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Strong Earthquake Strikes ENE of Taipei, Taiwan

Posted by feww on May 31, 2016

M7.2 Earthquake Strikes 73km ENE of Keelung City, Taiwan: CWB Earthquake Report

The quake was felt as far away as the coast of mainland China, about 400km away, according to several reports.

Centered at 25.572°N, 122.516°E the quake struck at a depth of 242.9km, reported USGS/EHP.

EQ Details

Magnitude: 6.1Mw [Downgraded from M6.4, and subject to further changes due to unresolved procedural issues at USGS/EHP]
Location: 25.572°N, 122.516°E; depth of 242.9km
Time: 2016-05-31 05:23:47 (UTC)

  • 92.0 km (57.2 mi) ENE of Keelung, Taiwan
  • 114.0 km (70.8 mi) ENE of Taipei, Taiwan
  • 118.0 km (73.3 mi) NE of Yilan, Taiwan
  • 122.0 km (75.8 mi) ENE of Banqiao, Taiwan
  • 925.0 km (574.8 mi) ENE of Hong Kong

Other Significant Seismicity

Earthquake strikes 230km SSW of Naha, Japan
Magnitude: 5.2Mw
Location: 24.448°N, 126.469°E  – 126km ESE of Hirara, Japan
Depth: 10.0km
Time: 2016-05-30 09:47:47 UTC

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Taiwan Massive Landslide Buries 6-Lane Freeway

Posted by feww on April 26, 2010

The earth and rocks avalanche blocks a 6-lane  freeway over a 300-meter stretch

“A hill ahead suddenly moved and crashed down on the road within five seconds, said entertainer Chen Mei-feng in an interview with cable station Formosa Television. She was traveling in a car approaching the scene of the landslide.” ETaiwanNews reported.

A massive landslide buried a 300-m stretch of the No. 3 Freeway between Taipei and Keelung. Photo. Taiwan News. Image may be subject to copyright.

The landslide reportedly blocked a 300-meter long of a major road, the No.3 Freeway between Taipei and Keelung earlier today, burying an unknown  number of vehicles under thousands of tons of earth and rocks.

“At 2:33 p.m., the hill slid down at the 3.1-kilometer mark from the northern end, just north of the Chitu toll station, and took down an overpass, Keelung Mayor Chang Tung-jung told reporters.”

The 6-lane Freeway, said to be 100 meters (328 feet) wide, was completely covered by the landslide  over a distance of 300 meters (984 feet).

“The military sent about 200 soldiers to help with relief work, while 36 excavators and 37 trucks arrived at the scene to work through the night, officials said.”

“Experts were still guessing for reasons for the landslide, because there was no earthquake and no rain reported in the area at the time. Media described the incident as the biggest accident on a Taiwanese freeway in 30 years.” The report said. More on this developing news …

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