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Explosive Wildfires Continue Erupting Across the U.S.

Posted by feww on June 29, 2012

Waldo Canyon fire the most destructive in Colorado history: Officials

The Disaster President [Obama] has declared the state of Colorado a major disaster area due to the damage and losses caused by deadly wildfires in  El Paso County [Colorado Springs’ Waldo Canyon fire] and Larimer County [High Park Fire] which began on June 9, 2012, and continuing.

More counties may be designated subject to ongoing damage surveys, FEMA said.

The 5-day old Waldo Canyon fire in Pike National Forest, El Paso County, has now consumed an estimated 20,000 acres, destroying at least 346 homes [preliminary damage report,] forcing tens of thousands of people out of their homes, and threatening 20,085 residences and 160 commercial structures.

Until yesterday, the High Park fire, still burning near Fort Collins north of Denver, was officially the most destructive Colorado fire on record having consumed 257  homes and 87,284 acres of forest and grassland.

Waldo Canyon Fire Map (June 27).

Map of Waldo Canyon Fire Mandatory Evacuation Line – as of June 28, PM.

Pine Ridge Fire

The Pine Ridge Fire is very active wildfire ignited by lightning 10 miles NE of Grand Junction, Mesa County, CO, on Wednesday June 27th, and has since grown to more than 1,500 acres.

  • Fire Behavior: Fire behavior remains extreme and is now threatening Northern Mesa County including the community of De Beque. The Mesa County Sheriff’s department has ordered immediate evacuation of all areas south of S ½ road, west of 45.5 Rd and east of I 70.

Utah Fire Explodes to 20,300 acres in 2 Days

Seeley Fire wildfire, ignited by dry lightning in Huntington Canyon and Gentry Mountain, 15 miles NW of Huntington, Utah, on June 26, has exploded to 20,300 acres threatening an unknown number of structures and forcing evacuations in the area. Road closures are in effect.

    • Growth Potential:  Extreme
    • Terrain Difficulty:  Extreme
    • Wind Conditions: 16-28 mph SW
    • Temperature: 75-77 degrees
    • Humidity: 10-12%

Idaho Wildfire

Charlotte Fire, a blaze ignited in the Charlotte Road area of Mink Creek early afternoon on Thursday, has quickly spread, engulfing about 500 acres in just 5 hours, destroying or damaging at least a dozen homes.

  • Bannock County Commissioners issued a disaster declaration for the County and immediately evacuated the residents in the Gibson Jack, Johnny Creek and Mink Creek area down to Portneuf Road. The evacuations have since expanded toward Pocatello past Juniper Hills Country Club, said a report .
  • An emergency shelter has been set up in the Idaho State University Holt Arena for evacuees of the Gibson Jack and Mink Creek areas that have been affected by wildfire on Thursday, June 28, announced Stephen Chatterton, director of ISU Public Safety.
  • “Multiple fire agencies are battling the grass fire that is burning dangerously close to homes. The fire sparked just after 2:30 p.m., Thursday, near Charlotte Road. Bannock County is handling evacuations,” said a report.

Montana Wildfires:

A dozen wildfires in Montana have destroyed more than 100 structures and forced up to a 1,000 people to flee their homes.

Dahl Fire. Fueled by dead and dying timber, high temperatures, low relative humidities and gusty winds, the Dahl Fire in Musselshell County, Montana, has grown to an estimated 20,000 acres and is currently uncontained.

  • Montana Governor has signed an emergency declaration for Musselshell, Rosebud, Custer, Treasure, Yellowstone and Big Horn Counties and the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.
  • An unknown number of residents have been evacuated.
  • Road closures are in effect.
  • A second fire in Musselshell County has been reported and located.

Ash Creek Complex Fire. The Ash Creek Complex fire, burning 10 miles east of Lame Deer in Custer National Forest, has exploded to 110,700 acres since it began Monday June 25th, 2012.

Utah Wildfires

  • The Wood Hollow Fire, a blaze about 1 mile south of Fountain Green in Utah State Division of Forestry Fire & State Lands has now grown to 46,190 acres, claiming at least one life and destroying a reported 56 structures  and scores of farm animals, mostly sheep.
    • The communities of Indian Ridge, Elk Ridge, Big Hollow, and Oaker Hills communities are under mandatory evacuation.
    • About 2,000 have been evacuated from surrounding communities.

