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Shallow Earthquakes Strike CA, ID, IL, UT

Posted by feww on September 19, 2017


Significant earthquakes rattle Westwood, CA and Albion, IL —USGS

Earthquake Strikes 5km NW of Westwood, California

Magnitude: 3.6 ml  [USGS]
Location: 34.087°N 118.476°W
Depth: 10.5 km
Time: 2017-09-19 06:20:44 (UTC)
Felt Reports: 8,422 Responses

Earthquake Strikes 12km ENE of Albion, Illinois

Magnitude: 3.8 mw
Location: 38.424°N 87.910°W
Depth: 11.7 km
Time: 2017-09-19 11:47:28 (UTC)
Felt Reports: 1,096 Responses

Earthquakes Strike near Summit Park and Soda Springs, Idaho

Magnitude 3.3 ml
Location: 40.701°N 111.609°W [4km S of Summit Park, Utah]
Depth: 11.0 km
Time: 2017-09-18 17:21:18 (UTC)
Felt Reports: 621 Responses

M 3.5 ml
Location: 42.614°N 111.443°W [14km ESE of Soda Springs, Idaho]
Depth: 8.3 km
Time: 2017-09-19 15:27:13 (UTC)
Felt Reports: 17 Responses

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IEMA Offering Potassium Iodide to Residents Near Nuclear Power Plants

Posted by feww on July 16, 2017

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Potassium Iodide Pills Available at Many Local IL Pharmacies

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) has announced plans to once again offer free Potassium Iodide (KI) pills to residents living within a 10-mile (16km) radius of the state’s six operating nuclear power plants. More than 60,000 homes within the Emergency Planning Zones (EPZs) of each plant are eligible for the pills, according to a statement posted at their website.

The nuclear power plants in Illinois are Braidwood, Byron, Clinton, Dresden, LaSalle and Quad-Cities.

IEMA has obtained 215,000 pills for the distribution at no cost from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

KI is a non-prescription drug used to protect the thyroid from radioactive iodine, which could be released during a nuclear power plant accident. The state of Illinois previously distributed KI pills to residents near nuclear power plants in 2002 and 2012.

“Pills that were previously provided to residents in these areas are nearing expiration,” said IEMA Director. “In addition, there likely are people who moved into the Emergency Planning Zones since the last distribution, and others may have added family members or lost their pills.”

The director noted KI only protects the thyroid gland from uptake of radioactive iodine, which could be released during a nuclear power plant incident. He said evacuation and sheltering in place are still the most effective ways to protect the whole body from radiation exposure…

To obtain the free pills, people living within the 10-mile EPZ of a nuclear power plant can download a voucher and a list of participating pharmacies at​ or contact IEMA at 217-782-1326.


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State of Emergency Declared in Illinois as Floods Affect Thousands of Homes

Posted by feww on July 16, 2017

Illinois governor has declared Lake, McHenry and Kane counties state disaster areas after days of flooding that have inundated thousands of homes.

Additionally, two southern Illinois counties, Jackson and Franklin, have also declared disasters due to unprecedented flooding.

Up to 7,000 buildings have reportedly been damaged by flood water, and forecasters expect flooding in the northern Chicago suburbs will get worse in the coming days due to water flows from Wisconsin.

“These counties were hit with flash and river flooding caused by more than seven inches of rain over a couple of days,” said the governor.

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ZIKV Infection Cases Reported in Illinois

Posted by feww on January 20, 2016

Two pregnant Illinois women test positive for the Zika virus

Two pregnant Illinois residents, who recently traveled to countries where Zika virus is spreading, have tested positive for the virus, said the Illinois Department of Public Health. 

The latest development follows the case of a ZIKV infected infant in Hawaii who was born with microcephaly, on January 17, 2016.

The following statement was issued by the Illinois Health Department:

Two Illinois Residents Test Positive For Zika Virus

SPRINGFIELD (January 19, 2016). The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is alerting the public of the potential of contracting Zika virus while traveling abroad.  Zika virus is spread to people through mosquito bites, similar to West Nile virus or dengue fever.  While illness is usually mild and severe disease requiring hospitalization is uncommon, there is a possible link between Zika virus infection in pregnant women and subsequent birth defects.

Two pregnant Illinois residents who recently traveled to countries where Zika virus is found have tested positive for the virus.  Physicians are monitoring their health and pregnancies.

“There is virtually no risk to Illinois residents since you cannot contract Zika virus from another person, but only through the bite of an infected mosquito,” said IDPH Director Nirav D. Shah, M.D., J.D.  “But since this is a time of year when people travel to warmer climates and countries where Zika virus is found, we are urging residents, especially pregnant women, to take preventive measures when traveling in affected countries and check health travel advisories.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a travel alert (Level 2-Practice Enhanced Precautions) for people traveling to regions and certain countries where Zika virus transmission is ongoing, including:

Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Suriname, Venezuela, and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. [See below for the full list.]

This alert follows reports in Brazil of microcephaly and other poor pregnancy outcomes in babies of mothers who were infected with Zika virus while pregnant.  However, additional studies are needed to further characterize this relationship.

