some 4,000 firefighters are tackling six significant wildfires in California, the state fire agency says.
  • Fire crews have tackled more than 700 wildfires so far this year, about 250 more than average for the period.
  • Hundreds of residences were under evacuation order, as of posting.


State of Emergency Declared in Guatemala

The Guatemalan government has declared states of emergency in four towns near a controversial silver mine after clashes between police and anti-mining protesters in the southeast of the country.

  • The government has outlawed gatherings in the towns of Jalapa and Mataquescuinlta, and the areas of Casillas and San Rafael Las Flores.


Saudi evacuates villages after dam partially collapses

Several villages in southern Saudi Arabia were evacuated after a dam partially collapsed due to heavy rains, Al Arabia Channel reported.


1,043 Days Left 

Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,043 Days Left to ‘Worst Day’ in the brief Human  History
  • The countdown began on May 15, 2011 …


Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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TS MATTHEW: The Rain Machine

Posted by feww on September 26, 2010

Matthew to dump about 10 inches of rain

Matthew had inundated vasts parts of Central America by midday Sunday

MATTHEW – Visible/IR Satellite Image

Tropical Storm MATTHEW – Visible/IR Satellite Image. Source: CIMSS. Click image to enlarge.

A woman washes clothes as she stands in flood waters near the Ulua River in the El Progreso neighborhood of Cortes, Honduras, Saturday Sept. 25, 2010. Tropical Storm Matthew caused flooding and thousands to evacuate. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix). Image may be subject to copyright.

Infrared Image of Tropical Storm MATTHEW Taken by NASA AIRS

Aqua satellite’s AIRS instrument generated infrared imagery of Matthew on Sept. 24 at 07:05 UTC (3:05 a.m. EDT). The coldest cloud top temperatures (colder than -63 Fahrenheit) appeared around the center of Matthew’s circulation already giving the appearance of an eye. Source: NASA

TRMM data from Sept. 24 at 0159 UTC showed moderate to heavy rainfall (red) southwest of Matthew’s center of circulation. The approximate center of circulation is shown by a red tropical storm symbol. Source: NASA

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TS Agatha Strikes Guatemala, Kills 13

Posted by feww on May 30, 2010

Agatha, the First Pacific Tropical Storm of 2010, Slams into Guatemala, Killing 13 People

TS Agatha struck Guatemala’s Pacific coast close to the Mexican border killing at least 13 people in Guatemala and El Salvador

Guatemalan government declared a state of emergency as torrential rain pummeled the Central American country, triggering mudslides that buried homes, cut off roads and threatened to destroy much of the nation’s coffee crop.

At least four people were killed when mudslide buried their home near Alomolonga, about 200 west of the capital, Guatemala City, according to government sources.

U.S. National Hurricane Center said the storm could dump about 50cm of rain over Guatemala, El Salvador and southeastern Mexico, and possibly as much as 65cm in some areas, leading to flash floods and mudslides.

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Guatemala’s Santiaguito volcano continues to erupt

Posted by feww on April 30, 2010

Santiaguito volcano rains ash over western Guatemala

On 20 April, INSIVUMEH reported explosions from Santa María’s Santiaguito, which produced ash plumes rising to altitudes of 2.8-3.4 km (9,200-11,200 feet), Global Volcanism Program said.

On Monday 26, April the volcano erupted violently sending a plume of ash 8.3 km (27,300 feet) a.s.l., news articles reported.

The volcano has calmed since Monday’s violent burst, however, it’s still erupting, according to disaster response agency spokesman David De Leon, AP said.

De Leon was quoted as saying that the eruption had damaged local flower harvests, though no injury was caused. A no-fly  ban was imposed 20 kilometers from the volcano  schools were closed in 10 communities as a precaution.

Formed during a catastrophic eruption in 1902, Santiaguito is  a 1-km-wide crater on the 3,772-meter Santa Maria volcano, located about 200 kilometers northwest of Guatemala City.

It’s believed that about 2,500 people were perished as a result of the 1902 eruption.

Santiaguito volcano, seen from the summit of Santamaria. GNU License.

Photo by Jon Fink, Arizona State University, 1988 (courtesy of Bill Rose, Michigan Technological University), via GVP.

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