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M 6.0 Quake Strikes East of Calama, Chile

Posted by feww on June 10, 2015

Strong quake occurs 62km (39mi) E of Calama, Chile

Centered at 22.411°S, 68.330°W the quake occurred at a depth of 121.6 km (75.5 mi), USGS/EHP reported.

EQ Details
Magnitude: 6.0Mw
Location: 22.411°S, 68.330°W
Depth: 121.6 km (75.5 mi)
Time: 2015-06-10 13:52:08 (UTC)
Nearby Cities

  • 57km (35mi) NNW of San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
  • 62km (39mi) E of Calama, Chile
  • 195km (121mi) E of Tocopilla, Chile
  • 252km (157mi) ENE of Antofagasta, Chile
  • 654km (406mi) S of La Paz, Bolivia

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M6.6 Quake Strikes Off Chile Coast

Posted by feww on November 1, 2013

Strong Quake Strikes 43km SW of Coquimbo, Chile

The quake follows an earlier strong shock that occurred at 35.413°S, 72.368°W on October 30, 2013.

Earthquake Details

  • Magnitude: 6.6Mw
  • Event Time: 2013-10-31 @ 23:03:56 UTC
  • Location: 30.315°S 71.733°W
  • Depth: 10.7km (6.6mi)
  • Nearby Cities
    • 43km (27mi) SSW of Coquimbo, Chile
    • 47km (29mi) NW of Ovalle, Chile
    • 52km (32mi) SW of La Serena, Chile
    • 73km (45mi) NW of Monte Patria, Chile
    • 360km (224mi) NNW of Santiago, Chile

Earthquake Location Map

chile quake 1Nov2013
Source: USGS/EHP. Map enhanced by FIRE-EARTH Blog.

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Strong Quake Strikes Near Constitucion, Chile

Posted by feww on October 30, 2013

M6.2 quake strikes 9km SSE of Constitucion, Chile

The quake was preceded by a significant foreshock measuring 5.3Mw and followed by at least one sizable aftershock measuring 4.9Mw.

Earthquake Details

  • Time: 2013-10-30 @ 02:51:51 UTC
  • Location: 35.413°S, 72.368°W
  • Depth: 18.3km
  • Nearby Cities
    • 9km (6mi) SSE of Constitucion, Chile
    • 268km (167mi) SW of Santiago, Chile

chile quake 30oct13
Earthquake Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP. Enhanced by FIRE-EARTH Blog.

There were no local reports available, as of posting.

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