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FIRE-EARTH Volcano Alert: Mt. Soputan on Sulawesi Island Erupts

Posted by feww on October 3, 2018

KMPH – 100302

Mount Soputan spewed ash 6km into the air

A local volcanologist believes the eruption was triggered by the M7.5 earthquake that struck central Sulawesi on Friday.

Meanwhile, the aftershocks continue to shake the island, amid rising death toll from the quake-tsunami disaster.

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Plate-Tectonics Diagnostics

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FIRE-EARTH Forecast for the region and nearby seismicity is available via FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


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Mt Gamalama Erupts

Posted by feww on July 17, 2015

Another Indonesian volcano erupting, more airports shut

Mt Gamalama in Ternate, North Maluku, erupted Thursday morning local time, releasing large clouds of ejecta more than 1.5km into the sky.

At least five Indonesian airports are now closed due to eruptions at Raung and Gamalama volcanoes:

The airports serving Surabaya and Malang in East Java, near Raung volcano and Ternate in North Maluku, near Gamalama volcano.

Airports in Banyuwangi and Jember near Raung volcano have remained closed since last week.

Additionally, Juanda International Airport and Abdurahman Saleh Airport were also closed temporarily, Antara News reported.


The 1,715-meter volcano comprises the entire island of Ternate, located in Maluku Islands, Indonesia.

A 1775 eruption killed an estimated 1,500 people. in 2011, several people were killed and many more were injured from lahar after a weeks of activity.

In December 2014, a thick layer of ash ejected from the volcano forced the closure of Babullah Airport in Ternate.

Volcanology of Java

Made up almost entirely of volcanic eruptions, the island of Java contains dozens of volcanoes including at least 45 that are considered to be “active” volcanoes.

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