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Strong Earthquake Rattles Coastal Peru

Posted by feww on July 18, 2017


M6.4 earthquake strikes 98km WNW of Camana, Peru

Magnitude: 6.4mww
Location: 16.402°S, 73.603°W [98km WNW of Camana, Peru]
Depth: 44.1 km
Time: 02:05:19 UTC  2017-07-18

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Strong Earthquake Strikes Offshore New Ireland, PNG

Posted by feww on July 13, 2017


M 6.4 earthquake strikes 38km SSE of Taron, PNG

EQ Details [USGS]

Magnitude: 6.4 mww
Location: 4.788°S, 153.159°E
Depth: 47.0 km
Time: 2017-07-13 03:36:09 UTC

Aftershocks: One, measuring 4.8mb, as of this report.


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M6.3 Earthquake Strikes near Lesbos, Greece

Posted by feww on June 12, 2017


Strong Earthquake Rattles Plomárion, Greece 

Magnitude: 6.3 Mw  [Magnitude and depth subject to revision EMSC]
Location 38.85 N, 26.31 E
Depth: 9km [As of Latest Revision]
Time: 2017-06-12 at 12:28:37.8 UTC

  • 87 km NW of İzmir, Turkey [pop: 2,501,000]
  • 36 km SW of Mytilíni, Greece [pop: 28,400]
  • 15 km S of Plomárion, Greece [pop: 3,400]

Largest aftershock: 4.9 at 38.88N, 26.28E  [depth of 7km] at  12:31:39.1
FIRE-EARTH References: KMQ2 [061001]

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Strong Earthquake Strikes N of Karakul Impact Crater

Posted by feww on June 26, 2016


M6.4 quake strikes Kyrgyzstan, 40km North of Karakul impact crater, Pamir Mountains

Centered at 39.487°N, 73.325°E the event occurred at a depth of 15.5km, USGS/EHP reported.

The event was preceded by a significant aftershock, measuring 5.0Mw and centered at 36.540°N, 70.084°E [20km E of Farkhar, Afghanistan,] and at a depth of 215.1km.

NOTE: Karakul [Qarokul, or Siob, Tajik for “black lake,”] is a lake located within a 52-km-diameter impact crater in the Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan.

Diagnostics available from BEACONS [CJ Members.]

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Deadly Quake Strikes Taiwan

Posted by feww on February 6, 2016

M6.4 EQ strikes S. Taiwan causing fatalities, destroying buildings

Centered at 22.871°N, 120.668°E the quake occurred at a depth of 23.0km (14.3 mi), reported USGS/EHP.

There are reports of multiple fatalities, and scores of injuries, with about a dozen apartment blocks and other buildings destroyed or damaged.

Most of the reported damage occurred in Tainan, with several aftershocks rattling the city of 2.3 million, Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau reported.

A powerful 1999 quake killed more than 2,400 people in Tainan.

EQ Details
Magnitude: 6.4Mw
Location: 22.871°N, 120.668°E depth=23.0 km (14.3 mi)

Nearby Cities:
28km (17mi) NE of Pingtung, Taiwan
35km (22mi) SE of Yujing, Taiwan
46km (29mi) NE of Kaohsiung, Taiwan
48km (30mi) ESE of Tainan, Taiwan
672km (418mi) E of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


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