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Posted by feww on December 30, 2016

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) surging in Western Australia (WA)

More than 3,000 people were diagnosed with gonorrhea in the 12 months to September 2016, up from 2,170 in the previous year, reported the Health Department’s Communicable Disease Directorate.

  • Cases have more than tripled in the past five years.
  • WA has experienced a large increase in gonorrhea cases in women.
  • Syphilis cases have risen from 139 to 308 in the 12-month period.
  • WA has a population of about 2.61 million, most of whom live in Perth (2.04 million).

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Heatwave Melts 50-Year Record in Perth, Australia

Posted by feww on February 9, 2016


Perth records 40 plus degree temperatures three consecutive days

Western Australia’s capital city, Perth [pop:~ 2.1 million,] has recorded 40 plus degree (C) temperatures for three consecutive days, breaking a 50-year record for February, said a report.

The latest record-breaking heatwave was reportedly the seventh ever occurring in the region.

If the temperature reaches 40ºC or higher on Wednesday, it will be the first time there has been four consecutive 40ºC days since 1933, said Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) spokesman.

“Perth’s longest run of 40 degree days or more consecutively is four, and that was recorded back in 1933, if we get five we’ve broken that record and we’ve moved into uncharted territory basically.”

At sunrise today (Feb. 9), the temperature was 20ºC, reaching 32 within 2 hours, and 40ºC by 11:00am. It peaked at a sweltering 41.2ºC in the metro area, said the report.

“Pearce airbase was the hottest place in wider Perth at 44.3C and Mardie in the Pilbara was the state’s hotspot, reaching 45.6C.”

On Monday, the temperature reached 47ºCin Shark Bay Airport, situated in the Gascoyne region, northwest of Western Australia.

Image source: The Bureau of Meteorology BoM/ via


Hottest place on Earth?

Temperatures touched 49°C in Sua Pan (Sowa Pan), a seasonal lake located in the Makgadikgadi region of Botswana, southern Africa, making it the hottest place on Earth, the UK Meteorological Office reported.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed that 2015 was Australia’s fifth-warmest year on record, with the release of its final Annual Climate Report 2015.

Heatwave Situation for Thursday, Friday, & Saturday (3 days starting 11/02/2016)

Severe to extreme heatwave conditions continue over much of northern and central WA. Low intensity heatwave conditions for most of NSW and Tasmania. [BOM]

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Extreme Heat Wave Setting Australia on Fire

Posted by feww on January 13, 2014


Extreme Heat Warnings Issued in Australia

Massive bushfire destroys dozens of homes in the Perth Hills area of Western Australia, killing at least one person.

The fire follows a heatwave in Western Australia over the weekend, with temperatures topping 44ºC (111 degrees) in Perth on Saturday and 48ºC degrees (118 degrees) elsewhere in the state.

bushfire aus jan 2014
Massive bushfire leaves a trail of destruction in WA, destroying at least 44 homes. Source: DFES/WA.

Meanwhile, authorities have warned of severe health consequences as extreme heat begins moving from Western Australia into the country’s southeast.

Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) is warning temperatures will be in the 40s throughout this week.

Western Australia has just ended a scorching week, with temperatures reaching 48ºC degrees (118 degrees).

“That really extreme heat is now moving eastwards and is expected to move into South Australia and north-west Victoria over the next 24 to 48 hours,” he said.

“That really extreme heat is now moving eastwards and is expected to move into South Australia and north-west Victoria over the next 24 to 48 hours,” said BOM.

“Then it will gradually move down across the rest of south-eastern Australia, into southern New South Wales and western New South Wales as the week progresses.

“So really we’re really looking at a fairly extreme heatwave where temperatures are going to reach into the 40s for quite a number of days in a row.”

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Major Heatwave Enters 5th Day in Australia

Posted by feww on December 16, 2013

Perth experiences earliest spell of five 35-degree-plus days in 71 years

A major  heatwave is shifting eastwards, pushing the mercury up to 40ºC in Adelaide by Thursday, and into the 30s for Sydney by Friday, local meteorologists forecast.

