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Significant Earthquake Strikes South of Palm Springs, CA

Posted by feww on June 10, 2016

M5.2 strikes 44km S of Palm Springs, Calif.

Centered at 33.431°N, 116.443°W [20.0 km NNW of Borrego Springs] the event occurred at a depth of 12.3km, reported USGS/EHP.

  • The quake struck at 08:07:11 UTC [2016-06-10] and was followed by a swarm of at least nine aftershocks, as of posting.

Testimonies [EMSC]

Witness location : La Quinta (United States) (28 km NE from epicenter)
Strongest I have felt in a long time. Things really rattled. Pictures sitting on furniture came down

Witness location : Palm Desert (United States) (32 km N from epicenter)
First felt a rumble then the house shook and could here stretching sounds. This was the scariest I’ve experienced in CA in last50 years. The cats were terrified and are hiding somewhere in the house. Street lights still on, nothing fell inside house which seems to be intact.

Witness location : Cathedral City (United States) (38 km NW from epicenter)
the whole ground shaking… seeing everything around shaking is the scariest feeling imaginable… i felt like the ground was going to open.

Witness location : Cathedral City (United States) (38 km NW from epicenter)
We are used to earthquakes in Southern California but for some reason, this one was felt as a very big one. Surprised it was only 5.2. I heard most people felt it through southern California from San Diego to Joshua Tree.

Witness location : Temecula (United States) (65 km W from epicenter)
Born and raised in Ca. & this earthquake truly got my attention. We were sleeping in my second story and it shook so vigorously I thought the earthquake felt like a 6.0 pretty bad rattling on second floor.

Witness location : Homeland (United States) (70 km NW from epicenter)
Felt way bigger than a 5.2 was a lot longer than other quakes.

Witness location : Fallbrook (United States) (75 km W from epicenter)
There was some thunderous sound and the whole house swayed.

Witness location : Rosarito (Mexico) (132 km SW from epicenter)
Scary woke up to approx 10 second jolt in Baja Mexico felt like a railroad train passed by me.

Witness location : Los Angeles (United States) (204 km NW from epicenter)
At the hospital and noticed the curtains and IV bag shaking.

Witness location : Mohave Valley (United States) (238 km NE from epicenter)
Lived here 20 years in mohave desert never felt anything like this. 3 to 4 seconds of rolling pretty strong

Witness location : Bullhead City (United States) (258 km NE from epicenter)
I’m in Arizona and felt light shifting like motion, totaling 6-10 seconds

Witness location : Bodfish (United States) (303 km NW from epicenter)
A little rolling lasted a couple seconds.

Other Significant Seismicity

  • M5.3 at 38.396°N, 144.528°E; depth=25.1km  about 249km ESE of Kamaishi, Japan 2016-06-10 12:07:02 UTC


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