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State of Emergency Declared in Canadian County due to Toxic Fumes

Posted by feww on November 22, 2013


Toxic fumes from landfill fire force evacuations in Canada

The landfill caught fire late Monday, and by Wednesday deteriorating conditions forced emergency officials to issue a mandatory evacuation order for nearby homes, said a report.

Emergency crews have so far been unable to control the fire at Westar Landfill, east of Medicine Hat.

“The county says there is still no viable way to extinguish it and the cause of the fire is still unknown,” said the report.

cypress county landfill fire
Tuxic fumes spewing from an uncontained fire at Westar Landfill, east of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Screenshot from Global News video report.

The site is reportedly used for “old construction materials like asphalt shingles, plastic insulation and siding.”

Meantime, Alberta Health Services have issues an air quality warning, as the smoke is toxic and poses a serious life safety hazard.

“Biggest thing is there’s a plume of smoke coming from the fire with very particulate matter which can get into your lungs,” said Cypress County Assistant Manager. “If you breathe enough of it, it could cause long term health impacts.”

“We were actually put on alert two days ago, and were called to respond last night to some of the people who were evacuated from the smoke,” said the Disaster Management Coordinator for the Red Cross.

The authorities anticipate the state of emergency to continue for a long time.

Read full report HERE.

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Canmore “Wiped Off the Map” amid Historic Alberta Flooding

Posted by feww on June 23, 2013

“The beautiful town of Canmore is basically wiped off the map”

Karen, a reader from Canada, wrote earlier today:

So far there has been about 175,000 evacuated from 25 communities in Alberta.  The water level in the Saddledome is over 10 rows.  The world famous Calgary Stampede grounds are flooded.  The down town area looks like Venice with water on all the streets.   Power is shut off to all the high rises, and may be out for over a week or more depending on water levels. They had to move the animals out of the zoo. Bridges have been wiped out.  They are expecting about another 8 or so bridges to go as it works its way down steam to Lethbridge and Medicine Hat.  They have already started evacuations there.  It has never ever been anything near this for as long as people can know of, and we are expecting more rain yet.  There are waterfalls on mountains where there never has been before,  The beautiful town of Canmore is basically wiped off the map.

Calgary and High River

Calgary remains under a state of emergency, although river levels have receded.

“This is incredible. I’ve seen a little bit of flooding in Calgary before. I don’t think any of us have seen anything like this before. The magnitude is just extraordinary,” said the Canadian Prime Minister, who is from Calgary.

The town of High River, south-west of Calgary, where three bodies have been recovered, remained under mandatory evacuation .

Meantime, Alberta Premier said the destruction in High River was “indescribable,” warning that cities and towns  downstream of Calgary were yet to experience the full force of the raging floodwaters.

Medicine Hat

“Evacuation notices went out to 10,000 homes along lower-lying areas of Medicine Hat last night,” said a report.

Authorities have evacuated about 15,000 people from more than 3,700 homes in Medicine Hat and they plan to shut off power and gas from those houses as a safety precaution, CBC reported.

Major Flooding in southern Alberta 


Mandatory Evacuations

As of Friday a.m. the following neighborhoods were placed  under mandatory evacuation:

  • Beltline
  • Bonnybrook
  • Bowness
  • Bridgeland Industrial Area
  • Chinatown/Eau Claire
  • Cliff Bungalow
  • Deer Run
  • Discovery Ridge
  • Douglasdale
  • Downtown/East Village
  • Elbow Park
  • Erlton
  • Inglewood
  • Hillhurst
  • Mission
  • Montgomery
  • Quarry Park
  • Rideau
  • Riverbend
  • Riverdale
  • Roxboro
  • Stanley Park/Elboya
  • Sunnyside
  • Victoria Park
  • Westmount
  • Windsor Park



993 Days Left 

Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 993 Days Left to ‘Worst Day’ in the brief Human  History


Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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