Other fires are listed at Destructive Wildfire Activity Intensifies in Colorado (Posted on June 28, 2012) and the previous posts.

Some 4 dozen active wildfires are currently burning across a dozen states:  Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Idaho, South Dakota, Arizona, Alaska, Nevada, California and Hawaii.

U.S. Weather Hazards

US Weather Hazards Map, June 29, 2012Update

Excessive Heat Warnings: Excessive Heat Warnings are currently in effect in parts of at least 8 states.

Heat wave. The core of the heat wave currently broiling the central U.S. could shift to the east late this weekend, however critical wildfire conditions and debilitating heat will continue into next week, NOAA forecast.

Fire Weather. Critical Fire Weather conditions prevail in parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Red Flag Warnings. Red Flag Warnings are in effect for parts of Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming,  Colorado, Indiana and Kentucky, NWS said.

Heat Advisories and Excessive Heat Warnings are in effect until Saturday evening in many areas and record high temperatures are expected to continue into and through the weekend. Excessive Heat Warnings cover the eastern half of Kansas, western Missouri and parts of Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. Heat Advisories cover parts of western Kansas, all of Oklahoma but the Panhandle, southern and eastern Iowa, northern and eastern Missouri, southern Wisconsin, most of Illinois, west-central and northeast Arkansas, the western half of Tennessee, northern Mississippi and all but the southern third of Alabama.

Record Heat. SE Colorado and SW Kansas locations have set numerous high temperature records in the recent days:

  • Dodge City, KS – 111 degrees Wed. – the all-time record for the city since record keeping began in 1874; also broke high for the day by 4 degrees (107 degrees in 1980).
  • Garden City, KS – 109 degrees broke old record of 106 set in 1979
  • Medicine Lodge, KS – record 109 degrees broke old record of 107 set in 1980
  • Colorado Springs, CO – broke all-time maximum temperature record Tuesday, hitting 101, tied 101 on Wed.
  • Pueblo, CO – record high 106 degrees reached Tue, hit 106 again Wed; Pueblo airport recorded 105 degrees or higher for six consecutive days .
  • Source: NWS

U.S. River Conditions

Some 24 locations are currently under flood conditions, with 7  river gauge sites at Major Flood level, 3 at Moderate Flood and 14 at Minor Flood; 22 sites were Near Flood, Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service reported.

U.S. Drought

The drought in the U.S. has intensified since last week  with 72.01 of the lower 48 in D0-D4 (Abnormally Dry to Exceptional Drought) conditions.

  • No reported change in Hawaii since last week, with 78.89 of the state in D0-D4 conditions.
  • Alaska has reported an increase in dry conditions since last week, climbing from 18.35% to 42.00% in D0.

Source: U.S. Drought Monitor

Arizona Drought. Moderate to Severe Drought Conditions (D1-D3) currently prevail throughout the state of Arizona.

Colorado Drought. The entire state of Colorado is currently experiencing Moderate to Severe Drought Conditions (D1-D3).

Arkansas Drought. Moderate to Severe Drought Conditions (D1-D3) reported in 98.55% of Arkansas, with the entire states experiencing abnormally dry conditions.

Illinois.  The entire state of Illinois reporting Abnormally Dry to  Extreme Drought Conditions (D0 – D3).

Kentucky. Abnormally Dry to Extreme Drought Conditions (D0 – D3) reported in 96.59% of Kentucky.

Georgia.   Abnormally Dry to Exceptional Drought Conditions (D0 – D4) reported in 86.09% of Georgia.

Indiana Drought. Drought conditions for Indiana have deteriorated during the past week.  Severe to extreme drought conditions cover two thirds of the state. Abnormally dry conditions cover 99.86% of the state.

Indiana Drought Map  – released June 28, 2012.

  • At least 83 counties reporting active burn bans, as of posting.
  • Excessive Heat Warnings are in effect throughout half of the state.

Kansas Drought. Drought has returned to Kansas with 100.00% of the state reporting abnormally dry or drought conditions (D0 0D4).

  • Excessive Heat Warnings are in effect throughout about two-thirds of the state.

Nevada.  The entire state of Nevada reporting Abnormally Dry to Extreme Drought Conditions (D0 – D3).

New Mexico.  D0 – D3 Drought Conditions reported throughout New Mexico.

Oklahoma D0 – D3 Drought Conditions reported in 99.68% of Oklahoma.