Until more is known, CDC recommends that pregnant women in any trimester should consider postponing travel to the areas where Zika virus transmission is ongoing.  Pregnant women, women trying to become pregnant, or women who are thinking about becoming pregnant and must travel to one of these areas should talk with their doctor or other health care provider first and strictly follow steps to avoid mosquito bites during the trip.

The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain, or conjunctivitis (red eyes).  Symptoms can last from several days to weeks.  There is no vaccine to prevent or medicine to treat Zika virus infection.

When traveling to countries where Zika virus has been reported, all travelers should take steps to prevent mosquito bites, such as using use insect repellent, wearing long sleeves and pants, and staying in places with air conditioning or that use window and door screens.  More information about Zika virus can be found on the CDC website.  CDC has also developed interim Zika virus guidelines for health care providers in the United State caring for pregnant women.

Countries with past or current evidence of Zika virus transmission

Countries that have past or current evidence of Zika virus transmission —CDC

Countries that have past or current evidence of Zika virus transmission

AFRICA: Angola*, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt*, Ethiopia*, Gabon, Gambia*, Kenya*, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone*, Somalia*, Tanzania*, Uganda and Zambia*.
AMERICAS: Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, French Guiana, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Suriname and Venezuela.

OCEANIA/PACIFIC ISLANDS: Cook Islands, Easter Island, Federated States of Micronesia, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Samoa, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

ASIA: Cambodia, India*, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan*, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam*.

[*For these countries, the only evidence of Zika virus transmission is from studies that detected Zika virus antibodies in healthy people.  These studies cannot determine where the people were infected or if they were infected with Zika virus because the antibodies may have resulted from infections with other closely related viruses, such as dengue virus.]

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Record Rainfall Ravaging Crops across Illinois

Posted by feww on July 24, 2015

The first version of this post was swallowed by an Internet black-hole without a trace

Illinois Gov. requests USDA Secretarial Disaster Declaration

Governor Rauner has sent an official letter to USDA Secretary requesting all counties in Illinois experiencing crop damage related to recent flooding be included in a Secretarial Disaster Declaration.

“Agriculture producers have sustained significant damage to their crops in portions of Illinois due to excessive rainfall and subsequent flooding from June 1, 2015 to the present. Crop yields in those affected areas will be considerably lower this year,” said the governor in his letter.

Illinois experienced its wettest June on record this year, and has received more than 25cm of rain, about twice the average, in central portions of the state, so far this month.

“After touring some of the hardest hit areas in the state this week, it is noticeable that we will see considerably lower crop yields in those areas this year,” said the State Director of Agriculture.

In Iroquois County, one of the hardest hit areas in the state, about 40% of the crops were submerged at one time due to flooding, according to a statement issued by the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Illinois was the No. 1 soybean producer in the U.S. last year. However, this year yields are significantly different, depending on the location.

“Persistent wetness is having a negative impact on yields,” said a report.

Extreme rain events and widespread flooding have impacted crops in other key agricultural states including Indiana, Missouri and Ohio.

The weather in Indiana, Missouri and Ohio “continued to be excessively wet so in general, I don’t think there has been much improvement in the eastern Corn Belt” for crop condition, said an analyst.

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Deadly Tornado Levels Illinois Town

Posted by feww on April 10, 2015

Dozens of Tornadoes Attack U.S. Midwest

At least 35 tornadoes have whipped through the Midwest since Tuesday, April 7, causing devastation to multiple areas in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.

At least one person was reported dead and a dozen others injured after a massive storm system spawned several tornadoes in Illinois for a second day, devastating the town of Fairdale in central Illinois, authorities said.

Tornadoes have destroyed or severely damaged scores of homes and businesses across the region.

There are also reports of extensive damage to buildings and vehicles caused by large hail on Wednesday night in several areas across Missouri including Farmington, Sullivan, Potosi…, according to reports.

“A monster storm peppered a 1,500-mile arc with 10 reported tornadoes, grapefruit-sized hail and winds of up to 80 mph,” NBC reported.

The “risk” region, as forecast by National Weather Service (NWS) for Friday, covers an area of about 1.7 million km (660,000 square miles) with a population of about 100 million, including the larges population centers in Chicago, Indianapolis, Memphis, Milwaukee and St Louis.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has received a total of about 760 severe weather reports since Tuesday, including about 50 of large hail and 15 of high winds from across the affected region.

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Deadly Storms Cut Power to 600,000+ Homes, Businesses in Midwest

Posted by feww on September 7, 2014

SCENARIOS 900,  888, 444, 178, 111, 070, 066, 064, 08, 07 

Killer storms wreak havoc in U.S. Midwest

A line of killer storms brought heavy winds, torrential rains and lightning to Illinois and Michigan, uprooting trees, downing power lines and leaving at least two people dead, said officials on Saturday, Reuters reported.

Hundreds of thousands of Michigan residents were left without power, with the the Detroit area being  the hardest hit, AP reported.

Wind gusts of more than 120 km/h (75 mph) downed more than 2,000 power lines Friday, said DTE Energy Co, leaving hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses without power.

“An Illinois woman died Saturday of injuries she sustained when she was struck by a falling tree and a Michigan man was electrocuted after touching a power line,” Reuters reported local media as saying.

Other Global Disasters/ Significant Events

“Mystery virus” infecting hundreds of children across the US

A severe respiratory illness is sickening hundreds of children across the U.S., according to reports describing disease as a “mystery virus.”

