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Japanese Courts ‘Play Chicken’ with Potential Nuclear Disaster

Posted by feww on July 21, 2017


The Ikata Nuclear Power Plant (Ikata NPP) is located in the town of Ikata in Ehime Prefecture, on the island of Shikoku, Japan. It’s owned and operated by the Shikoku Electric Power Company.

The plant was shut down along with all other nuclear plants in Japan after the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Currently, it is one of two nuclear power stations operating in Japan.

Two reactors at Takahama plant are also operating currently after a high court overturned an earlier decision by a district court that had stopped the NPP operations since March 2016.

Japanese high courts are evidently among the most corrupt judiciary in the world.


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FIRE-EARTH Q&A DAY: How Hominids Played Chicken with Extinction

Posted by feww on August 2, 2015

CJ Members

How Hominids Played Chicken with Extinction and Cheated Life!

  • FIRE-EARTH Q&A TODAY will start @ 12:02 UTC.

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