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Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

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DISASTER Diary – May 26, 2013

Posted by feww on May 26, 2013

Namibia Declares National Drought Emergency

President of Namibia has declared a national drought emergency due to significantly below-average precipitation.

  • An estimated 331,000 people, 14 percent of the Namibia’s population of 2.324 million,  in rural communities across 13 regions have now been classified as food insecure so far this year.
  • An additional 448,000 people have been classified as moderately food insecure.
  •   Those moderately food insecure could rapidly become food insecure, UN reported.
  • About 109,000 children under age 5 living in rural households classified severely and moderately food insecure are at risk of malnutrition due to reduced availability, access and utilization of food, compounded by limited access to safe water and improved sanitation, UN said.

namibia drought
Namibia: Rainfall Anomaly for Q1 2013. Source: SADC FANR

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

  • 11 Regions across the country are without water tanks for additional storage.
  • About 32% of households and communities use boreholes as their main sources of water, followed by piped water (20%) and public taps in neighboring houses (19%).
  • As a result of the severe drought, water tables in boreholes are currently low with reduced yields.
  • The cost of water has risen and most households are now using their limited funds to buy food instead of water.
  • Only 33% of households have improved sanitation facilities.
  • 50% of the population practice open defecation. [Source: U.N.]


Other Global Disasters/ Significant Events

Extreme Rain Events Flood San Antonio, Texas

At least two people were killed on Saturday as torrential rains in San Antonio triggered severe flooding forcing the rescue of about 240 people, officials said.

  • San Antonio was inundated with about 10 inches of rain Saturday, the second-wettest-day recorded, San Antonio Express-News reported.
  • “Saturday was not only the wettest day in May ever recorded, but with 9.87 inches of rain at the San Antonio International Airport, it was the second wettest day ever recorded in San Antonio, according to the National Weather Service. The wettest day on record is Oct. 17, 1998, when 11.26 inches of rain fell.”
  • NWS issued Flood Warnings  for rivers affecting Bexar, Wilson and Karnes counties.


Average CO2 at Mauna Loa:
Last 5 days of preliminary daily average CO2

  • May 24 – 399.84        
  • May 23 – 399.67        
  • May 22 – 399.97        
  • May 21 – 399.74        
  • May 20 – 400.11


M5.7 Earthquake, Plumas County, Northern Calif

A state of emergency has been declared in Plumas County after the magnitude 5.7 earthquake struck the area Thursday, causing damage both to infrastructure as well as homes and businesses.

  • “The earthquake did not injure anyone but did cause moderate damage and was felt by people as far away as the Bay Area, Reno and into Oregon,” said a report.


1,021 Days Left 

Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,021 Days Left to ‘Worst Day’ in the brief Human  History
  • The countdown began on May 15, 2011 …


Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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California Wildfire Scam Continues

Posted by feww on August 4, 2008

Fighting wildfires is big business! There would always be enough fuel for new blazes.

Wildfires: The Golden Fleecing of America

See: Our Forecast for 2009 California Fires

The Raw Facts

  • Cost of fighting wildfire in California since July 1: $285 million [And it’s just the beginning!]
  • Daily cost of fighting the fire [which should be allowed to burn out] : up to $13 million
  • Cost of fighting California fires a decade ago: $44million a year
  • Why aren’t the fires allowed to burn naturally? Need the unburnt fuel for next year’s fires!
  • There is no more fire season as we know itthe fire season is now all year-round,” said Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in July while touring wildfires in N. California. “That means that we don’t have enough resources.

Read more …

California Fires Update # 3

SISKIYOU COMPLEX STATUS: Southwest of Happy Camp, CA

  • Start date: 6/21/08
  • Cause: Lightning
  • Estimated Size: 59,678 acres
  • Percent Contained: 60%
  • No. of Firefighters: 1,492
  • Injuries to date: 8

Ukonom Complex Status:

  • Start date: 6/20/08
  • Cause: Lightning
  • Estimated Size: 42,195 acres
  • Percent Contained: 66%
  • No. of Firefighters: 438
  • Injuries to date: 6

Blue 2 Status

  • Start date: 6/20/08
  • Cause: Lightning
  • Estimated Size: 6,846 acres
  • Percent Contained: 52%
  • No. of Firefighters: 400
  • Injuries to date: 2


Yolla Bolly Complex Fire Update

  • Acres Burned : 72,367
  • Crews: 10
  • Cause: Lightning
  • Date Started: June 20, 2008
  • Percent Contained: 30%

Rich and Belden Fires FACTS (!)

  • Rich Fire: 5,199 acres / 15% contained
  • Belden Fire: 474 acres / 70% contained
  • Costs for both fires: $2,591,500
  • Incident Type : Wildland Fire
  • Cause: Under Investigation
  • Date of Origin: Wednesday July 29th, 2009
  • Location: 20 miles west of Quincy, CA
  • Total Personnel Committed: 1,065
  • Size: 6,371 acres
  • Percent Contained: 45%

Plumas County:

Rich Fire
Location: 20 miles west of Quincy
Administrative Unit: Plumas National Forest

Canyon Complex
Location: Various locations within the Plumas Forest
Administrative Unit: Plumas National Forest

Siskiyou County:
Bear Wallow Complex
Location: 14 miles west of Etna
Administrative Unit: Klamath National Forest

Panther Fire
Location: 15 miles south of Happy Camp
Administrative Unit: Klamath National Forest

Siskiyou Complex
Location: Southwest of Happy Camp
Administrative Unit: Klamath National Forest

Ukonom Complex
Location: 5 miles north of Somes Bar
Administrative Unit: Six Rivers National Fores

Trinity County:
Iron & Alps Complex
Location: Junction City
Administrative Unit: Shasta-Trinity National Forest

Lime Complex
Location: 5 miles west of Hayfork
Administrative Unit: Shasta-Trinity National Forest

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