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The H*ll with PayPal

Posted by feww on October 15, 2008

Enough is Enough! NO PayPal!

Time to Stop the Ripoff Merchants!

The moderators are collecting information about customer abuses by PayPal and would like to hear from users with horror stories.  All messages will be treated in strictest confidence, unless you specifically ask for your comment to be published for public viewing.

The following is from [Not affiliated with FEWW]

Top 3 PayPal Questions

1. Can PayPal hold my money with no explanation?  
The answer is YES.

2. Can PayPal freeze my account for no reason?  
The answer is YES.

3. Can PayPal take money out of my account without my knowledge?  The answer is YES.

For a selection of PayPall horror stories see: PayPal Warning

To take part in the PayPal Poll, please click: PayPal Poll

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