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Moscow Heat, Smog Claim Many Lives

Posted by feww on August 9, 2010

About 350 people are dying in Moscow each day from heat, peat and forest wildfire complications

Death rates in Moscow rose by up to 50% in July, compared with 2009, Moscow’s health chief Andrei Seltsovsky said.

“On normal days, between 360 and 380 die – now it’s around 700,” he said.

The official death toll from fire-related incidents stands at 52, as wildfires consume thousands of rural homes.

A Moscow doctor wrote on his Internet site anonymously that he was “wary of diagnosing patients with eat and smoke-related illnesses for fear of dismissal,” a report said, “the bodies of those who had died from heatstroke and smoke ailments over the last few days were piling up in the basement, as the ‘fridges are full,’ leaving a ‘rotting stench,'” adding that the situation was similar at hospitals throughout the Russian capital.

“(But) we can’t give that diagnosis — we don’t want to be sacked. We have families to feed,” he said on his site here; comments that were were carried by several Russian media outlets on Sunday.

A harmful blanket of smoke that has choked Moscow for nearly two weeks is said to contain more than twice the ‘acceptable’ amount of carbon monoxide.

On Sunday, the temperature rose to 34.7 degrees Celsius (94.5 F)  breaking Moscow’s record for the sixth time this month.

No figures have yet been released concerning the increase in mortality rates in other parts of central Russia, where persistent droughts and wildfires have devastated the region since late June.

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Moscow Chokes

Posted by feww on August 6, 2010

Image of the Day:

Planes diverted, businesses closed, government employees told to wear masks!

“Looking at the overall duration (of the pollution), today’s smoke level is the worst yet,” said Alexei Popikov, an expert on air quality at Moscow’s state-run pollution monitoring agency.

Tourists walk along Red Square
in central Moscow amidst heavy smog, caused by peat fires in nearby forests, August 6, 2010.  Credit: REUTERS/Alexander Natruskin. Image may be subject to copyright.

“The deadliest wildfires in nearly four decades have killed at least 50 people and left thousands homeless as entire villages of wooden houses burned down. Russia has also announced a temporary ban on grain exports after crops were ravaged.” A report said.

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Collapse Headlines 28 July 2010

Posted by feww on July 28, 2010

Many may die in Moscow smog: Scientist

Persistent smog from peat fires that have blanketed sizzling Moscow could kill “hundreds of people,” says a prominent Russian scientist.

Moscow temperatures rose to an all time high on Monday breaking the 130-year record.

Some 34 peat fires and 26 forest fires were ablaze in the area surrounding Moscow, covering 59 hectares (145 acres), the emergencies ministry said on Monday.

The ministry has since reported 58 new fires in the Moscow region, 30 of them at peat deposits, Reuters said.

Moscow Smog. A natural-color image of Moscow and the surrounding region captured by MODIS on NASA’s Terra satellite on July 27, 2010. A thick  blanket of haze  covers the region.  The large plumes of smoke are created by multiple peat fires ESE of Moscow (marked by red outlines). Severe fires are also burning in eastern Siberia. Source: NASA E/O. Click image to enlarge. Download large image (3 MB, JPEG)

Pollution makes less than half of China water drinkable

More than a quarter of China water unfit even for industrial use: Ministry of Environment

Inspectors from China’s “Ministry of Environmental Protection” say about 51 percent of China water is unsuitable for human/animal consumption, a report said.

China Plagued by Water Pollution. Source:

Spanish daytime temperatures set to rise, rainfall set to drop

“Madrid will be like (southern city) Seville, and Seville like Tucson. This is a report for action,” Spain’s Met Office reported.

“Climate Change Secretary Teresa Ribera added at a news conference that Spain, which already suffers from water shortages and is building desalination plants, was particularly vulnerable to climate change,” said a report.

“To the extent that temperatures change, animals and other living things will have to grow in different places to today, and that will also lead to significant changes in economic activities,” she added.

A Spanish reservoir succumbs to drought. Credit AFP. Image may be subject to copyright. See Fair Use Notice.

Another China landslide leaves 21 missing

Villagers in Hanyuan County, southwest China’s Sichuan Province look at the  extent of destruction caused by a massive landslide on Tuesday, July 27, 2010. At least 21 people were reported as  missing. Credit Xinhua. Image may be subject to copyright. See Fair Use Notice.

At least 21 people are missing after a landslide buried part of a village in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, the latest episode of destruction caused by flooding across the country, a report said.

“About 100,000 cubic meters of rock and mud slid down Ermanshan Mountain near Shuanghe Village, Hanyuan County, Ya’an City, at around 5 a.m. Tuesday, smashing into three scores of brick houses at the foot of the mountain, local officials said.”

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Moscow heat breaks 130-year record

Posted by feww on July 27, 2010

Image of the Day:

Heat, Pollution

Smog-covered Moscow swelters in hottest day since records began 130 years ago, as temperatures reach 37.4 ºC (99.3 ºF)

People walk along Red Square, with St. Basil’s Cathedral seen through heavy smog caused by peat fires in out-of-city forests, in Moscow, July 26, 2010.
Credit: REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin. Image may be subject to copyright.

“The all-time record has been broken, we have never recorded a day this hot before,” said Gennady Yeliseyev, deputy head of Russia’s state weather agency. “The previous high of 36.8 degrees Celsius was recorded on August 7, 1920, he said.”  Reuters reported.

“The new record could be broken by Wednesday,” he added.

“Muscovites will have to inhale smoke for another two to two and a half months,” said Alexei Yaroshenko, head of the forest program at Greenpeace Russia. “He said the smoke could eclipse the worst smog registered in Moscow, in 1872 and 1837.”

Some 34 peat fires and 26 forest fires burning in the area surrounding Moscow, covering 59 hectares (145 acres), the emergencies ministry said, Reuters  reported .

As of  July 22, severe drought had destroyed crops over 100,000 square kilometers (38,600 square miles), an area larger than Portugal, the Agriculture Ministry said.

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