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Early Freeze Strikes US East Coast

Posted by feww on October 19, 2015

Numerous Freeze Warnings, Watches, and Frost Advisories issued for 18 states in NE, Mid-Atlantic

The US National Weather Service has made the following forecast for the Middle Atlantic and Northeast:

Coldest airmass of the fall season has overspread the Middle Atlantic and Northeast; warming up this week

The coldest temperatures so far this season have overspread the Northeast and mid-Atlantic this weekend. Numerous Freeze Warnings, Watches, and Frost Advisories are in effect. A warm-up is in store this week. Meanwhile, heavy rain and flash flooding continue to be possible in portions of the Southwest and Great Basin.

Red Flag Warnings

Red Flag warnings are in effect in eastern Kansas, SE Nebraska, Most of Iowa, N Illinois, NW Indiana and northern half of Missouri.


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US Temps to Plunge 30 Degrees

Posted by feww on November 24, 2013


Significant winter storm forecast for the Southern Plains: NWS

High temperatures are forecast to plunge up to 30 degrees below average for this time of year in many areas across Ohio Valley, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic,  as a blast of Arctic air hits the U.S.

UPDATE: At least 6 people have been killed across the country in storm-related incidents, and dozens more injured in traffic accidents in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Texas, as of 06:00UTC on Sunday.

Blast of Arctic air is forecast to move into the Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast as an “anomalous upper level low will slowly track eastward over the next couple of days, from its current position over southern California, to near the Texas panhandle by Monday afternoon. This system will encounter a bitter cold airmass which is currently in place over a good portion of the country, east of the Rockies. Higher elevation heavy snow is expected from the mountains of New Mexico into southern Colorado with light to moderate snowfall for remaining lower elevations,” said the national weather Service (NWS).

us weather hazmap
U.S. Weather Hazmap for Sunday, November 24, 2013. Source: NWS/CRH. Map enhanced by FIRE-EARTH Blog.

Sleet and freezing rain is forecast for southwestern Texas, with snow across the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles … wintry mixture will spread northeastward through the day on Saturday and Sunday with storm total ice accumulations between 0.25 and 0.5 inches possible for locations in the northern Texas Hill Country. … ice and sleet accumulations should spread into the Dallas/Fort-Worth Metroplex … light snow/sleet across central and western Oklahoma.

More than a foot of snow is expected through they day Sunday in the U.P. of Michigan and six inches or more for northwestern Pennsylvania into western New York as well as localized areas in central New York.

Temperatures will be up to 30 degrees below average for this time of year on Sunday with the exception of Florida and the North Central U.S., said NWS.

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String of Tornadoes Cause Major Destruction in NW Poland

Posted by feww on July 16, 2012

Powerful tornadoes flatten large swaths of forest, destroy more than 100 homes in Poland

A string of tornadoes with winds of up to 200kph slammed northwestern Poland, leaving at least one person dead and a dozen others injured.

The twisters, described as ‘freak tornadoes with unprecedented scale and ferocity,’ left vast swaths of forest flattened, downing power lines and destroying at least 100 homes, mostly in Kujawy and Wielkpolska provinces, reports said.

Other Global Disasters/ Significant Events

  • USA. Excessive heat is returning to Central and Eastern U.S., NOAA forecasters said.
    • Near record temperatures ranging from 95 to 105 degrees will prevail across the central portions of the U.S. on Monday. “The above normal temperatures will expand into the Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic for Tuesday and Wednesday. Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories are already in effect for portions of the aforementioned areas.”
  • China. Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) infected more than 381,000 people in China in June, killing at least 112 people, AFP reported the health authorities as saying.
    • More than 460,000 people were infected by HFMD in May, of whom 132 died from the disease, according to China’s Ministry of Health.

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Humongous Snowstorm Paralyzes Eastern U.S.

Posted by feww on February 6, 2010

Snow Forecast: Record 76 cm (30 in)

Snowfall totals of up to 76 cm are forecast from Virginia to southern New Jersey

Virginia, Maryland and Delaware  declare states of emergency amid “snowpocalypse,” and put the National Guard on alert

Real-Time U.S. Composite Satellite Image.
Click Image to enlarge (24-Hr FE ED). Source: UW-SSEC

A ferocious blizzard caused by at least 12 inches of snow, as of posting (and mounting),  and 64 km/h  (40 mph)  winds in what is dubbed as “snowmageddon” is pummeling the US mid-Atlantic.

