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Twitter Hacked Venezuelan President Account

Posted by feww on November 3, 2013

Venezuela’s president Maduro claims Twitter hacked his account, removing 6,000 followers – We believe him!

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday that Twitter had attacked his account, as well as the accounts of other government officials, removing their followers.

“We must achieve independence, and we have to think about deep and radical ways we can free ourselves from these multinational corporations that have monopolized social networks,” Maduro told the ministers on Saturday, referencing Twitter, Inc.

Maduro says his Twitter account was attacked to spark unrest and suspend the upcoming December 8 elections.

Meantime,  Venezuelan government officials confirmed more than 6,000 of the president’s twitter followers were suspiciously removed.

Communications Minister Rodriguez told reporters that about 6,600 of the President’s Twitter followers had disappeared from his account within 10 minutes.

There has been no response from Twitter’s press office in San Francisco, as of posting.

Twitter Account of FIRE-EARTH

In July 2011, we privately asked some of our colleagues and organization members to participate in test cases concerning the tweet counts on a number of specific entries posted on the blog.

Our suspicions were confirmed when the twitter counts stayed at zero in all of the cases, despite numerous tweets that had been entered by different account holders.

FIRE-EARTH abandoned its twitter account thereafter.

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