South Carolina.  Abnormally Dry to Exceptional Drought Conditions (D0 – D4) prevail in 86.34% of S. C.

Tennessee. D0 – D3 Drought Conditions reported in 96.03% of Tennessee.

Texas.  Abnormally Dry to Extreme Drought Conditions (D0 – D3) prevail in 95.92% of Texas.

Utah.  D0 – D3 Drought Conditions prevail throughout Utah.

Wyoming. D0 – D3 Drought Conditions exist in 93.50% of Wyoming.

Missouri Drought.  Severe Drought conditions persist in Missouri and the drought is likely to worsen, said NWS.

  • Currently 98.70% of the state is reporting drought conditions.
  • Excessive Heat Warnings are in effect in about 40% of the state, as of posting

Percent of Normal Precipitation – Last 7 days

Air Quality

NESDIS Map of Analyzed Fires from Satellite Data – June 29, 2012 – Time: See inset. 

Current Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Analysis – NOAA/NESDIS – June 29, 2012 – Time: See inset.

Other Global Disasters/ Significant Events

  • Assam, India. Floods of epic proportion caused by extreme monsoon rainfall have left at least 30 people dead, many injured and about a million displaced in the Indian state of Assam, reports said.
  • Bangladesh.  Death toll in Bangladesh flooding and landslides has climbed to at least 112, injured hundreds of others, with more than a quarter of a million people displaced.
    • Widespread damage to crops, farmland, homes and business reported throughout affected areas.

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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U.S. Overwhelmed by Excessive Heat, Fire, Flooding, Extreme Weather Events

Posted by feww on June 27, 2012

More than 40,000 Coloradans flee their homes as firestorms rage across the state

Firestorms ravaging Colorado, as temperatures rise 20+ degrees above average in central U.S. and the Rockies

  • “This is a fire of epic proportions,” said Colorado Springs Fire Chief, Rich Brown.
  • “This is the worst fire season in the history of Colorado… it looks surreal,” said Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper.
  • “We are in a very critical situation now. Unfortunately we do have structures and homes that are burning in the northwest corner of Colorado Springs. We have mandatory evacuation over a considerable area,” fire information officer Rob Deyerberg told Reuters.
  • Some 3 dozen active wildfires are currently burning hundreds of thousands of acres in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska, South Dakota and California.

The fast-moving Waldo Canyon Fire in Pike National Forest, El Paso County, which ignited on June 23, has grown to more than 6,500 acres, destroying numerous homes and forcing at least 32,000 people from their homes.

  • High Park Fire west of Fort Collins – the second-largest and the most destructive blaze ever recorded in the state has destroyed at least 257 homes; burned 87,250acres; up to 5,000 people remain evacuated; 55 percent contained.
  • Little Sand Fire near Pagosa Springs, Weber Fire in Montezuma County, State Line Fire  southeast of Durango, Treasure Fire near Leadville, Trout Creek Fire near Rainbow Falls in Douglas County, Woodland Heights Fire near Estes Park southwest of the High Park Fire, and Elbert Fire have so far consumed about 40,000 acres.

US Weather Hazards Map, June 27, 2012

Red Flag Warnings are currently in effect for 13 states:

  • Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana.

Heat Advisories are in effect this afternoon to late evening in eight central states:

  • North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana

Critical Fire Weather areas exist in parts of Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma, Storm Prediction Center reported.

Flood Warning and Flash Flood Emergency continue in Florida. Major flooding is expected in Clay county through Thursday PM, and flash flood emergency in Duval county and NE Clay.

Excessive Heat Warning is in effect for much of Kansas.

For other current hazards and warnings Click Here.

Utah Wildfires

The Wood Hollow Fire, a blaze about 1 mile south of Fountain Green in Utah State Division of Forestry Fire & State Lands has exploded to about 40,000 acres, claiming at least one life and destroying numerous structures and scores of farm animals, mostly sheep.

  • Evacuations:
    • The entire town of Fairview (pop: 1,200) has been evacuated.
    • Up to 2,000 others have been evacuated from surrounding communities.
    • Indian Ridge, Elk Ridge, Big Hollow, and Oaker Hills communities are under mandatory evacuation.
  • Closures: Highway 89 closure is in effect for a second time.
  • Weather: “The big worry now is the weather. Everything that can be done is being done,” Gov Herbert said in a televised conference.

