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Mudslide Destroys Many Buildings in BC, Canada

Posted by feww on June 14, 2010

Massive Landslide Devastates B.C. Town

Landslide described as a “wall of mud” destroyed more than a dozen buildings, partially burying at least five homes, and  tearing through B.C.’s wine country.

The landslide struck  near Testalinda Creek, south of Oliver, B.C. early afternoon  local time  on Sunday also burying a large a section of the province’s longest highway in the fruit growing region of southern British Columbia in up to 4m (12 feet) of mud,  local media reported.

“It’s a real mess, a huge disaster. A lot of orchard land has been wiped right out. I’ve heard there was a five-minute warning,” said a local resident.

A wall of mud and rocks tore through a rural area of the Okanogan Valley Sunday, destroying at half a dozen houses and uprooting orchards and vineyards that lay in its path. Image credit: Olivier Combret For The Globe and Mail. Image may be subject to copyright. More Images …

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