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46,000 Students at California State University are Homeless

Posted by feww on June 22, 2016

Sent by a reader in the Golden State

About one in 10 of CSU’s 460,000 students homeless, one in five food insecure: Study

About 10 percent of California State University’s 460,000 students is homeless, while one in five is food secure, according to a new study.

“The study, commissioned by Cal State Chancellor Timothy P. White., is intended to provide better understanding of student homelessness, an issue that remains largely undocumented at the U.S. public universities.

“This is a gasp, when you think about it,” said White. “We’re going to find solutions that we can take to scale.”  [But, this is not a problem that has just surfaced out of the blue, Mr. White.]

Students who experience food insecurity and housing displacement are invisible, and there is very little research on this student population. While 56,588 students nationally and about 10,000 students in California identified themselves as independent homeless youth on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid in 2013 – 2014 (U.S. Department of Education unpublished data), this is undoubtedly a low count.

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Staggering Suicides Rates in Nunavut, Homelessness Emergency in City of ‘Angels’

Posted by feww on September 28, 2015

Nunavut suicide rate 10 times that of Canada’s national average

The suicide rate in Nunavut, newest, and least populous territory of Canada, is 10 times that of the national average. In the case of Inuit boys 15 to 19, the suicide rate is 40 times higher than those of their peers in the rest of Canada, said a report.

“Since the territory was created in 1999, some 479 Inuit have killed themselves. The collateral damage that suicide inflicts means every one of the territory’s 36,000 residents has been devastated by the trauma.”

Nunavut’s chief coroner has pleaded for help from the territory’s minister of health and senior bureaucrats, asking them to declare a state of emergency, said the report.

“We have reached a breaking point and our community is under crisis,” Suramala wrote in an  email, addressed to the officials. “I leave it in your best hands to make the decision of calling [a] state of emergency.”

However, her pleas for help were ignored. Read more…

Los Angeles declares a State of Emergency as 60,000 homeless miss their dreams

The largest concentration of homeless people in the country are located just six blocks away from City Hall, Councilman Jose Huizar, who co-chairs the City Council’s homelessness and poverty committee told reporters.

“There are about 4,000 of them living in skid row,” he said. “Unfortunately, that is just a small percentage of the city’s homeless population.”

“[About] 85 percent of the city’s homeless population lives outside of Skid Row, throughout the city.” Councilman Mike Bonin told LATimes. “It’s time to get real, because this is literally a matter of life and death.”

“Many people here have compromised immune systems in these unsanitary conditions, and it can be deadly,” said the Rev. Andy Bales, an advocate for the homeless on Los Angeles’ skid row, where they often are the victims of violence, patient dumping and illness. [LATimes]

[Note: L.A. County puts the number of homeless in the city of Los Angeles at about 26,000, an increase of 12% in two years, though the actual figure is widely believed to be about 60,000.]

  • Nearly one-quarter of all homeless people were children under the age of 18 (23 percent or 135,701). Ten percent (or 58,601) were between the ages of 18 and 24, and 66 percent
    (or 384,122) were 25 years or older.
  • There were 216,261 homeless people in families on a single night in January 2014, accounting for 37 percent of all homeless people.
  • There were 45,205 unaccompanied homeless children and youth on a single night in 2014. Most (86 percent or 38,931) were youth between the ages of 18 and 24, and 14 percent (or 6,274) were children under the age of 18.

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Deadly Storms Battering Ireland, UK, France

Posted by feww on February 3, 2014



Massive Waves, High Tides Overwhelm Towns in Ireland, SW England, W France

Multiple storms packing up to hurricane-force winds and generating significant waves, combined with driving rain and high tides have flooded large coastal areas in Ireland, Wales, SW England and western France.

At least three separate storm systems have wreaked havoc across western Europe since late last week.

ir EUSAT-ukmet
British Isles: Infrared satellite image. Source: EUMETSAT/ UK Met Office. The image was enhanced by FIRE-EARTH Blog.  Yes! We’ve noticed the unusual formation to the right of the image. 

In England, dozens of towns and villages in several counties were flooded. The worst hit areas included the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire and Somerset in SW England.

“Places flooded in Cornwall include Looe, Fowey, Newlyn, Porthleven and Mevagissey. Devonport in Plymouth and Kingsbridge, Devon, have also been flooded,” said a report.

“There’s been flooding in Mevagissey, the main road in Fowey and the seafront is closed in Penzance because of the concern of debris being thrown by waves on to the road,” said a County official in Cornwall.

“Clearly there’s a severe amount of coastal damage and we need a clear weather window to start repairs.”

A woman was killed in Sussex after being carried out to sea by strong currents on Saturday, the report said.

UK Police warned that flood-hit villages were being targeted by thieves.

On Sunday, the UK Environment Agency issued hundreds of flood warnings and flood alerts including 9 severe flood warnings (danger to life) for the coastal areas.

In Wales, additional warnings of for more severe wind and torrential rain were issued as clean-up from the weekend storms continued, said a report.

“Very strong winds are likely, with gusts of up to 70mph and perhaps even 80mph along some coastlines in the south west,” reported the UK Met Office, warning that very strong winds will cause coastal flooding.

Storms devastate many areas in Ireland

Storms and widespread flooding have devastated many areas in Ireland, leaving hundreds of families homeless.  An Orange Alert remained in effect around the country.

Many people “had to be rescued from their homes as the country was hit with gale force winds, heavy rain and serious flooding in various parts, said a report.
Residents in the Aran Islands have been cut off from local resources after roads were destroyed by massive walls of water.

“Many of the inland roads are gone meaning people can’t get out of their homes,” explained a resident. “We’ve never seen anything like it.”

“We have been devastated this time round,” she added.

Meanwhile, a violent storm battering the west coast of Ireland left a beach submerged in 7 feet of sea foam, said a report.

We Told You So!

In November 2009,  EDRO/FIRE-EARTH Models forecast Climate Change could directly affect about half the population in the UK within 3 to 5  years. Our Forecast and most of the links posted below have since been filtered, censored, blocked or buried by Google, WordPress and others.

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Floods Destroy or Damage Thousands of Homes in Indonesia

Posted by feww on January 20, 2014


Worsening floods and landslides leave dozens dead and 170,000 people homeless in Indonesia

Extreme Rain Events have triggered more flooding and landslides across the Indonesian archipelago, claiming dozens of lives and leaving at least 170,000 people homeless including the northern coast of Java, various parts of the capital Jakarta and North Sulawesi province.

The total number of people who have lost their homes include

  • 65,000 In Jakarta
  • 85,000 in North Sulawesi province
  • 20,000 on the  northern coast of Java

Dozens of people have lost their lives since the latest round of flooding began on January 14.

Meanwhile, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency [BNPB] has warned more rains and flooding could hit the disaster areas over the next few days.

Meanwhile, the casualties and the number of people made homeless by the extreme climatic events continue to rise.

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