“The disease hasn’t been officially identified but officials suspect a rare respiratory virus called human enterovirus 68. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus is related to the rhinovirus, which causes the common cold,” ABC reported.

The disease is said to be similar to a common cold, but is more severe. Symptoms include high fever,  breathing difficulty, and a wheezing couch.

“Officials at Children’s Hospital Colorado said they have treated more than 900 children since Aug. 18 for severe respiratory illness and admitted 86 to the hospital,” said a report.

Hundreds of additional cases have also been reported in Illinois, Missouri and Ohio.

Significant Seismic Activity Continues at Bardarbunga Volcano

Researchers monitoring Iceland’s massive volcano reported a total of 70 earthquakes between midnight and 08:00GMT on September 7,  2014, said IMO. The largest quake measuring magnitude M5.7  occurred at 07:08 in the Bárðarbunga caldera. “The lava has reached Jökulsá á Fjöllum. Steaming occurs.”  [The quake was later downgraded to magnitude 5.4  — Editor]

Another significant quake measuring M5.0 occurred Saturday morning some 7.2km NE of Bárðarbunga, said IMO.

Large changes on the ice surface: up to 15 m subsidence has occurred in the centre of Bárðarbunga caldera [which corresponds to a volume change of 0.25 km³]. There are no signs of eruption or increased geothermal activity in the caldera.The main eruptive activity is on the fissure that has been active since the eruption began. In addition, the fissure that opened yesterday morning is still active. Depressions in the ice have grown deeper.

The shape of the subsidence area is in accordance with the elevation of the caldera floor having lowered by that amount. [IMO]

 Deadly Floods Force Evacuations in S. Italy

Several people are dead or reported missing as severe floods inundated large parts of southern Italy forcing more than 1,000 families to evacuate.

Rainfall in the region has been the heaviest in at least 80 years, officials said.

Thousands evacuated as Hurricane NORBERT lashes Mexico’s Pacific coast

More than 2,500 people were evacuated as Hurricane NORBERT inundated large areas along Mexico’s Pacific coast, damaging at least 1,500 homes, officials said.

The hurricane also severely flooded the coastal town of San Carlos [population: ~7,000,] after levees protecting the area were breached by storm surges.

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Deadly Storms Attack U.S. Heartland

Posted by feww on July 2, 2014

SCENARIOS 900, 444, 111, 066, 023

Tornadoes, high winds, hail and heavy rain batter Midwest

Illinois and battered by fierce storms, as heavy rains caused severe flooding and fires caused by lightning cut power to hundreds of thousands of people and forced hundreds of flight cancellations.

Iowa was hit by 90 mph (145 kph) winds and 4 inch (10 cm) hail, which caused significant damage to vehicles and buildings.  At least one person was killed when a building collapsed in heavy winds, according to local reports.

Tornado outbreaks caused damage in northern Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa, according to SPC.

In Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s second largest city, rescue teams recovered the body of a 17-year-old student who was swept into a storm drain, after torrential rains triggered flooding.

Severe flooding currently occurring in multiple areas along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

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Tornado Attacks – Day 3

Posted by feww on April 30, 2014


Up to 9 Tornadoes Touch Down in North Carolina and Illinois

Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has received at least 9 reports of tornadoes in North Carolina and Illinois.

Reports also include 3-inch hail in Lawrence, Kentucky, golf-ball size hail in Wilson County, NC, and 60MPH winds in Wayne county, Ohio.

There are also hundreds of reports of damage to buildings, with numerous trees uprooted  across MI, NC, MS, OH, KY, AL, GA, CO and FL.

Reports from Monday and Teusday

Dozens Killed in US as Tornado Attacks Continue

States of Emergency declared in Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Georgia as up to 82 tornadoes strike  southern and eastern U.S.,  leaving trails of death and destruction in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee,  Georgia, and  Kentucky.

Deadly tornadoes, baseball-sized hail, and destructive winds continue to leave trails of death and destruction across large portions of southern and eastern U.S.

As many as 50 fatalities have been reported (unconfirmed), with hundreds more injured.

Up to 127 tornado reports have been sent to Storm Prediction Center since late Sunday.

FIRE-EARTH Damage Estimate – Update

FIRE-EARTH Disaster Models estimate cost of damage caused by the storm systems at $800million, based on initial reports, as of posting. [The final estimates could be much higher.]
SPC 30apr14

Tornadoes, Wind and Hail Reports (Unfiltered) received by SPC as of 04:40UTC on April 30, 2014.

States of Emergency Declared in FIVE States

Gov. Bentley declares state of emergency for all Alabama counties

“Some of our communities have already experienced significant damage as a result of the tornadoes that began moving through Alabama earlier today, ” said Bentley in a press release.

Gov. Deal Declares a State of Emergency for Georgia

Gov. Deal declared a state of emergency Monday night in anticipation of the storms.

“At this juncture, we’ve declared the emergency for the entire state because it’s impossible to pinpoint where the weather will hit,” said Deal in a statement. “Georgia is threatened at least through (Tuesday) and perhaps into Wednesday. We’re prepared now and we’ll be ready for recovery should we, God forbid, experience tornado damage or flooding.”