Wisconsin State of Emergency

Wisconsin Governor has declared a state of emergency for three northwestern counties of  Douglas, Ashland and Bayfield counties devastated by flooding that damaged at least 500 homes and businesses.

Agricultural Disasters

Pennsylvania and New York. USDA has designates 21 counties in Pennsylvania and 2 counties in New York as agricultural disaster areas due to damages and losses caused by freezing temperatures from March 1 – May 13, 2012.

  • List of Pennsylvania disaster areas: (PDA)Clarion, Forest, Schuylkill, Venango and Warren Counties.  (CDA) Armstrong, Berks, Butler, Carbon, Columbia, Crawford, Dauphin, Elk, Erie, Jefferson, Lebanon, Lehigh, Luzerne, McKean, Mercer and Northumberland counties.
  • List of New York disaster areas:  Cattaraugus and Chautauqua counties.

Wyoming. USDA has designated 4 counties in Wyoming—Hot Springs, Fremont, Park, and Washakie—as agricultural disaster areas due to damages and losses caused by drought that began March 1, 2012, and continues.

Record Power Consumption

Texans set two new records for hourly power demand as their large cities baked under triple-digit heat, with record temperatures set in Houston and San Antonio.  Power demand reached 66,583 megawatts (MW) on Monday in the 60-minute period between 16:00 and 17:00, setting a new record for June, and exceeding Monday’s peak of 65,047MW, a report said.

  • “Houston’s high temperature reached 103 degrees Fahrenheit (39 Celsius), 12 degrees above normal and breaking the record of 99 degrees. San Antonio hit 105, also a record,” said the report .

Collapsing Cities

Stockton, California. The river port city of Stockton, California (pop: 300,000),  may become the largest US city to declare bankruptcy, after the city failed to make a deal with its creditors.

  • Located about 90 miles (144km) east of San Francisco, the city was hit hard during the US housing market crash.
  • Stockton’s unemployment rate (~ 16%) and violent crimes rank among the highest in the U.S.

North Las Vegas, Nevada. The Nevada city of North Las Vegas, described as “ground zero for foreclosures” was officially declared as a disaster area on June 23.

  • “One in every 195 homes is in foreclosure, the state’s highest rate. Once the nation’s fastest growing city, it lost more than 3,000 businesses in three years after the recession hit in 2007. Its total revenue has plunged from $817 million in 2009 to $298 million this year,” AP reported.

Tropical Depression DEBBY

Tropical Depression DEBBY is expected to continue moving ENE across Florida and into the Atlantic. The storm is forecast to re-intensify as it clears the eastern U.S. coast, NWS reported

  • Coastal and inland flooding still pose major threats across the affected areas. 

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Fire, Flood and Red Flag Warnings, Storm Emergency Force Evacuations

Posted by feww on June 25, 2012

Tens of thousands evacuated amid raging blazes, as wildfires, flooding, TS DEBBY and extreme weather events affect 2 dozen states

As Tropical Storm DEBBY continued to inch closer to the Gulf Coast, Louisiana Governor issued an executive proclamation declaring a state of emergency for the state.

Tropical Storm DEBBY. IR Satellite Image (NHC Enhancement). Source: CIMSS

Tropical Storm Debby is moving very slowly northeast, and is expected to become nearly stationary overnight. The NOAA/NWS Hurricane Prediction center has cancelled the Tropical Storm Warning for Louisiana and Mississippi. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect from the Mississippi-Alabama border eastward to the Suwannee River in Florida. A Tropical Storm Watch is in effect south of the Suwannee River to Englewood, Florida. There is high uncertainty with the movement of this storm. [NWS]

TS DEBBY has spawned at least 4 tornadoes in Collier County Florida, killing 1 person, injuring two, and destroying or damaging a dozen homes, as of posting.

Map of U.S. Weather Hazards. Update

  • Hazardous Weather Warnings. Hazardous Weather Warnings have been issued for all 50 States.
  • Red Flag Warnings. Red Flag Warnings are currently operating across at least 11 lower states and Hawaii.


