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Fire-Earth Forecasts 10 Major Oil Spills to End 2011

Posted by feww on May 1, 2010

Expect at Least One Cataclysmic Oil Spill Before End of 2011

Fire Earth Forecasts at Least 10 Major Oil Spills Worldwide between May 2010 and December 2011

  • Global Forecast: 10 Major Oil Spills
  • US Forecast:
    • Offshore: 3
    • Onshore: 2
  • Max Severity: At east one cataclysmic spill

[NOTE: Each of the forecast leaks/spills would probably involve more than one oil company, due to the makeup of their contracts. However, the major parties involved would be Exxon (1-2 incidents), BP (1-2), chevron (1) others (1).]

Variables used in the calculations:

  1. Recent oil spills including those linked to below
  2. Rate of increase in
    • Human activity
    • Oil (and gas) Drilling
    • Climate Change
    • Global seismicity
    • Ice melt
    • Landslides
  3. New Drilling
    • Drilling close to tectonic plate boundaries and fault zones
    • “Saturation drilling”
  4. Overall increase in the frequency, volume and  severity of oil spills
  5. The oil industry’s drive to maximize profit, which necessitates reducing costs by cutting corners and compromising safety.

A Representative List of Recent Oil Spills:

More Links to Recent Oil Disasters

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