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Harassment and Intimidation by the Japanese Establishment

Posted by feww on March 13, 2012

Blog contributor in Japan stalked, hounded, harassed, goaded and intimidated by the Establishment

FIRE-EARTH Moderators condemn in the strongest possible terms the ongoing harassment and intimidation perpetrated by the Japanese establishment against a blog contributor who lives in Japan.

To the best of our knowledge, the atrocities committed against our colleague is for no other reason than his outspoken criticisms of the Japanese establishment for their handling of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the Antarctic whaling and the annual dolphin massacre at Taiji.


Signed by FIRE-EARTH Blog Contributors

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Extreme rains claim lives, displace thousands in Kenya

Posted by feww on December 7, 2011

Floods in Kenya kill a dozen people, displace 40,000

Extreme rain events in Kenya have unleashed severe flooding, washing away bridges and destroying roads. At least a dozen people have lost their lives, and more than 40,000 others made homeless, said the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS).

Disaster Calendar 2011 – December 7

[December 7, 2011]  Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.  SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,561 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History

  • Kenya. Extreme rain events in Kenya have unleashed severe flooding, washing away bridges and destroying roads. At least a dozen people have lost their lives, and more than 40,000 others made homeless, said the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS).
    • “River Nzoia burst its banks on 3 December, displacing thousands of people in Budalang’i, Bunyala and Funyula areas of western Kenya. Thousands are also displaced in Nyando and Nyatike areas in Nyanza, as well in Coast Province.”

Other Disasters

  • Northern Quebec, Canada.  Two First Nations communities in northern Quebec have declared states of emergency following sustained power outages amid extremely cold temperatures.
    • Chisasibi First Nation in James Bay has no electricity to provide heat for 4,000 residents who are experiencing -30ºC temperatures, a report said.
    • “Wemindji First Nation, located south of Chisasibi, has also declared a state of emergency after losing power at 9 a.m. on Monday”
  • Yemen.  Killing of civilians including children continues in Yemen. At least 138 children have been killed and about 570 others wounded in the ongoing violence, reports said.
  • Obama’s War on Afghanistan. A series of bombing across Afghanistan has killed or wounded hundreds of people, reports said.
  • Japan. Japan has used about 2.3bn yen ($30m) from its tsunami recovery budget to provide additional security measures for its whaling fleet, environmental groups said.

Global Disasters

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More Whaling? No Way!

Posted by feww on July 11, 2008

Submitted by a CASF Member

Folks, It’s High Time We Said to Japan: Enough Is Enough!


Here’s a report that caught our eye earlier. It’s about two environmental activists who have been charged with stealing a box of whale meat in Japan while conducting a covert operation to expose the Japanese whaling authorities … We [CASF Members] don’t necessarily agree with Greenpeace tactics, or trust their management [because of their abject failure, or lack of commitment, in making the world a better place, or achieving any lasting objective, whatever;] however, the anti-whaling activists have our support!

A lactating mother and her calf? Why, they taste better together? Japan has said the pictures were misleading and did not show a lactating mother and her calf. (Australian Customs Service)

Japan charges Greenpeace members over whale theft

TOKYO (Reuters) – Environmental group Greenpeace said on Friday two of its activists had been charged with stealing a box of whale meat while conducting a covert operation into suspected cases of embezzlement.

The public prosecutors office in Aomori, northern Japan, charged Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki with theft and trespass, the group said in a statement.

Workers rest after butchering a Baird’s Beaked whale at Wada port in Minamiboso, southeast of Tokyo, June 28, 2008. Whales emerged the big losers as a weeklong International Whaling Commission meeting wrapped up in Chile on Friday, conservation groups said after anti-whaling nations failed to halt No. 1 hunter Japan. REUTERS/Toru Hanai (JAPAN). Image may be subject to copyright. See FEWW Fair Use Notice!

A spokesman for the Aomori Public Prosecutors Office declined to comment.

Greenpeace had used the meat as evidence when complaining to prosecutors that members of Japan’s whaling fleet crew shipped large quantities of the meat home, which they said amounted to embezzlement.

Japan has come under fire from environmentalists and foreign countries for its whaling program. The government says its whaling is for scientific research purposes.

Commercial whaling was banned under a 1986 international moratorium, but Tokyo has campaigned for a lifting of the ban, saying whaling is part of the country’s cultural tradition.

A recent poll showed that a majority of Japanese support whaling, although whale meat is now less popular among the public than in the past.

The country’s fleet caught only 551 minke whales compared with a planned 850 in its latest Antarctic hunt, after obstruction by anti-whalers. (Source)

Japan says its whaling is legal and part of its culture.


Let’s Stop Japan Whaling!

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