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How Obama Conspired Against American People by Ignoring Warnings on Trump’s Mental Health

Posted by feww on July 16, 2017

Psychiatry Profs Call on Congress to ‘End the Trump Presidency’

In November 2016, three professors of psychiatry asked President Obama to conduct ‘A Full Medical And Neuropsychiatric Evaluation’ of Donald Trump.

Obama’s stable master ordered him not to act on expert opinion concerning Trump’s mental illness, but instead gave him “Get Out of Sanitarium Free” card.

Last week, the same three professors and two additional psychiatry professors from Yale and Columbia University wrote to The United States Congress that “The signs of the president’s unraveling are stark” and that “The power of the presidency has accentuated Mr. Trump’s failings with devastating effects.”

They added that Trump’s “psychological isolation — including his tenuous relationship to reality — has led to the dangerous isolation of the United States from the rest of the world.”

The letter is signed by Harvard psychiatry professor Judith L. Herman, Columbia lecturer Robert Jay Lifton, and Yale professor Bandy X. Lee, as well as University of California professors Dee Mosbacher and Nanette Gartrell, Campus Reform reported.

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