Gov. Bryant Declared a State of Emergency for Mississippi

Gov. Bryant declared a state of emergency on Monday in advance of the storms that forecasters had warned could spawn tornadoes, heavy rains, damaging hail and flash floods.

“This storm system has the potential to create dangerous conditions, and we are monitoring it closely,” said Bryant. “Residents should not overreact (!)  but should make plans now to ensure they are prepared for a variety of conditions, including strong winds and rains and the possibility of hail and tornadoes.”

Gov. McCrory Declares State of Emergency for four N.C. Counties

Governor McCrory declared a state of emergency for Beaufort, Chowan, Pasquotank and Perquimans counties following the damage and destruction caused by Friday’s severe thunderstorms and devastating tornadoes. He warned of more severe weather statrting Monday.

“What I witnessed firsthand in Beaufort, Chowan and Perquimans counties is a stark reminder of how damaging tornadoes can be,” said McCrory. “My heart goes out to the hundreds of people dealing with property damage, injuries, and even the loss of life. In times like these, we must stick together and help each other out, and we will do all that we can to help communities hit by these storms.”

Gov. Fallin Declares a State of Emergency for Ottawa County

Oklahoma Gov. Fallin declared a state of emergency for Ottawa County on Monday after a tornado struck the area Sunday night killing at least one person, destroying Quapaw’s fire stations and scores of other buildings, including homes and businesses.

In its latest forecast the National Weather Service said:

Severe weather threat continues from Great Lakes to Gulf Coast and Mid-Atlantic

The NWS Storm Prediction Center is forecasting a risk of severe weather Tuesday afternoon and into [Thursday] from the Great Lakes southward to the central and eastern Gulf Coast and eastward to the Carolinas and Virginia. The greatest risk is from eastern Mississippi to central Alabama, where a Moderate Risk is in place. Several tornadoes, large hail and straight line damaging winds are likely.

scattered thunderstorms will continue from the Great Lakes region south-southwestward across the Ohio and Tennessee river valleys to the central Gulf Coast region. Storms will also continue across parts of North and South Carolina and into southern Virginia.
Finally, storms will continue gradually moving off the east coast of Florida. While some severe risk — including potential for hail and locally damaging winds — will continue from Ohio southward into Kentucky over the next couple of hours, the greater risk for severe weather including potential for a couple of tornadoes — will continue into the overnight hours across parts of southern and eastern Tennessee and northwest Georgia, and then south-southwestward across parts of Mississippi and Alabama. a few severe storms may also persist into the overnight hours over the Carolinas/southern Virginia vicinity, including the risk for hail and locally damaging winds and possibly a tornado.

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Posted by feww on April 4, 2014


Tornadoes, high winds, massive hail and torrential rain pound U.S. South, Midwest

A ferocious storm front spawning at least 8 tornadoes,  high winds and torrential rains rolled through the U.S. South and Midwest leaving a trail of destruction and damage in its wake.

Missouri Declares a State of Emergency

Gov. Nixon has declared a statewide state of emergency as a widespread severe weather system continued to batter the state of Missouri with at least three tornadoes, torrential rain, huge hail and high winds, causing flooding and flash flooding.

The Governor ordered activation of the State Emergency Operations Center, and also activated the Missouri State Emergency Operations Plan.

Tornado reports

The Storm prediction Center (SPC) at National Weather Service (NWS) received 8 confirmed reports of tornadoes in Texas, Missouri and Illinois, as well as nearly 200 reports of strong wind and hail.

Hail measuring at least the size of a quarter and as large as a softball hammered multiple areas along the storm path.

Tornadoes, high winds and rainstorm uprooted or damaged thousands of trees and downed power lines, ripping off roofs  and shattering windows across 6 states—Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri,  Illinois and Kentucky.

The storm system brought torrential rains causing flash flooding.

04-032014 filtered.gifSource: NWS/SPC

Selected Reports (from report summary posted online by SPC)

  •  Hail 3.5 inch in diameter reported in DENTON, Texas.
  • TENNIS BALL size hail in COLLEGE MOUND, Macon county, MO.
  • HAIL was almost to the size of  TENNIS BALLS at BIG FLAT, AR.
  • HAIL 2 TO 2 1/2 INCHES IN DIAMETER, Chariton County, MO.
  • THOUSANDS of trees and numerous power lines DOWN across Arkansas, including Bradley, Calhoun, Drew, Garland, Jefferson, Lafayette,  Little River, Ouachita, Pike, Sevier and Union counties.
  • ALL POWER OUT IN THE TOWN of  Stamps, Lafayette county, AR.

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States of Emergency Declared in Illinois, New York, Indiana, Tennessee

Posted by feww on January 7, 2014

State Of Disaster Declared in Illinois

Gov Quinn has declared a state of disaster for Illinois following a paralyzing snowstorm and a massive polar vortex causing extreme cold.

“As we continue to monitor weather conditions and work nonstop to respond to this winter storm, we will ensure that critical state services continue,” said Quinn in a statement posted on his website. “To protect the safety of our employees and the people they serve, I am directing state employees whose duties are not critical to state services to stay home and off the roads on Monday.”

