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“Dynamic Duo” already Robbing America Blind?

Posted by feww on April 29, 2017

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Deciphering Trump’s Coded Messages: “Grease My ‘Yuge’ Palm, Save Money ‘Bigly!'”

How much cumshaw must Seoul pay Trump to have him wave the cost of the THAAD system?

[Prepared by an affiliated team of observers.]

  • Report available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.


Trump told Reuters he wants South Korea to pay for the $1 billion Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, in an interview on Thursday.

The US military currently has six THAAD batteries in it global arsenal, with the cost of each unit estimated at $1.2 billion, according to a former U.S. State Department official, who said Washington would be unwilling to sell THAAD to Seoul.

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FIRE-EARTH Report: Korean Peninsula

Posted by feww on March 3, 2017

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FIRE-EARTH Report: Korean Peninsula

[Prepared by FIRE-EARTH Science Team.]

  • Report is available from FIRE-EARTH PULSARS.

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Who Needs BioChemical Weapons?

Posted by feww on February 24, 2015

Large clouds of yellow sand, smog from China plaguing Korean Peninsula, Japan

Westerly winds are blowing high levels of yellow sand and smog from China across Korean Peninsula and Japan, posing a potential hazard across the region.

Korean Peninsula has received massive levels of yellow sand and smog since Sunday, while much of Japan is experiencing varying degrees of air pollution imports from China.

The smog prompted Korea Meteorological Administration to issue yellow dust warnings and advisories for much of the country, including Seoul, Incheon, Gwangju and several other surrounding cities on Sunday.

The massive clouds of yellow dust, which originate in the deserts of Mongolia, northern China and Kazakhstan, are often laden with potentially deadly cocktails of bacteria and industrial pollutants.

smog map 24feb2015
Air Pollution in Asia: Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map. Source: – Tuesday, February 24, 2015 at 16:00UTC.

yellow dust buries SK- US Govt
Hwangsa, also known as ‘yellow sand,’ ‘Asian dust,’ or ‘yellow wind,’ originates in the deserts of Mongolia, northern China and Kazakhstan, usually engulfing cities in Korean Peninsula and Japan during early spring. Image source: U.S. Govt.

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Drought, Extreme Heat Cripple China, Japan, S. Korea

Posted by feww on August 11, 2013

Drought and extreme heat plague many parts of  China, as heat dome hovers over east Asia

Record temperatures, many of them above 40ºC, are seriously affecting people, killing poultry and livestock and destroying crops across east Asia.

china drought disaster aug 2013 -01
Original caption: A farmer shows the dried-up rice fields in Hejia Village of Yongxin County, east China’s Jiangxi Province, Aug. 9, 2013. Lingering drought has caused severe damage to agricultural products, leaving millions of people short of drinking water in many parts of China. (Xinhua/Zhou Ke). More images…

Up to a staggering 10 percent of the population, an estimated 130 million people, have been affected by drought in the south, southwest, central, east and southeast, and by extreme heat in central and eastern China.

Mining for water
Original caption: An excavator is used for seeking water on a riverbed in Shuangfeng County of Loudi City, central China’s Hunan Province, Aug. 8, 2013. Regions in Hunan Province were hit by a severe drought this summer due to lingering high temperatures and lack of rainfall, leaving about 1.5 million people short of drinking water. (Xinhua/Bai Yu). More images …

More than 10 million people and at least as many livestock are short of drinking water, in the worst affected regions including Jiangxi, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan and Zhejiang Provinces and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

mining every last drop of water 3
A villager prepares to pump water from a deep cave in Motou Village of Quanzhou County, Guilin City, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Aug. 9, 2013. (Xinhua/Lu Bo’an. More images…

drought in Zhejiang Province -  Original caption: Soldiers carry water for local residents in Zhoushan City, east China’s Zhejiang Province, Aug. 11, 2013. A lingering drought has left 417,000 people short of drinking water in the province. The Zhejiang provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters raised the drought emergency response system to level-3 on Sunday. (Xinhua/Xu Yu). More images…


In western Japan the mercury rose to 40.7ºC causing more heatstroke and heat related illnesses. More than 30,000 people have been hospitalized since May this year, a rise of 10 percent compared with last year.

Weather authorities have issued several alerts, advising people to reduce exposure to the sun and remain well-hydrated.

South Korea

“The entire Korean Peninsula is sweltering with average daily temperature reaching just under 33 degrees in Seoul. The heat has killed tens thousands of chickens and fish, a serious blow to the poultry and fish farming industry,” said a report.

Meantime, the country faces serious power shortages this week as temperatures are forecast to rise pushing up demand for power, while six of the SK’s nuclear plants r4emain off-line.

“If one nuclear reactor stops its operation all of a sudden, we may have to start rolling power blackouts like we did on September 15, 2011,” Energy Minister Yoon Sang-jick told reporters.

SK’s power demand is forecast to peak at about “80,500 megawatts (MW) in the next three days while its power supply capacity is seen at 77,440 MW the energy ministry said in a statement. With all the possible power-saving and supplying measures, the supply surplus could be raised to 1,800 MW but that would still not be enough,” said a report.

The heatwave is forecast to linger in East Asia until at least next week.

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Global Disasters/ Significant Events Headlines – 8 April 2013

Posted by feww on April 8, 2013

Korean nuke conflict could make Chernobyl look like “child’s fairytale” – Putin

The fallout of a nuclear conflict on the Korean Peninsula would cause far greater devastation than the  Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, was reported as saying.

