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New Round of Geo-Assualt at Kermadec Trench

Posted by feww on August 19, 2009

Magnitude 6.3 Quake South of Fiji Isles May Herald New Round of ‘Geo-Assault’ at Kermadec Trench

Following the powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the tip of the Fiordland, South island, New Zealand, followed by a large cluster of aftershocks (still ongoing), another round of geo-assault appear to be gearing up at the southern end of the Kermadec trench.

The Fiordland quakes occurred as a result of a large reverse faulting motion caused by the subduction of the Australian subplate under the Pacific plate, on which Fiordland rests,  in Puysegur Trench, at the Alpine Fault.

The new wave of earthquakes would instead be caused by the ‘mirror image’ action, with Pacific plate subducting beneath the Australian protoplate.

A magnitude 6.3 earthquake that struck south of the Fiji Islands on August 18, 2009 at 21:21 UTC may herald a new round of intense [and unprecedented] seismic activity at Kermadec Trench to the north, NE, and East of the North Island, as well as the north, NE, and east of the South Island, New Zealand.

Details of the latest quake in the region:

fiji isles
Earthquake Location Map. Source of original map: USGS

  • Magnitude: 6.3
  • Date-Time:  Tuesday, August 18, 2009 at 21:20:47 UTC
  • Location: 26.014°S, 178.390°W
  • Depth:  269 km (167.2 miles)
  • Distances:
    • 360 km (225 miles) N of Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands
    • 595 km (370 miles) S of Ndoi Island, Fiji
    • 1365 km (850 miles) NNE of Auckland, New Zealand
    • 1800 km (1120 miles) NNE of WELLINGTON, New Zealand
  • Location Uncertainty:  horizontal +/- 6 km (3.7 miles)
  • Parameters:  NST=236, Nph=236, Dmin=362.1 km, Rmss=0.95 sec, Gp= 29°,  M-type=centroid moment magnitude (Mw), Version=8
  • Source:  USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
  • Event ID: us2009klcj

[Caution: Data provided by the USGS  Earthquake Hazard Program may be subject to large margins of error as well as ‘ghost reporting,’ and therefore may be unreliable. ]

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New Zealand Hit by another Quake

Posted by feww on December 19, 2008

A Magnitude 5.2 Quake shakes NORTH ISLAND, NZ

New micro plates forming at the top of the North Island, NZ?

Magnitude: 5.2
Date-Time:  Friday, December 19, 2008 at 00:20:58 UTC
Location: 37.927°S, 174.781°E
Depth: 35 km (21.7 miles) set by location program

  • 118 km (73 miles) S (179°) from Auckland, New Zealand
  • 133 km (83 miles) W (279°) from Rotorua, New Zealand
  • 141 km (87 miles) NNE (26°) from New Plymouth, New Zealand
  • 373 km (232 miles) N (360°) from WELLINGTON, New Zealand

Location Uncertainty:  horizontal +/- 8 km (5.0 miles); depth fixed by location program
Event ID us2008atcf


According to NZ GeoNet, at least 8 quakes magnitude 4 or larger have struck New Zealand islands in the past week. Their data may be inaccurate, and is unverified.

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