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Strong Aftershock Strikes Brazil

Posted by feww on November 26, 2015

M6.7 aftershock occurs  SSW of Tarauaca, Brazil

The event, strongest of a dozen aftershocks to occur in the region, followed a powerful earthquake doublet that struck Peru-Brazil border region about 31 hours earlier.

Event Detail
Magnitude: 6.7Mw
Location: 9.191°S, 71.288°W  ()
Depth: 599.4km
Time: 2015-11-26 05:45:18 UTC
Nearby Cities

  • 127km (79mi) SSW of Tarauaca, Brazil
  • 153km (95mi) SW of Feijo, Brazil
  • 230km (143mi) SE of Cruzeiro Do Sul, Brazil
  • 289km (180mi) W of Sena Madureira, Brazil
  • 702km (436mi) ENE of Lima, Peru
    Source: USGS/EHP

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Powerful Earthquake Doublet Strike Peru-Brazil Border

Posted by feww on November 25, 2015

Two M7.6 Earthquakes Strike SE Peru

The deep-focus earthquake doublet struck at a depth of about 600 km, approximately 1,000km east of the Peru-Chile Trench within the subducted oceanic lithosphere of the Nazca plate, where the Nazca plate subducts to the east under the South America plate at a velocity of about 69 mm/y, reported USGS/EHP.

The doublet occurred 5 minutes apart; separated about 50 km horizontally, and just over 6km vertically. The second earthquake was most probably triggered by the first event, said the report.

EQ Details

M7.6 located 10.047°S, 71.023°W about 210km S of Tarauaca, Brazil 2015-11-24 22:50:53 UTC depth of 611.7km


  • 269km (167mi) WNW of Cobija, Bolivia
  • 271km (168mi) WNW of Brasileia, Brazil
  • 692km (430mi) ENE of Lima, Peru

M7.6 located 10.548°S, 70.904°W about 169km WNW of Iberia, Peru 2015-11-24 22:45:38 UTC depth of 600.6km


  • 239km (149mi) WNW of Cobija, Bolivia
  • 241km (150mi) WNW of Brasileia, Brazil
  • 688km (428mi) ENE of Lima, Peru

Other Significant Events

  • M6.0 located 18.791°N, 145.311°E about 37km W of Agrihan, Northern Mariana Islands 2015-11-24 13:21:35 UTC depth of 586.2km

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