The disaster declaration follows a major snow storm that dumped more than a foot new snow in many areas. The storm was followed by a polar vortex that plunged the temperature to dangerously low levels of about -45 degrees (-43ºC) and forced the closures of schools, businesses and government agencies.

In the last few days, the state of Illinois has used 9,400 tons of salt and 1,900 tons of liquid chloride to de-ice the roads, reported CBS Chicago.

Some 130 vehicle crashes were reported and up to 650 motorists had to be rescued through Sunday night, said CBS.

Polar Vortex drives east, States of Emergency declared for multiple areas

Gov. Cuomo has declared states of emergency for multiple counties as the polar vortex moves into western New York.

The emergency declaration covers 14 counties including Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Jefferson, Lewis, Livingston, Monroe, Oneida, Orleans, Oswego, Wayne and Wyoming.

  • A wind chill warning is in effect for Allegany,  Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Genesee, Erie, Niagara, Orleans and Wyoming counties, as of posting
  • A blizzard warning is in effect for Erie, Genesee and Wyoming counties, as of posting.
  • The vortex is expected to produce wind gusts up to 45 mph, with wind chill temperatures as low as -40 degrees.
  • Total snowfall of about 36 inches is forecast for parts of the affected region over the next 36 hours.
  • Some 300 New York Army and Air National Guard citizen Soldiers and Airmen in western and central New York have been mobilized to help local authorities if needed.

“As this new winter storm develops, bringing heavy snow and high winds, I strongly urge all citizens in these regions to exercise caution, avoid travel, and stay indoors,” Cuomo said. “To ensure an effective and rapid response to this winter storm, I am declaring a state of emergency, so resources can get to communities where they are needed as quickly as possible.”

us hazmap
U.S. Weather Hazards Map (Hazmap)  for Tuesday, January 7, 2014. Issued at 10:54UTC. Source: NWS. UPDATE

State of Emergency Declared in Indiana

Gov. Pence has declared a state of Emergency in  29 Indiana counties, as  record snowfalls and record-low temperatures plagued Indiana last Monday night.

The list of counties includes: Clinton, Delaware, Elkhart, Fulton, Grant, Howard, Jasper, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Lake, LaPorte, Madison, Marshall, Montgomery, Newton, Noble, Porter, Pulaski, Rush, St. Joseph, Starke, Steuben, Sullivan, Tipton, Vermillion, Vigo, Wabash, White and Whitley.

UPDATE: Tennessee cancels its state of emergency

Extreme cold and sub-zero wind chills were forecast to continue into Tuesday; however, Tennessee canceled its state of emergency on Monday afternoon, AP reported.

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Ice Storm Emergency Declared for NY

Posted by feww on December 22, 2013


Cuomo declares Ice Storm Emergency for northern and western New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has declared an ice storm emergency for portions of northern and western New York ahead of the storm as forecasters warn ice accumulation could top one inch.

Cuomo also activated the state Emergency Operations Center on Saturday

Winter Storm Warnings and Watches are in effect for multiple counties across the state,  said the National Weather Service (NWS).

State of Energy Emergency Declared For UP, Michigan

Gov. Snyder has issued an executive order proclaiming a State of Energy Emergency in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (UP).

The Order allows drivers to exceed the driving duration and frequency limits imposed so  law so that they can deliver propane in Michigan due to a temporary shortage of the fuel in parts of the UP.

Propane is used for heating homes in rural areas that are not connected to the  natural gas pipelines.

“Michiganders and those visiting the Upper Peninsula who rely on propane for heat and other uses are in our thoughts,” said Snyder after issuing the Order. “This executive order will help make sure that there is enough supply in the coming days and weeks until problems are resolved.”

Other States of Emergency Declaration

Dozens of other counties, cities, towns and communities have declared states of emergency due to the extreme weather brought by the ice storm including

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Illinois Declared Federal Disaster Area

Posted by feww on November 27, 2013

Major Disaster Declared for Illinois

The White House has declared a major disaster exists in the State of Illinois in the area affected by severe storms, straight-line winds, and tornadoes on November 17, 2013.

The 15 counties worst affected by the severe storms, straight-line winds, and tornadoes are Champaign, Douglas, Fayette, Grundy, Jasper, La Salle, Massac, Pope, Tazewell, Vermilion, Wabash, Washington, Wayne, Will, and Woodford.

The White House declaration  makes federal funding available to affected individuals in the disaster areas, said U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Additional designations may be made at a later date if requested by the state and warranted by the results of further damage assessments, said FEMA in a statement.

Disaster Declared in 13 Illinois Counties

Last week, Gov. Quinn declared a total of  13 counties in Illinois as disaster areas after tornadoes tore through the state, killing at least 6 people and leaving hundreds of others injured. A total of 85 twisters (confirmed by SPC), including two EF4 tornadoes,  which pack 166 mph to 200 mph winds, touched down in the US heartland destroying or damaging hundreds of homes.

Recent Disaster Declarations

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Deadly Tornadoes Attack U.S. Midwest

Posted by feww on November 18, 2013

“Particularly dangerous situation” for parts of central US: NWS

Up to 80 powerful twisters [unconfirmed total] wreak havoc in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky, causing deaths, injuries and destruction.