  • Colorado. The Waldo Canyon Fire which ignited in Pike National Forest, El Paso County, on June 23 has exploded to about 3,000 acres, forcing nearly 12,000 people to evacuate.
    • The fire is expected to remain very active today as day heats up and winds develop, forest authorities said.
    • Mandatory evacuation orders are in place at

– Cedar Heights Subdivision and Mountain Shadows south of Chuck Wagon. Boundaries are Rampart Range Road to the west and everything west of 30thand Centennial from Gateway Road north to Chuck Wagon. This is the only mandatory or voluntary evacuation in effect at this time in Colorado Springs City limits.
– Manitou Springs has also placed Mandatory Evacuation Orders within its City limits.
– CORRECTION to reported voluntary evacuations for Mountain Shadows. There are no Mandatory Evacuation – – Orders in place at this time for Mountain Shadows other than those south of Chuck Wagon Road.
– Garden of the Gods Park and Garden of the Gods Visitor Center are closed.
– Green Mountain Falls, Chipita Park, and Cascade (on both sides of Hwy 24)
– Farish and Corrol Lake off Rampart Range Road
– Red Rock Canyon Open Space, Garden of the Gods Park, Palmer Park and Pikes Peak Highway are CLOSED.
– To have your phone on the “reverse 911” for evacuation notices, go to

– Pre Evacuation Notices (These are precautionary notices only – not Mandatory Evacuation, but be prepared to evacuate on short notice if official notification for Evacuation occurs)

– In Teller County: East of Safeway, north of Safeway to Rampart Range Road, south to Edlow Road [Inciweb]

    • The High Park Fire.Colorado’s second-largest recorded fire and its most destructive has grown to about 83,000 acres and at least 248 homes (the figure includes additional homes which were lost late last week in the Glacier View and Hewlett subdivisions), USFS reported.
      • The deadly fire continues to spread west into inaccessible areas, and is said to have an EXTREME growth potential.
      • Evacuation Orders remain in place for thousands of residents.  See previous posts for lists.


  • Utah. The Wood Hollow fire, a new, fast-moving blaze, about 100 miles south of Salt Lake City, has exploded to more than 8,000 acres, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes in 2 rural communities of Fountain Green and Indianola, reports said.
  • Oklahoma.    Record heat likely today in Tulsa and neighboring areas, with afternoon heat index climbing to 111ºF, NWS forecast.
    • Heat wave is forecast to continues with 100+ heat to persists through the week.

Max Heat Index Map  Showing Threat for Monday.

Max Temps Map.

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Most Destructive Fire in Colorado History Devours 90 Sq Miles

Posted by feww on June 18, 2012

High Park Fire near Fort Collins, CO, consumes about 57,000 acres, destroys 100s of homes

The most destructive fire in Colorado history has destroyed or damaged hundreds of homes, as a large portion of the western and southwestern U.S. were placed under Red Flag Warnings due to high temperatures and strong winds.

At least 181 homeowners have so far been notified they have lost their homes. The areas were the destruction occurred include  the Davis Ranch, Stove Prairie, Stratton Park, Pine Acres, Soldier Canyon, Missile Silo Road, Cloudy Pass, Picnic Rock, Spring Valley, Old Flowers, Whale Rock, Paradise Park, Tip Top, Rist Creek Rist Canyon, Poudre Fire Authority District along the Front Range and Poudre Canyon from Stove Prairie to the mouth of Poudre Canyon. “The assessment is still underway and this number will continue to grow,” said the U.S. Forest Service (USFS).

Fire activity increased with the winds Sunday afternoon, USFS reported. Temperatures are expected in the 90’s with winds gusting to 50MPH on ridgetops and in Poudre Canyon beginning Monday morning (local time).

Looters are reportedly targeting evacuated homes, and police have made at least one arrest.

U.S. Weather Hazards Map. Red Flag Warnings issued for 9 lower states and Hawaii.  “Fire weather conditions will worsen today across much of the interior West. Red Flag Warnings are in effect for the Sierra Nevada Mountains across the central Rockies and into the High Plains of Nebraska. This will be especially problematic for firefighters battling the High Park Wildfire near Fort Collins, Colorado. This fire is already the most destructive in Colorado history,” NWS said.

EVACUATION INFORMATION (provided by Inciweb)

6:30 PM – A new mandatory re-evacuation order has just been issued for the Soldier Canyon and Mill Canyon areas. This includes Lodgepole Drive and CR 23 west and south including Red Cedar Drive, and east to CR 23.

Mandatory evacuation orders were issued earlier today for residents in the Hewlett Gulch subdivision area. The area runs from the Glacier View 9-12 filings (already evacuated) east to the Hewlett Gulch Trail, north to CR 74E and south to HWY 14.

