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Tens of thousands Evacuated in Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, as Flooding Worsens

Posted by feww on June 6, 2013

Rising waters threaten Bratislava, Budapest and parts of Germany

In Germany alone 30,000 people have been evacuated, including about 13,000 from the southern state of Bavaria, according to the European Commission.

The death toll from flooding in the region currently stands at 13, with several others reported as missing.

European Budget Commissioner Janusz Lewandowski announced on Wednesday that the EU’s emergency fund had already been depleted.

“The scale of the catastrophe is absolutely beyond the reimbursement in these countries,” he told reporters in Brussels.

  • The Elbe in Germany was running more than 7m (21ft) above normal levels, as of early Thursday.

“Floods spread to low-lying northern areas of the Czech Republic near the industrial city of Usti nad Labem. About 3,700 people were rescued after some water barriers broke,” said a report.

  • A chemical plant north of Prague was inundated after a barrier collapsed.
  • At least a dozen villages and towns and hundreds of hectares of farmland were inundated, as Czech emergency services rescued about 20,000 people.

In the Hungarian capital of Budapest all roads  near the Danube were closed; tourists and zoo animals were evacuated.

“In the Slovak capital Bratislava, low-lying parks and a waterfront Danube cafe were flooded but barriers were expected to hold back the worst. The water level was expected to break through 10 meters on Thursday, an all-time high, said a report.

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Flood Emergency Continues in Central Europe

Posted by feww on June 4, 2013

Thousands evacuated in Germany, as Danube water level rises to historic levels

At least  10,000 people have been forced to abandon their homes in Saxony, and thousands more evacuated in Bavaria, as Danube water levels continued rising.

“Meanwhile, the flood is getting worse in eastern Germany as the state of Saxony-Anhalt expects record water levels on Tuesday, while Saxony state capital Dresden has shut down bridges as the river Elbe’s water level is rising to dangerous levels. Part of Dresden was flooded in 2002 when the Elbe burst its banks,” said a report.

The extent and severity of flooding has been described as catastrophic by local media, while officials estimate the cost of damage could reach a billion euros.

  • At least 12 deaths have been reported in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Poland and since Friday.
  • Flooding is expected to intensify in the historic city of Dresden, neighboring Meissen and other adjacent cities, forecasters have warned.
  • Portions of Slovakia and Hungary would be affected in the next few days.
  • The Zwickauer Mulde river broke its banks following an extreme rain event, which left Grimma’s old town submerged, said a report. “The river, usually at a level of about 1.6 meters, reached 6 meters on Monday.”

“Main roads in many areas of central Europe have been closed and rail services cut. Thousands of homes are without power, according to a report.

Scores of town and cities in southern and eastern Germany are on high alert as heavy floodwaters swell rivers. The worst effected rivers include the Danube, Elbe, Rhine, Mulde and Inn.

Hungary declares a state of emergency

Hungarian government has declared a flood-related emergency due to high water levels on the Danube, effective at noon Tuesday, said a report.

Record high levels are expected on the Danube starting Wednesday, the Hungarian prime minister told reporters, confirming that the government had mobilized more than 20,000 soldiers, police and other personnel to tackle potential flood-related disasters.


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