Sunday Storm Attacks

At least SIX people were killed and dozens more injured after 67 tornadoes [confirmed total] spawned by a massive weather system struck parts of 9 states, including Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky. Some 442 events have so far been reported across NINE states after Sunday storm attacks, which flattened large section of the city of Washington, Ill.


  • Indiana – The city of Kokomo, Howard County, Greentown, and Russiaville have declared states of emergency after Nov. 17 storms swept through the state causing “significant damage.”
  • “A confirmed large and extremely dangerous tornado” near Washington, Illinois, about 145 miles southwest of Chicago was reported to SPC, the National Weather Service said, adding that the twister was moving northeast at about 55 MPH.

“These storms will be moving very fast … They will be at your location and on to the next location in a matter of minutes. As a result, people cannot wait for visual confirmation of the threat.” —Russell Schneider, Storm Prediction Center.

The storm was moving east at dangerous speeds of up to 97 km/hr, reported the NWS’s Storm Prediction Center.

spc report 11-18-13
SPC Storm Reports [unfiltered] for 11-17-13 updated 11-18-13. Some 398 events  including 67 tornadoes
[filtered totals] so far reported across NINE states—IL, IA, IN, KY, MI, MO, OH, TN, and WI—during Sunday storm attacks. The bulk of the tornadoes struck Illinois.

Entire neighborhood wiped out

Washington is reportedly the hardest hit area, with one resident saying his neighborhood was wiped out by tornadoes in a matter of seconds, said a report.

“I stepped outside and I heard it coming. My daughter was already in the basement, so I ran downstairs and grabbed her, crouched in the laundry room and all of a sudden I could see daylight up the stairway and my house was gone,” resident Michael Perdun told the Associated Press.

“The whole neighborhood’s gone, the wall of my fireplace is all that is left of my house.”

Probability (%) of Tornado in November (1980 – 1994). Source: NSSL

“Pandemonium. It looks like a war zone”

I saw a “car completely mangled, the houses gone… telephone wires [are] down everywhere, live wires are still down.” Karen Harris, a food truck operator in Washington, told the BBC she saw  “I’m pretty traumatized  from what I saw”

“I actually saw a vehicle in the middle of the road, their left signal light turned on, like they were getting ready to turn, all the windows were out of it, blood was in the back seat. Pandemonium. It looks like a war zone,” Ms Harris added.

“From the window I saw this huge tornado, tonnes of debris flying through the air,” said Laura Nightengale, a reporter with the Journal Star newspaper in Peoria, Illinois, witnessed the approach of a tornado from inside a house in the town.

“I took shelter in the basement. The area that was hit, it’s just absolutely devastated – entire blocks where homes stood this morning right now are just rubble.”

NWS: “particularly dangerous situation”

The National Weather Service (NWS) has warned of a “particularly dangerous situation” for parts of Midwest.

“Several rapidly moving, intense tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, large hail events and damaging winds are expected in these watch areas,” reported the service.

Dark Storm

The fast-moving storm system darkened downtown Chicago an hour or so after the tornadoes devastated large sections of Washington city, forcing officials to evacuate football fans from a local stadium as a fierce twister swept through the city suburbs.

Tornado Probabilities [Monthly]

Any Tornado

Signif. Tornado (F2-F5)

Violent Tornado (F4-F5)

Java animation Java animation Java animation

Monthly frames

Monthly frames

Monthly frames

January January January
February February February
March March March
April April April
May May May
June June June
July July July
August August August
September September September
October October October
November November November
December December Dece

The probability of having one or more days with a tornado within 25 miles of a point sometime during a month. The base data for all tornadoes are the reports from 1980-1994 and for significant and violent tornadoes are the reports from 1921-1995. The values are probabilities in percent. Source: Severe Thunderstorms Climatology

us composite
US Composite. (Source: SSEC/Wisc-Uni). Map enhanced by FIRE-EARTH Blog.


This post will be updated throughout the day as more information becomes available.

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Deadly Tornadoes Turn U.S. Midwest into ‘War Zone’

Posted by feww on June 7, 2010

Tornadoes and thunderstorms have killed at least seven people in U.S. Midwest, destroyed 50 homes, damaged many more and forced Fermi nuclear power plant to shut down

At least 7 people have been killed, more than a dozen injured, 50 houses destroyed and many more damaged in north-western Ohio, according to the officials.

US Weather forecast snapshot. Click image for an update.

The states of Illinois and Michigan have also been severely affected by the extreme weather, local reports say.

The Lake Township, one of the worst-hit areas was described as being “like a war zone,” by its Police Chief Mike Hammer [Mark Hummer.]


Fermi nuclear power plant, located on the shore of Lake Erie, Michigan, was forced to shut down after strong winds seriously damages one of the buildings.


The city of Streator in Illinois has been seriously damaged by high winds and thunderstorms. About 2 dozen [50] people were taken to hospital, and 30 buildings sustained “major structural damage,” the  Streator Mayor was reported as saying.

“I saw people coming out of their homes right after the tornado hit; a second story of a house was taken off,” an eye-witness said.

Eastern and
Midwest U.S. Satellite image. GOES East AVN COLOR IR CH4. CLICK HERE to UPDATE!

Goes North America Satellite image Snapshot. Click image to update.