Cloudy Pass residents were allowed to return home as of noon 6/15 (no credentials required). Residents in the Poudre Canyon up to Gateway park area (east of Gateway) were allowed to return as of 2 PM 6/15.

Around 5 PM Friday, fire officials lifted the evacuation order for Satanka Cove, located at the north end of Horsetooth Reservoir.

Thursday fire officials issued an evacuation order for the 9th, 10th and 11th filings of Glacier View, to include the area west from Eiger Road to Rams Horn Mountain Road and north from the Mount Blanc Guardian Peak area to the north end of Mount Everest Drive. Fire officials also ordered evacuations of 80 residences along Many Thunders Road and south into the 12th Filing of Glacier View. Roads included in this evacuation include Meadow Mountain Drive, Little Bald Mountain Court, Grey’s Peak Court, Diamond Peak Court, Little Twins Court, Red Mountain Court, Pingree Hill Court, Rabbit Ears Court, Bullrock Court and Black Mountain Court. The road block will be located at Eiger (Glacier View Gate 1) and Many Thunders Mountain Road. An additional roadblock is located at Green Mountain Drive (Glacier View Gate 1) at CR 74E.

CR 74E remains open and a pre-evacuation alert remains in effect for the rest of Glacier View subdivision (including the area north of CR 74E), and the area south of CR 74E between Hewlett Gulch Road to the east and CR 68C to the west and HWY 14 to the south.

Evacuated residents looking to evacuate animals must contact the humane society at 226-3647. Again, do not show up at road blocks to attempt to gain access to care for or evacuate animals.

Evacuation orders remain in place for the following areas:

-Pingree Park Road, Hourglass and Comanche reservoirs, east on Buckhorn Road up to and including Pennock Pass, NE to junction with Stove Prairie and Hwy 14; West to junction with Highway 15 and Pingree Park Road

-County Road 44H (Buckhorn Road) from County Road 27 to Pennock Pass and residents to the south approximately 3/4 – 1 mile.

-Areas south and west of Bellvue to include the Lory State Park area, the Redstone Canyon area and Buckhorn Road up to the Stove Prairie School.

-Poudre Canyon from MM111 to MM118 on Highway 14. This means Poudre Canyon from Stove Prairie to MM118 is under mandatory evacuations.

-The area between CR 27E and Stove Prairie Road and south through the entire Rist Canyon area including Davis Ranch Road, Whale Rock Road.

-South on County Road 44H 3 miles to just north of Stringtown Gulch Road, Paradise Park Road, Moose Horn Lane, Magic Lane and Spencer Mountain Road.

-Old Flowers Road from Stove Prairie Road to the 8000-block of Old Flowers Road.

-Stove Prairie Road north along County Road 27 to Highway 14, east along Highway 14 to approximately mile marker 111, southeast to Rist Canyon Fire Station 1, then back west to to include Wilderness Ridge Way, Rist Creek Road, Spring Valley Road and County Road 41 and all of the roads that run off of it.

-Hewlett Gulch, King’s Canyon area and Boyd Gulch Road.

Approximately 3,100 notifications (contacts, not residences) have been sent for evacuations on this fire. As of Friday, 1,199 notifications (contacts, not residents) were sent notifying residences that they could return home.

Other Significant Wildfires

  • Springer Fire, a new wildfire which erupted on Sunday in the Pike National Forest in Colorado, has consumed more than 450 acres and is rapidly growing, USFS reported.
    • The blaze has forced the mandatory evacuations of about 500 Boy Scouts camping in the area and nearby  subdivisions, USFS said.
  • North Schell Fire, Ely District, Nevada.  The blaze started Saturday June 9th, 2012 and has grown to about 25,000 acres with EXTREME growth potential.
  • Little Bear Fire, Lincoln National Forest, NM. The blaze has grown to more than 38,000 acres but is reportedly 60% contained.
    • Mandatory evacuation in place at all  campgrounds west of Bonito Lake; Angus and Bonita Park, USFS reported.
  • Whitewater Baldy Complex Fire, Reserve Ranger District, NM.  The state’s largest historical fire has grown to about300,000 acres and is reportedly 80% contained. However, the blaze is said to have a HIGH growth potential.

Other Global Disasters, Significant Events

Typhoon GUCHOL. Source: CIMSS

Tropical Storm TALIM. Source: CIMSS

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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