“I would make no secret about it, we are worried about the escalation on the Korean peninsula, because we are neighbors,” he told a joint news conference with German Chancellor Merkel in Germany.

“And if, God forbid, something happens, Chernobyl which we all know a lot about, may seem like a child’s fairy tale. Is there such a threat or not? I think there is… I would urge everyone to calm down… and start to resolve the problems that have piled up for many years there at the negotiating table.”

North Korea displays its Multiple-Launch Rocket System (MLRS) earlier this year. Credit: AFP. Image may be subject to copyright.

The tensions have been mounting since the United Nations imposed new sanctions against the North in response to Pyongyang’s third nuclear test in February.  NK’s anger has further been compounded by weeks of joint military exercises by SK and U.S. troops.

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Global War Forecast

“In the most likely scenario, as the first phase of world’s cities begin to collapse, an all-out global war would break out… that would be fought with nuclear, exotic, biological and conventional weapons.”



Stocks in Greek banks fell by up to a third after plans to merge two of them were frozen on fears the new entity would be too big to be manageable.

  • Both the National Bank of Greece (NBG) and Eurobank stocks fell by nearly a third in morning trade, with Alpha and Piraeus banks losing about a fifth of their value, reports said.

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1,069 Days Left 

Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,069 Days Left to ‘Worst Day’ in the brief Human  History
  • The countdown began on May 15, 2011 …


Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Korean War Would Accelerate Global Collapse

Posted by feww on March 30, 2013

North Korea enters ‘state of war’ against South

North Korea says it has entered a “state of war” against its southern neighbor, warning that any issues between the two countries will be dealt with in a “wartime manner,” reports said.

North Korea has warned that any military provocation near the land or sea border of the two sides would result “in a full-scale conflict and a nuclear war,” said a report.

pyongyang rally
Pyongyang Rally in support of Kim Jong Un’s declaration.  Credit Reuters

Pyongyang has been repeatedly threatening to attack the South and U.S. military bases in the region since the beginning of March.

Tens of thousands of North Koreans expressed support for their leader’s threat of a military strike against the United States during a massive rally held on Friday.

The official North Korean Central News Agency [KCNA] said the leader has put the country’s rocket units on standby, after an emergency meeting with the top military commanders on Friday.

“The time has come to settle accounts with the U.S. imperialists in view of the prevailing situation.” Kim Jong Un was quoted as saying.

followed flights by nuclear-capable B-2 Spirit, aka Stealth Bombers, over an island off the coast of the Korean peninsula on Thursday, as part of ongoing US military drills with South Korea.

South Korea had earlier confirmed the notification by Pyongyang that DPRK had cut off the military communications hotline on March 27, reports said.

“Tensions have been running high on the Korean Peninsula since the DPRK conducted its third nuclear test on Feb. 12 as a countermeasure against the joint military drills of the United States and South Korea,” said a report.

Russian Foreign Minister said Russia was concerned about increased military activity around North Korea, an apparent reference to the US – SK military drills, warning that a buildup of tensions on the Korean peninsula could “spiral into a vicious cycle.”

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Wildfires Burning Another Million Acres Across 7 States

Posted by feww on September 4, 2012

Major wildfires raging in California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska and Wyoming

Active wildfires are consuming more than a million acres across the West and Midwest, forcing thousands to evacuate.

  • Red Flag Warnings are in effect in parts of the Dakotas, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming.
  • Oregon. USDA has designated seven counties in Oregon as primary and contiguous disaster areas due to damages and losses caused by wildfires that began July 8 and continue. The disaster declaration extends to counties in the adjacent states:
    • Idaho.  Four counties.
    • Nevada. Two counties.

U.S. Weather Outlook

  • ‘High temperatures in the upper 90s to around 100 degrees with heat index values approaching 110 degrees are expected from the Plains of southeast Kansas and eastern Oklahoma into the Lower Mississippi River Valley on Monday afternoon.’  NWS forecast.
    • ‘Tropical moisture associated with the remnants of Isaac interacting with a frontal system will bring a flash flooding threat to the East Coast on Tuesday. Showers and thunderstorms will be capable of producing heavy rainfall that could lead to incidents of flash flooding.’

Other Global Disasters/ Significant Events

  • United States.  Hurricane ISAAC caused “enormous devastation” to the Gulf  Coast, especially the state of Louisiana, officials said.
    • The storm killed at least seven people—5 in New Orleans and 2 in Mississippi.
    • Thousands  of evacuees are still in shelters, or with friends and relatives.
    • ISAAC knocked out power to about a million people in 5 states—Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.
  • Korean Peninsula.   Death toll from Typhoon BOLAVEN has climbed to about 100 across the Korean Peninsula, with many more injured. Dozens of others are reported as missing.
    • The storm destroyed or damaged thousands of homes, and more than 50,000 hectares of farmland, leaving at least 20,000 people homeless, reports said.
  • India.  Rainfall from the annual monsoon season is down an average of 12 percent across India, as the country enters its fourth drought in just over a decade.
    • Some villages in the worst hit drought areas are reportedly on the brink of disaster, reports said.

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DIANMU Strikes Korea

Posted by feww on August 11, 2010

TS DIANMU Strikes Southern Coast of Korean Peninsula

TS DIANMU– Visible  Satellite Image (1km Res). Source: CIMSS. Click image to enlarge.

Dianmu winds topped speeds of 100 km/hr (gusts of 130 km/hr) before slamming into Korean Peninsula. The above natural-color image was captured by  MODIS on NASA’s Terra satellite on August 10. Source: NASA E/O. Click image to enlarge. Download large image (5 MB, JPEG)

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