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“The Constitution was being violated on a massive scale”

Posted by feww on March 11, 2014

“And that’s something the public ought to know about”

“The interpretation of the Constitution had been changed in secret from ‘No unreasonable searches and seizures’ to, ‘Hey, any seizure is fine; just don’t search it,” said Edward Snowden, former National Security Agency contractor. “And that’s something the public ought to know about.”

So far we’ve been listening patiently to Mr Snowden, but some of the things he’s now saying make little or no sense.

The Government has been violating the Constitution on a massive scale  long before Mr Snowden worked for the NSA. Take the massive violation of the U.S. Constitution in the December 1998 bombardment of Iraq (code-named Operation Desert Fox), which was a prelude  to occupying the country illegally, for example.  And when the U.S. forces began their illegal occupation of Iraq in 2003,  Mr Snowden was 20 years old. [He joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a systems administrator and telecommunications systems officer three years later, in 2006. Editor]

Speaking from Russia on Monday, Mr Snowden told attendees at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, Texas that encryption was still a powerful deterrent against NSA mass electronic surveillance. [No doubt Google, Microsoft, Oracle  and the likes, the knights in shining armor, would come to our rescue. Editor]

“There is a policy response that needs to occur, but there is also a technical response that needs to occur,” said Snowden. “It’s the development community that can really craft those solutions and make sure we’re safe.”

However, most people with the average knowledge of using emails and Internet have little or NO idea how to use encryption. Besides, whatever can be encrypted can just as easily be decrypted.

Cocooning Effect

Where Mr Snowden fails big time to convince us of his mission to inform the uniformed is his interpretation of the U.S. Government. He wants us to believe that the government exists in a vacuum; they are the bad guys  who violate the Constitution.

Where was Mr Snowden all this time? Was he living in a cocoon, or does he believe his audiences are?

Who exactly is the Government? What exactly is it made up of? Can the government exist in the absence of corporation? Is it the 4-year-at-a-time government that runs the country, or the “permanent” establishment?

Mr Snowden has previously touched on the commercial nature of the NSA data gathering, but has failed to enlighten us on the connection between the “corporation,” “establishment” and NSA.

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