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India’s Defense Forces on Red Alert after Chinese Cyber Attack

Posted by feww on June 13, 2016

Sent by a Reader in Asia

India Defenseless Against Chinese Cyber Warfare?

Chinese military’s western headquarters have launched new cyber attacks against government and commercial organizations in India prompting the government to issue a red alert to the Army, Navy and Air Force, according to a report.

A Chinese Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group called Suckfly, based in Chengdu region, is targeting Indian organizations, with India’s defense establishment being its prime target, the report said.

Suckfly carries out cyber espionage activities via a malware called Nidiran.

According to the alert, Suckfly has stolen certificates from legitimate software developing firms in South Korea and is using them to camouflage its attacks. “Sensitive information from targeting computers and networks is exfiltrated, and this information is being used to undermine the national security and economic capabilities,” said the alert issued by the Ministry of Defense.

APT attack involves unauthorized access to target networks, whereby the malware is embedded undetected for a long period of time, with the purpose of stealing data.

“It has successfully carried out cyber espionage by infecting computers of both government and commercial houses of India involved in e-commerce, finance, healthcare, shipping and technology. Targeting of military personnel cannot be ruled out, keeping in mind the sensitive nature of data being handled by them,” the alert added.

What is alarming for security agencies is that the cyber attack was carried out from the headquarters of China’s People’s Liberation Army. Chengdu Military Command is in charge of security along India’s eastern sector in the Tibet region, including Arunachal Pradesh. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had visited Chengdu Military Command during his visit to Beijing in April.

“Indian Army headquarters issued an alert note last week (prepared by its Cyber Security Division) to all command headquarters, formations and locations. A similar note has been sent by the IAF and Naval headquarters to their respective commands,” the report added.

The 2012 Cyber Attack by Chinese hackers

In 2012 Chinese hackers managed to penetrate the commuter systems of the Navy’s Visakhapatnam-based Eastern Command, where the country’s first indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant was undergoing sea trial.

INS Arihant [“Slayer of Enemies”] India’s first homemade nuclear submarine during sea trials, December 2014. (Fair use under United States copyright law.)

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‘Nuclear Disaster Waiting to Happen’

Posted by feww on May 18, 2015

Only matter of time before disaster strikes Trident submarines —Royal Navy Whistleblower

Weapons engineer William McNeilly, a submariner with the UK’s Trident Strategic Weapons System, has decried the safety measures in place around the Trident submarine program, describing it as a “disaster waiting to happen.”

He writes in an online post that he was on patrol with HMS Victorious this year, describing multiple security lapses at UK’s Faslane Naval Base (HMNB Clyde, aka HMS Neptune about 40 km west of Glasgow, Scotland), as well as technical faults with the Trident missiles carrier.

“There were a lot of red tags on equipment in most of the compartments we went into. I highly suspected a lot of them were for defect rectification, rather than standard maintenance Tagouts. Seeing the condition of the security and equipment made me more than concerned, for the safety of the people.”

It’s only a matter of time before a Trident submarines is lost, said McNeilly.

HMS Vanguard a Trident submarine makes an appearance in the book for the deep depth incident. The submarine exceeded 300 meters (safe depth is 65meters). They underestimated the weight of the submarine and didn’t have enough speed for the Aft-planes to create raise. The further the submarine descended the more the weight of the submarine increased due to pressure. The rate of weight increase was greater than the rate that they were pumping out water. The submarine was extremely close to being lost.

“Basically they’re endangering the public and spending billions upon billions of tax payers money for a system so broken it can’t even do the tests that prove it works,” he said.

It’s disturbing to know that the people serving on these boats are aware of many ways to destroy them from within. One of the biggest threats we face is suicidal attack from within. There have been suicides onboard, and on an A-boat we had a shooter kill his own work colleagues. There were some people that I served with on that patrol, who showed clear psychopathic tendencies. The odds favour destruction, if no action is taking.

Mr McNeilly said he raised concerns with senior officers but they were ignored.

Royal Navy said: “The Royal Navy takes security and nuclear safety extremely seriously and we are fully investigating both the issue of the unauthorised release of this document and its contents.

“The naval service operates its submarine fleet under the most stringent safety regime and submarines do not go to sea unless they are completely safe to do so.”

McNeilly concludes: “I strongly believe that the Prime Minister and most people that defended Trident had no idea about how dire the situation is. This is not the time to judge on what they did when they didn’t know; it’s about what they do now that they know.”

“These revelations, if true, are extremely concerning. It reads as a nightmare catalog of serious safety breaches,” said Angus Robertson, leader of SNP. “Failure to follow standard safety procedures is unacceptable in any workplace but on a Trident submarine on patrol it could result in extreme tragedy, not just for those on board but indeed for the entire planet.”

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Nuclear High Noon in the Atlantic Ocean

Posted by msrb on February 16, 2009

sent by a reader

This Dying Ocean Ain’t Big Enough For the Both of US

Or, how we learned to play blind nuclear chicken with the taxpayers unwanted submarines in the middle of the ocean!

Nuclear subs ‘collide in ocean’

BBC UK;  Monday, 16 February 2009

A Royal Navy nuclear submarine was involved in a collision with a French nuclear sub in the middle of the Atlantic, it has been reported.

It is understood HMS Vanguard and Le Triomphant were badly damaged in the crash earlier this month.

Despite being equipped with sonar, it seems neither vessel spotted the other, the BBC’s Caroline Wyatt said.

HMS Vanguard, a Royal Navy Vanguard-class submarine photographed in Florida in 1994.

The UK’s Ministry of Defense understandably too embarrassed to  comment on the reports, but insisted nuclear security had not been breached.

BBC defense correspondent said HMS Vanguard, with “very visible dents and scrapes”, had to be towed back into its home base at Faslane on the Firth of Clyde. The submarines were both “seriously-armed”, she also said.

HMS VANGUARD was Launched in 1992 and it is one of four British submarines carrying Trident nuclear missiles. It weighs 16,000 tonnes and is 150m (492ft) long.
It can carry 48 nuclear warheads on a maximum of 16 missiles. A two-year refit was completed in 2007 as part of a £5bn ($7.5billion) contract. Vanguard is due to be replaced in 2024, unless retired earlier by the French Navy.

The alleged incident is being investigated on both sides of the Channel, she said.

The Triomphant class of strategic missile submarines of the French Navy . This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

The two submarines are key parts of each nation’s nuclear deterrent, and would have been carrying missiles, though both the UK and France have insisted there was no danger of a nuclear incident.

The two 150m-long (492ft) submarines were carrying around 240 sailors between them. A French naval spokesman said the collision did not result in any injuries to the crew.

HMS Vanguard is now back at Faslane, Clyde, one of three UK operating bases for the Royal Navy, about 40 km from Glasgow, Scotland.

Is Emperor Sarkozy gauging its traditional arch rival’s nuclear preparedness? Would France fire first?

Which side would Rahm Emanuel’s White House be on?

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