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8th Strong Quake Strikes Ryukyu Islands, Japan

Posted by feww on February 7, 2010

Eighth Strong Earthquake Measuring 6.6Mw Strikes Japan Region


Referring to an earlier forecast, FEWW Moderators believe an additional series of 5 – 6 quakes measuring ≥ 6.0 Mw could strike Japan region in the coming weeks.

FEWW Moderators had previously anticipated more powerful earthquakes in the region, including as many as 10 additional magnitude 6+ quakes to strike the region in the coming weeks.

Earthquake Information Issued by JMA at 15:15 JST 07 Feb 2010

Occurred at (JST)





Region Name

15:10 JST 07 Feb 2010





Ishigakijima Kinkai

Approximate distances (USGS)

  • 115 km (70 miles) SSW of Ishigaki-jima, Ryukyu Islands, Japan
  • 225 km (140 miles) ESE of Hua-lien, Taiwan
  • 225 km (140 miles) ESE of Su-ao, Taiwan
  • 2055 km (1280 miles) SW of TOKYO, Japan

Note: USGS/EHP has again downgraded the quake by 0.2 order of magnitude to 6.4Mw

Tsunami Forecast/Watch

JMA Issued a Tsunami Forecast at 15:13 JST 07 Feb 2010 for MIYAKOJIMA and YAEYAMA areas saying that tsunami height was expected to be about 0.5 meters.
However, the tsunami watch was later canceled. JMA said: “No tsunami damage at some of the other coasts though there may be slight sea level changes.:

Fire-Earth anticipates intense seismic activity and volcanic unrest/activity in the Japan Region throughout 2010 and beyond.

10-degree Map Centered at 25°N,125°E

Earthquake Location Map.
Source: USGS/EHP. Map enhanced by FEWW.

Political Map of Japan.

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5th Strong Quake Strikes Japan Region

Posted by feww on August 17, 2009

Magnitude 6.5 Quake Strikes SW Ryukyu Islands, Japan

FEWW anticipates more earthquakes measuring 6+ to strike Japan Region in 2009

Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) reported an earthquake measuring 6.5 striking Ishigakijima Kinkai area, SW Ryukyu Islands, Japan region at a depth of 10km on  17 Aug 2009 at 19:11 JST ( 10:11UTC).

Details of the earthquake were as follows:

Earthquake Information
Occurred at: 19:11 JST 17 Aug 2009
Latitude: 23.1N
Longitude: 123.7E
Depth: about 10km
Magnitude: 6.5

Tsunami Warning

JMA issued a tsunami advisory/warning for MIYAKOJIMA and YAEYAMA areas cautioning of sea-level rises of about 0.5 meters. However, there were NO reports of damage, it said

sl 04_06_00_20090817191552
Source: Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). Image may be subject to copyright.

USGS reported the event as measuring 6.4Mw [Event ID: us2009kkay] followed by an aftershock of magnitude 5.5 [Event ID: us2009kkaz.]

10-degree Map Centered at 25°N,125°E

125_25  - Location map
EQ Location Map. Source: USGS

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