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Sick of Oil Spills

Posted by feww on July 18, 2011

BP Alaskan pipeline at Lisburne field ruptures spilling methanol and oil onto the tundra

Up to 4,200 gallons of a mixture of “methanol and oily water” was spilled after a rupture which occurred on Saturday, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation said.

Lisburne comes under the management of the Greater Prudhoe Bay Unit and was reportedly undergoing maintenance work.

Prudhoe Bay oil field (PBOF), located on Alaska’s North Slope, is the largest oil field in North America. It’s operated by BP and its partners ExxonMobiland ConocoPhillips Alaska.

Covering an area of about 86,000 ha,  PBOF was initially estimated as containing about 25 billion barrels of crude. The field is located about 640 km north of Fairbanks (1,050 km north of Anchorage), some 400 km north of the Arctic Circle (1,900 km from the North Pole).

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Alaska tug grounds, leaks diesel at Prince William Sound

Posted by feww on December 25, 2009

Tugboat meant to help prevent oil spill disasters in Prince William Sound runs aground leaking up to 35,000 gallons of diesel

The Pathfinder, a 136-foot tug with six crew, on its way back to port in Valdez grounded on Bligh Reef and radioed for help at 6:15 pm Wednesday, the Coast Guard said.

The Pathfinder, a 136-foot tug, is surrounded by a spill containment boom Thursday, Dec. 24, 2009. The tug ran aground on Bligh Reef – the same reef as the Exxon Valdez 20 years ago. (AP Photo/Anchorage Daily News, Marc Lester). Image may be subject to copyright.

Two of the tug’s fuel tanks which were damaged contained about 127,000 liters (33,500 gallons) of diesel fuel, or a quarter of their full capacity, AP reported.

The tug is owned by Crowley Maritime Corp., and is part of a system set up supposedly to prevent oil disasters like  Exxon Valdez from occurring, hit Bligh Reef, a submerged navigation hazard. In 1989 the infamous Exxon Valdez ran aground after hitting the same reef, spilling some 42 million liters of crude oil and causing and ecological disaster.

Yet Another BP Pipeline Leak in Alaska

The above news came just a day or so after BP said it had discovered another oil leak in an oil pipeline connected to a well at the Prudhoe Bay oil field, the third leak reported by the company in less than 4 weeks.

On December 2, BP discovered another leak from a pipeline at a different well at Prudhoe Bay, which leaked about 30,000 litters of oil,  Alaska’s environmental officials said.

On November 29, 2009 a ruptured pipe at the Lisburne field leaked about 175,000 liters of oil and water.

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