The authorities canceled all flights at Washington’s Reagan National airport, allowing only a few international flights to operate at Dulles International, news reports said.

The blizzard forced the U.S. govt offices in the Washington area to close after lunch yesterday.

Virginia Department of Transportation, VDOT said it had less than 6% of the state’s snow removal budget left, with the lion’s share already spent during the earlier blizzard in December.

About 20,000 homes have lost power in the Washington area as power lines and tree branches snapped under heavy snow.

The blizzard is the second to strike the area since December, when another storm dumped about 41 cm (16in) of snow in the Washington area.

Forecasters have predicted more than 76 cm (30 inches) of snow, for the area, some 5 cm (2 in) more than the all time record of 28 inches set in 1922.

GOES East – Eastern U.S. Imagery

An aviation color enhancement of a satellite image. GEOS Eastern U.S. Imagery

Weather Map – Click Image to Enlarge

The National Weather Service Snow Stats:

More than 30.5cm (12in, 1ft) of snowfall:  13 times since records began in 1870

Heaviest snowfall on record:  71cm (28in) in January 1922

Worst snowfall ever: about 91.5cm (3ft)  hit the area  in 1772 (100 years before records began)

National Snow Analysis:

February 5, 2010 (Metric Units)

Area Covered By Snow: 62.3%
Area Covered Last Month: 59.0%
Snow Depth
Average: 17.0 cm
Minimum: 0.0 cm
Maximum: 2340.7 cm
Std. Dev.: 27.6 cm
Snow Water Equivalent
Average: 3.7 cm
Minimum: 0.0 cm
Maximum: 1158.5 cm
Std. Dev.: 7.1 cm

February 5, 2010 (English Units)

Area Covered By Snow: 62.3%
Area Covered Last Month: 59.0%
Snow Depth
Average: 6.7 in
Minimum: 0.0 in
Maximum: 921.5 in
Std. Dev.: 10.9 in
Snow Water Equivalent
Average: 1.5 in
Minimum: 0.0 in
Maximum: 456.1 in
Std. Dev.: 2.8 in

Other NOHRSC Links:

Snow Cover Animations:

Snow Reports

Top Ten: Metric Units…
Station ID Name Elev
35.1322_082.9342 LAKE TOXAWAY (278LAK) 3061 5.000 6 2010-02-05 04
0724H_MADIS CLOUDCROFT 0.4 ESE, NM 8940 12.000 24 2010-02-04 14
0730H_MADIS CLOUDCROFT 2.3 S, NM 8684 12.000 24 2010-02-04 14
35.1906_083.3639 EAST FRANKLIN (840685EA) 2087 3.000 6 2010-02-05 03
35.3186_082.4611 HENDERSONVILLE (932HEND) 2188 3.000 6 2010-02-05 05
2199C_MADIS TIJERAS 5.0 E, NM 7113 11.200 24 2010-02-04 14
0722H_MADIS CLOUDCROFT 4.9 NE, NM 8294 10.700 24 2010-02-04 14
MTRN5 MOUNTAINAIR 8NW 6634 10.500 24 2010-02-04 14
2395C_MADIS CLOUDCROFT 16 ESE, NM 6621 10.000 24 2010-02-04 14
3705S_MADIS NORTH LOGAN 0.8 ESE, UT 4757 10.000 24 2010-02-04 15

Doppler Radar National Mosaic
NWS Radar Mosaic. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Hazards. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Snow Accumulation.   Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Weather Forecast.  Click Image to enlarge and update.
(24-Hr FE ED).

Predominant Weather. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

IR Satellite Image. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Water Vapor Satellite Image. Click Image to enlarge and update.
(24-Hr FE ED).

Max Temps. Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Min Temps.
Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Temp – Real Time Mesoscale Analysis.
Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

6-Hr Precipitation amount.  (24-Hr FE ED). Click Image to enlarge and update.

12-Hr Probability Precipitation (%).   Click Image to enlarge and update. (24-Hr FE ED).

Wind Speed.  Click Image to enlarge and update. (24hr- FE ED).

Wind Gusts.  Click Image to enlarge and update. (24hr- FE ED)

Sky Cover.
Click Image to enlarge and update. (24hr- FE ED)

River and Lake Levels. Click Image to Enter Portal.

US Seasonal Drought Outlook.
Click Image to enlarge.

Surface Weather Charts.
Click image to enter portal.

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