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The Climate Change Crusades

Posted by feww on June 10, 2008

Are YOU a Climate Change Crusader?
How Do YOU Fight Climate Change?
Should YOU Crusade Against the Climate Change, or just STOP heating the globe?

A Shrinking World Series

Make No Mistake: Nature Always Has the Last Word!

Midwest Flood Update:

A dam near the Wisconsin Dells resort area broke on Monday, causing mudslides that swept away homes, as torrential rains caused more flooding across the U.S. Midwest.

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle declared a state of emergency in 30 counties in the south of the state. In Iowa, where 33 counties were flooded, and Indiana, where flooding forced hundreds of people to evacuate homes in the central and western parts of the state, similar declarations have been made. Parts of Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota have been affected by flooding.

“This is an area that’s been bombarded with rain over the weekend, anywhere from 5 to 10 inches, and you’re dealing with saturated soils. So any rain that falls becomes run-off,” the National Weather Service’s Pat Slattery said.

OUCH! Too Close to the bank! Like the Kubeniks and the Pekars (see image caption), rivers are “living” creatures; they need room to complete their cycle of life!

The homes of the Kubeniks (R) and the Pekars are damaged after a dam broke at man-made Lake Delton, Wisconsin June 9 2008. REUTERS/Allen Fredrickson. Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice.

“Flood damage estimated in the tens of millions of dollars were being added to recent storm damage in Iowa, including a tornado that flattened the town of Parkersburg two weeks ago.” Reuters reported.

In Iowa:

  • The water treatment plant in Mason City was swamped by the Winnebago River.
  • Three of four bridges in the town of Charles City were swept away by flooding of the Cedar River.
  • The town of New Hartford was evacuated.

Corn and soybean fields were submerged under the floodwater in Midwestern states. Iowa and Illinois account for about 35% of U.S. corn and soybeans, usually the world’s largest harvests of those crops. However, the prospects of a bumper crop year were further eroded, following a wet spring that had already delayed planting. (Source)

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The World’s one harvest from starvation!

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US Tornado Brief

Posted by feww on June 9, 2008

A Shrinking World Series


What Tornado Headlines Say:

Copyright Editors or the News Agencies [Some editing by FEWW]

Deadly storms flood Midwest

At least five people were reported killed as heavy rains continued to pound the American Midwest on Sunday, flooding towns from Iowa to Michigan and threatening levees as lakes and rivers swelled.

Early Death Toll:

  • Two delivery workers for The Grand Rapids Press in Michigan were killed Sunday when their car fell into a deep ravine created when a rain-swollen creek washed out a road.
  • A woman died in Lansing Michigan, when a small trailer blew over on top of her.
  • At least one person died as the result of rising waters, police spokesman in Columbus, Indiana said.

Meanwhile, storms in Nebraska spun out an early-morning Omaha tornado about a quarter-mile wide that moved northeast. As much as 11 inches of rain flooded central Indiana over the weekend.

Most towns south of Indianapolis and further west in Terre Haute received 6-10 inches of rainfall, said a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He said some affected areas hadn’t seen a such flooding for 100 years.

Flood waters continued to rise throughout Iowa on Sunday, with the northern part of the state receiving up to 5 inches of rain from a single afternoon storm.

Two delivery workers in Michigan were killed when their car fell into a ravine. (Photo: AP/ The Grand Rapids Press) Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice!

Tornadoes maul homes, flip vehicles

A series of tornadoes destroyed homes, toppled power lines and flipped vehicles Saturday as a small but powerful storm system moved through the region, cutting just south of Chicago before weakening and moving over Lake Michigan.

Some of the damage in Monee. (Photo: Scott Stewart/Sun-Times) Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice!

“It was kind of like a train coming through the living room,” An eye witness said. “The building was shaking. There was a lot of commotion.” He said his neighborhood looked like a war zone, with siding, branches and debris strewn everywhere.

Lightning strikes pavilion as storms blow through Connecticut state park; 1 killed, 4 hurt

Lightning struck a pavilion at a Connecticut state park killing one person and injuring four others. Strong thunderstorms moved through the state Sunday leaving thousands of homes without power.

Powerful storms swamp U.S. Midwest, spawn tornadoes

Heavy rains caused flooding that forced hundreds of evacuations in Indiana, and a tornado raked Chicago’s suburbs on Saturday as violent thunderstorms pummeled the already soggy U.S. heartland, authorities said.

The U.S. Coast Guard was called out to help rescue stranded homeowners and motorists, and near-record flooding was forecast for rivers and creeks in western and central Indiana where Gov. Mitch Daniels declared an emergency in 10 more counties, added to the 41 counties declared earlier. At least one person was injured and some 29,000 households were without power.

“We’ve had some reports of houses destroyed,” said Andrew Krein of the National Weather Service.

Tornadoes also struck in Iowa and Wisconsin, capping a season that has seen a parade of storms spawning tornadoes, hail and destructive winds. According to the weather service, 112 people have died in tornadoes since the beginning of the year, the most in the United States in a decade.

Weather service warns of ‘violent’ tornadoes in Plains

Large hail, strong winds and heavy rain are reported in northwest Kansas in a powerful storm system that could produce large tornadoes in the state before nightfall.