[Sydney’s average temperatures for December is 25.2ºC.]

Perth and surrounding areas were put on a severe fire danger alert Monday morning amid hot, dry and windy conditions, following a sweltering weekend, said a report.

The alert followed a large bush fire in the Shire of Toodyay, which needed more than 170 fire crews to control, as the blaze edged menacingly towards two housing estates. The fire had consumed more than 270 hectares, as of posting.

google logo of the day 2

large fire in Toodyay shire 15dec13
Rows of baled hay went up in flames most probably due to spontaneous combustion in Toodyay farmland on Sunday. Photo credit: Nine News Perth

Monday is the 5th day of a major heatwave which has pushed temperature highs above 40ºC.

On Saturday it reached 40.4ºC in Perth, and peaked at 37ºC Sunday. Parts of the eastern metropolitan Perth could see the temperature reaching 41ºC today.

In November, Perth recorded its hottest spring in 116 years, with overall average of 18.8ºC

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Severe Storm Batters Perth, Australia

Posted by feww on March 23, 2010

Perth, western Australia, pummeled by torrential rains, giant hailstones, flash flooding, landslides and 125km/hour winds gusts

The storm described as a “freak storm” struck the city of Perth late on Monday local time, cutting power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses, with the cost of damage estimated at US$100m.

The force of storm destroyed many roofs including a section of  the terminal roof at Perth airport, delaying flights.

Perth is Australia’s 4th largest city with a population of about 1.7 million.

Lightning strikes a crane at a building site in Perth’s CBD. (submitted by ABC on-line reader: Mateusz Nowacki)

“More than 100 residents of an apartment block in Kings Park had to be evacuated from the building after part of the hill near Jacob’s Ladder collapsed in the storm, causing a landslide on Mounts Bay Road.” ABC online reported.

The storm downed power cables and flooded several schools and hospitals.

“From my memory this would be the most severe weather conditions we’ve had since the famous May storm in 1994, where we had very, very strong winds and a massive loss of power supply,” Western Australia premier Colin Barnett told ABC.

“Hopefully the damage to the power supply won’t be as severe but I suspect this time we’ve got a lot more damage to buildings and housing,” he said.

Barnett said although the full impact of the storm is yet to be unveiled, he feared that the damage bill could run into hundreds of millions of dollars.

“I think from my memory this would be the most severe weather conditions we’ve had since the famous May storm in 1994 where we had very very strong winds and a massive loss of power supply,” he said.

“Hopefully the damage to the power supply won’t be as severe but I suspect this time we’ve got a lot more damage to buildings and housing.”

The storm brought  havoc to the city flooding streets and causing major traffic jams, when it cut power lines that operated the stop lights. Large hailstones smashed cars windshields and dented their roofs.

According to weather reports, the equivalent of about one month’s rain fell in just over 5 minutes.

Meanwhile Australia’s BOM issued the following warning

for Damaging Winds, Large Hail and Flash Flooding
For people in areas southwest of a line Lancelin, Cunderdin to Hopetoun.

Issued at 2:00pm on Tuesday 23 March 2010

People are advised that there is a risk of severe thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Storms may be accompanied by damaging winds, large hail and flash flooding that could result in damage to property. The worst conditions are expected in the Southwest District and adjacent parts. While there is the risk
of severe storms in the Perth Metropolitan area, storms are not expected to be as intense as they were yesterday [Monday].

FESA State Emergency Services [SES] advises people to secure loose items, move vehicles under cover and stay inside away from windows. If there is lightning
unplug appliances and avoid using landline telephones. If caught outside find shelter away from trees, powerlines, storm water drains and streams. If driving
through heavy rain slow down and turn your lights on or if visibility becomes low pull over and park until it passes. For SES assistance call 132 500. For
more safety tips visit

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