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El Reno Twister Upgraded to Mega Tornado

Posted by feww on June 5, 2013

El Reno Tornado Upgraded to EF5, Widest Ever Measured

The National Weather Service (NWS) has upgraded the El Reno tornado of May 31, 2013 to an EF5 mega tornado with maximum wind speeds of 475km/h (295 mph).

The mega tornado measured 2.6 miles wide at its widest, making it the widest tornado ever recorded in the U.S.

“This is still preliminary and stats may be tweaked as more information becomes available.” NWS said

The mega twister touched down southwest of El Reno at 6:03 pm CDT on Friday, making a 40-minute detour  around the city, effectively missing El Reno.

el reno tornado
El Reno Mega Tornado Path. The Mega Twister touched down southwest of El Reno at 6:03 pm CDT on Friday, making a 40-minute detour  around the city, effectively missing El Reno. Source: NWS

The previous record for the widest tornado was set on May 22, 2004, when an EF4 tornado measuring 2.5 miles at its widest raked through Hallam, Nebraska.

The Enhanced Fujita Tornado Scale – Quick Chart

EF0: 65 TO 85 MPH
EF1: 86 TO 110 MPH
EF2: 111 TO 135 MPH
EF3: 136 TO 165 MPH
EF4: 166 TO 200 MPH
EF5: Wind speeds greater than 200 MPH

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Rare Snowstorm, Winds Batter Arizona, N.M.

Posted by feww on March 19, 2012

Parts of Arizona buried under up to 19 inches of snow

A rare snowstorm pummeled Arizona Monday, a day before spring officially starts. This was the same system that dumped several feet of new snow on the Sierra Nevadas over the weekend.

Disaster Calendar 2012 – March 19

[March 19, 2012]  Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.  SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,458 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History

  • Arizona, USA.  A late-winter snowstorm buried parts of Arizona under up to 19 inches of snow paralyzing  travel throughout  the state  and closing schools, including Northern Arizona University and Coconino Community College.
    • The heavy snow and high winds, which exceeded 60MPH, also forced authorities to close more than 180 miles of Interstate 40 and parts on I17 in both directions, said the Arizona Highway Patrol.

Severe Thunderstorms Possible from Southern Minn. to Texas: NWS

The NWS Storm Prediction Center forecast a Moderate Risk of severe thunderstorms Monday into the late evening “for parts of central and northern Texas, southeastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. Expect severe storms in these areas to continue overnight and be capable of damaging winds, large hail, a few tornadoes and excessive rainfall. SPC has also indicated a Slight Risk or severe thunderstorms from the southern Minnesota southward into Texas.”

US Natural Hazards Map. Source: NWS. Map enhanced by FIRE-EARTH

  • Tornado Alley, USA.  SPC received at least 11 tornado reports in 3 states of Oklahoma, Nebraska and South Dakota.
    • At least 1 serious injury reported in Nebraska.
    • Dozens of houses significantly damaged or destroyed in the tornado-struck areas.
    • In Lincoln County, NE, 15 train cars were flipped over by a tornado, which also caused extensive damage to private vehicles, SPC said.

SPC Tornado, High Wind and Hale Map for March 18, 2012 (filtered).

  • Idaho.  Bonner County in Idaho has declared a State of Emergency amid flooding caused by Thursday’s torrential rains.
    • At least a dozen roads have washed out throughout the county.

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Oklahoma declares a state of emergency for 20 counties

Posted by feww on November 10, 2011

Earthquakes, severe storms, tornadoes and torrential rain batter Oklahoma

Oklahoma has been rattled by dozens of earthquakes, including a record-setting magnitude 5.6 shock that caused damage in central parts of the state. Tornadoes, straight-line winds and torrential rains have also caused damage in 20 counties.

Disaster Calendar 2011 – November 10

[November 10, 2011]  Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.  SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,588 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History

  • Oklahoma, USA.  Oklahoma Gov. Fallin has declared a state of emergency for 20 counties following damage caused by earthquakes, severe storms, tornadoes and  torrential rains that have battered the state this week.
    • The counties included in the declaration are: Caddo, Carter, Cleveland, Comanche, Greer, Harmon, Jackson, Johnston, Kiowa, LeFlore, Lincoln, McCurtain, Murray, Okfuskee, Oklahoma, Pottawatomie, Pushmataha, Sequoyah, Tillman, and Washita.
    • FIRE-EARTH Forecast:

      WARNING: Many parts of the United States could become ‘unrecognizable’ due to extreme climatic, geophysical and geological episodes over the next 18 months: FIRE-EARTH Forecast

Other Global Disasters

  • Turkey. A significant aftershock measuring 5.6Mw struck about 16 km (9 miles) south of Van, Turkey toppling at least 2 dozen buildings, killing 12 people and leaving about 100 others unaccounted for.
    • The aftershock struck SE of Van, about 35km from a powerful 7.2Mw shock which occurred on October 23, killing more than 600, injuring at least two thousand, destroying scores of homes and leaving tens of thousands of people homeless.
    • FIRE-EARTH Forecast: A major earthquake could yet strike Turkey in 2011/2012 with a certainty of 0.7 (P= 66%).
  • Alaska, USA. “Storm of epic proportions” pummeled the western coast of Alaska forcing the authorities to issue evacuation orders in dozens of communities.
    • The storm was compared to a category 3 hurricane, according to NWS.
    • The storm caused coastal surges of more than 3m (10 feet).
    •  “Forty years ago, a big storm like this would come through and the sea ice would act as sort of a buffer,” said the director of the Snow and Ice Data Center.
    • “The Bering Sea has and always will have these strong storms. What is different now is their potential destructiveness as you lose the sea ice cover.”
  • Bangkok, Thailand. Reported death toll in Thailand flooding has climbed to 533 with at least two people reported missing.
    • Flooding currently persists in 24 of the country’s 77 provinces, affecting about 3 million residents.
    • “The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration today declared parts of three districts flood evacuation areas,” a report said.
    • Since late July the floods have destroyed or damaged about 3.3 million homes affecting about 12 million people over 85 percent of the country.
  • Australia. Wild storms have buffeted the state of  Victoria in southern Australia, damaging homes, toppling trees knocking down power lines and triggering flash flooding.”
    • The storms were described as “dangerous” by the state emergency services (SES) because of the intensity of rainfall.
    • “Similar to what we saw in March 2009 where we had hundreds of millions, perhaps even a billion dollars of damage to property and vehicles over that period,” SES officials said.
    • Sydney. Meanwhile, Sydney, Australia’s most populated city, experienced its hottest November night on record as the mercury soared to 28.4ºC and stayed above 26.5ºC, or 10 degrees above the average minimum temperature for November.

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