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Significant Earthquakes Strike Japan

Posted by feww on June 12, 2016

M5.0 quake strikes 36.0 km NNE of Tokyo, Japan

Centered at 36.0N, 139.9E [6km ENE of Noda, Ibaraki Pref.] the event occurred at a depth of 40km.

The quake struck at 07:54 local time [UTC + 9hrs] on 12 Jun 2016 and registered 4/7 on the local seismic intensity, the weather agency said.

M4.3 quake strikes Kumamoto Pref.

EQ Details
Magnitude: 4.3Mw [-5/7]
Location: 32.5N, 130.7E; depth= 10km
Region Name: Kumamoto-ken, Kumamoto-chiho
Time: 22:08 [UTC+ 9hrs]  on 12 Jun 2016

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M5.8 Strikes Fukushima, Japan

Posted by feww on June 16, 2014


A Quake Dedicated to Japan’s PM Abe Shakes Entire Eastern Honshu

Centered at 37.1N, 141.2E, the quake registered “4” on Japan’s seismic intensity scale of 7 in many parts of Fukushima, Ibaraki and Miyagi prefectures.

The criminal Japanese authorities and their low-life police force have been warned against stepping out of line!

EQ Details
Magnitude: 5.8Mw
Centered at: 37.1N, 141.2E
Depth: 50km
Time: 05:14JST, 16 Jun 2014

The quake was preceded by a magnitude 5.6 event that occurred about 2 hours earlier off the coast of Ibaraki prefecture (36.6N, 141.9E; depth=10km), reported JMA.

fukushima quake 16jun14
Source and Copyright: Japan Meteorological Agency

FIRE-EARTH Earthquake Forecasts for Japan

FIRE-EARTH Science Team has suspended its research on Japan seismicity, California ditto.

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Significant Quake Strikes Ibaraki, Japan

Posted by feww on December 31, 2013

M5.4 Earthquake Strikes Near Ibaraki,  Japan

The event was centered near 36.7ºN, 140.7ºE and occurred at a depth of 10km. The quake was followed by several aftershocks, with the largest measuring 3.6Mw, as of posting.

EQ Details [USGS/EHP]

  • Magnitude: 5.1Mw
  • Event Time: 2013-12-31 01:03:00 UTC
  • Location: 36.789°N 140.591°E depth=9.9km (6.2mi)
  • Nearby Cities:
    • 13km (8mi) NW of Takahagi, Japan
    • 14km (9mi) W of Kitaibaraki, Japan
    • 21km (13mi) NNW of Hitachi, Japan
    • 21km (13mi) E of Daigo, Japan
    • 146km (91mi) NNE of Tokyo, Japan

Japan quake 123113 location map
Earthquake Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP

EQ Details [JMA]
Magnitude: 5.4Mw
Event Time: 2013-12-31 01:03:00 UTC
Location: 36.7°N 140.7°E depth=10km
Region:  Ibaraki-ken Hokubu

earthquake location map JMA 311213
Earthquake Location Map.  Maximum intensity of 5 on Japan’s 1-7 scale recorded near epicenter. Source: Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA).


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