In a strongly-worded statement Thursday, the National Weather Service warned that parts of Kansas could see hail bigger than baseballs, 80-mph-plus winds and “a few strong to violent long-lived tornadoes.”

Forecasters say severe thunderstorms will form by late afternoon in central and south-central Kansas and move toward eastern Kansas, Nebraska, northwestern Missouri and Iowa.

68 Tornadoes Have Hit Mississippi In 2008

The Storm Prediction Center – the National Weather Service office responsible for severe weather forecasts and tallies – says that 1,330 tornadoes have been reported this year. Not all of those tornadoes have been confirmed yet, but even still the numbers of confirmed tornadoes are already nearly three times that of the most active periods of previous years.

The National Weather Service Forecast Office in Jackson says 68 tornadoes have been confirmed to have touched down in Mississippi so far this year. In 2007, a total of 33 tornadoes touched down. In less than half the time the number of tornadoes has more than doubled.

Tornadoes and heavy rain struck Northern Minnesota

At least two tornadoes broke loose Friday morning in the far northeastern corner of Minnesota, where heavy overnight rains led to flash flooding throughout Cook County and the city of Grand Marais. About 5 inches of rain fell at Grand Marais.

Water coming down the hill next to Highway 61, west of Grand Marais. (Photo: Stephan Hoglund/ Star Tribune). Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice!

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Wash Your Tomatoes!

Posted by feww on June 4, 2008

Salmonella Strikes Again!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration revealed 57 reported cases of poisoning caused by an uncommon strand of Salmonella bacteria called SaintPaul in Texas and New Mexico since late April. Illnesses were blamed on eating raw tomatoes.

Updated: June 7, 2008

States with persons with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Saintpaul, by state of residence and onset of illness, April to June 2008.

Since mid-April, 145 persons infected with Salmonella Saintpaul with the same genetic fingerprint have been identified in 16 states: Arizona (12 persons), California (1), Colorado (1), Connecticut (1), Idaho (2), Illinois (17), Indiana (1), Kansas (3), New Mexico (39), Oklahoma (3), Oregon (2), Texas (56 persons), Utah (1), Virginia (2), Washington (1), and Wisconsin (3). These were identified because clinical laboratories in all states send Salmonella strains from ill persons to their State public health laboratory for characterization. Among the 73 persons who have been interviewed, illnesses began between April 16 and May 27, 2008. Patients range in age from 1 to 82 years; 49% are female. At least 23 persons were hospitalized. No deaths have been reported. (Image and Caption: CDC. Update: June 7, 2008 )

People in 16 States Have Been Infected

[See above image and caption for update added June 7, 2008] About 30 more people became ill in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas and Utah. At least 17 people needed hospitalization, but no deaths have been reported.

“Our preliminary data is showing that the people who became sick in New Mexico and Texas ate raw tomatoes, and that’s their likely source of this illness,” an epidemiologist with U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

“The investigation in the other states is ongoing right now. We are definitely looking into their tomato exposures as well as other exposures to try to determine if they’re linked with this outbreak in New Mexico and Texas,” she added.

“The specific type and source of tomatoes are under investigation. However, preliminary data suggest that raw red plum, red Roma, or round red tomatoes are the cause,” the FDA said.

Salmonella bacteria often cause food-borne illnesses accompanied by vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pains and fever.

Salmonella Bacteria

Clinical features of Salmonella Infection

Most persons infected with Salmonella develop diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps 12–72 hours after infection. Infection is usually diagnosed by culture of a stool sample. The illness usually lasts 4 – 7 days. Although most people recover without treatment, severe infections may occur. Infants, elderly persons, and those with impaired immune systems are more likely than others to develop severe illness. When severe infection occurs, Salmonella may spread from the intestines to the bloodstream and then to other body sites, and can cause death. In these severe cases, antibiotic treatment may be necessary.

Advice to consumers

  • In New Mexico and Texas, until the source of the implicated tomatoes is determined,
    • persons with increased risk of severe infection, including infants, elderly persons, and those with impaired immune systems, should not eat raw Roma or red round tomatoes other than those sold attached to the vine or grown at home, and
    • persons who want to reduce their risk of Salmonella infection can avoid consuming raw Roma or red round tomatoes other than those sold attached to the vine or grown at home.
  • Avoid purchasing bruised or damaged tomatoes and discard any that appear spoiled.
  • Thoroughly wash all tomatoes under running water.
  • Refrigerate within 2 hours or discard cut, peeled, or cooked tomatoes.
  • Keep tomatoes that will be consumed raw separate from raw meats, raw seafood, and raw produce items.
  • Wash cutting boards, dishes, utensils, and counter tops with hot water and soap when switching between types of food products.

You can check the CDC and FDA websites for updates on this investigation and changes in recommendations.

More information about Salmonella and this investigation can be found at:

Information on the safe handling of produce can be found at:

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EPA Sued Over GHG Pollution

Posted by feww on April 3, 2008

The states of Massachusetts, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington sued the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) yesterday for failing to limit greenhouse gas emissions from new cars and trucks. The lawsuit came one year after the Supreme Court ruled that the agency had the power to do so.

Main Entry: 18 States Sue EPA Over GHG Pollution
Original Report: 18 states sue EPA over greenhouse gas pollution

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