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IRMA Destroying Everything in its Path

Posted by feww on September 7, 2017

Areas hit by hurricane IRMA become mostly uninhabitable

Prime minister of the two-island Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda has described his country as “barely habitable” after the monster hurricane struck.

He described the damage caused by the super storm as “absolute devastation,” adding that 95 per cent of buildings on Barbuda had been damaged or destroyed.

“It is heart-wrenching, absolutely devastating,” he said. “I have never seen any such destruction on a per-capita before as I saw when I was in Barbuda this afternoon. The telecommunications system is totally destroyed, we have seen cell towers snapped in two. Barbuda now is literally rubble.”

The airport on Barbuda has been completely destroyed, making it extremely difficult to evacuate the residents, should the trailing hurricane JOSE turns toward the islands.


Prime minister of Bahamas said the Government was evacuating six islands in what he called the largest storm evacuation in the country’s history because authorities would be unable to help anyone caught in the “potentially catastrophic” hurricane.

St. Martin and the British Virgin Island: Widespread damage reported. “It is an enormous disaster. Ninety-five percent of the island is destroyed. I am in shock,” a senior official on St. Martin said.

Puerto Rico: The U.S. territory was hammered with high winds and heavy rains, which left about 75 percent of the population without electricity.

Dominican Republic: Mandatory evacuation of towns and communities along the northern Atlantic coast.


South Carolina has declared a state of emergency, and Florida has declared a state of emergency for every county in the Sunshine State.

Mandatory Evacuations: Miami-Dade County (including cities of Miami and Miami Beach), Broward County, Monroe County (comprising the Florida Keys).

Death Toll: IRMA has claimed about a dozen lives so far.

Hurricane IRMA Status as at 11:00 AM AST Thu. Sep 7


Location: 20.4°N, 69.7°W
Moving: WNW at 16 mph
Min pressure: 921 mb
Max sustained: 175 mph (~ 285 km/h)


Hurricane JOSE Status as at 11:00 AM AST Thu Sep 7


Location: 14.9°N, 50.6°W
Moving: WNW at 18 mph
Min pressure: 986 mb
Max sustained: 90 mph (~ 145 km/h)


Hurricane KATIA Status as at 10:00 AM CDT Thu Sep 7


Location: 21.6°N 94.6°W
Moving: Stationary
Min pressure: 980 mb
Max sustained: 80 mph (~ 130 km/h)

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Fort McMurray Wildfire has Destroyed 1,600 Buildings: Alberta Premier

Posted by feww on May 5, 2016

State of Emergency Declared in Alberta

Mandatory Mass Evacuations: 88,000 residents flee Fort McMurray, surrounding communities

The explosive wildfire that is raging around Fort McMurray, the Canadian oil city in the provice of Alberta, has consumed about 8,000 hectares so far,  destroying 1,600 structures in the city, said Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.

“There’s been fairly significant destruction of residences,” she told reporters in Edmonton on Wednesday.

“We’re looking at roughly 1,600 structures at this point, so we’ve begun conversations with our federal partners about work that will need to be done with respect to restoration and recovery once the fire is brought under control.”

“We successfully evacuated 88,000 people,” fire Chief Darby Allen said at a news conference.  “No one is hurt and no one has passed away.”

Fort McMurray effectively cut off from the rest of Alberta 

“Currently that fire, at Airport Road and Highway 63  … has jumped both sides of the road, and traffic is no longer moving north or south,” a city official said on Wednesday evening.

Morning dawns on the widespread devastation in Beacon Hill, where 80 per cent of homes were lost. (Sylvain Bascaron/CBC)

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Alabama, Mississippi Declare States of Emergency

Posted by feww on October 5, 2013

Alabama and Mississippi declare States of Emergency in anticipation of KAREN

Gov. Bentley has declared a statewide State of Emergency in Alabama in anticipation of Tropical Storm KAREN.

The governor’s office released a statement saying that heavy rains, high winds and possibly tornadoes could hit the state.

“Residents and businesses along Alabama’s coast should monitor weather conditions and be prepared for whatever this tropical storm may bring,” Bentley said. “By declaring this state of emergency, I am mobilizing the resources our communities need as the storm approaches.”

“The governor’s issuance of the State of Emergency places Alabama National Guard members and all emergency response agencies on alert for the potential impact of Tropical Storm Karen,” said Alabama EMA Director.

Mississippi Declares A State of Emergency

Mississippi Gov. Bryant has also declared a state of emergency as Tropical Storm KAREN continues  churning through the Gulf of Mexico.

“Now is the time for people to review their emergency plans in case conditions worsen,” Bryant said in a statement.

KAREN 10-5
Tropical Storm KAREN. IR Satellite Image recorded at 00:45UTC on October 5, 2013. Source: CIMSS/SSEC/WISC. FIRE-EARTH Enhancement.

Meantime, up to five inches of rain and destructive winds are forecast to hit the Gulf’s northern coastline as TS KAREN continues to grow larger.

Mandatory evacuations are under way in Plaquemines parish, Louisiana, due to the threat of storm surge as TS KAREN closes in.

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Minot Flood Warning

Posted by feww on June 24, 2011

Souris River Flooding

Water is moving twice as fast as past floods

At least 10,000 residents have already evacuated from at-risk parts of Minot, North Dakota, according to  reports.

Hydrograph for Souris River at Minot-Broadway Bridge
. Source: NWS/AHPS

Flood Categories and Historical Crests

Water is moving about twice as fast through the system as past flood  event. For example, in 1969 it took about 5 days for the water to route from Estevan to Sherwood but this year it is taking about 2.5 days.  Aerial reconnaissance indicates that from Estevan to Minot the valley is full of water from bluff to bluff enabling the flood wave to move more quickly as it bypasses the normal channel and the normal channel and off channel obstacles.  This flood is over twice as large in terms of peak flow than the previous records all along the Souris River, and this creates uncertainty with eventual peak values. (Source: NWS)

Missouri basin reservoirs from eastern Montana t0 the Dakotas are approaching their capacity. “Reservoir water release rates are expected to stay at high release levels (150,000 cfs) into August. These extremely high flows, combined with normal rainfall, will result in near-record flooding along portions of the Missouri River.” NWS said.

Map of the Missouri River. The Missouri River begins in southern Montana in the Rocky Mountains, first flowing north then generally southeast across the heart of the United States, ending at the Mississippi River, just to the north of St. Louis, Missouri. Some 4,023 km (2,500 miles) long, it is the longest river in the United States. Source: NWS CRH

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