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Native Hawaiian Severely Beaten by ‘Chinese’ Cop for Trying to Heal Monk Seal

Posted by feww on January 28, 2016

Submitted by a reader

‘Chinese’ policeman attacks native Hawaiian after he uses his mana to ‘heal’ a seal

“Jamie Kalani Rice, a native Hawaiian, has filed a federal complaint against Honolulu police for an unprovoked beating he received from Officer Ming Wang, which was captured on videotape,” according to a report.

Rice, satisfied with his healing ceremony, walks away from the seal. However, the cop follows him making demands.

He picks up his belongings, and tries to leave the beach, but the crazy policeman decides to punish him, anyway.

“Wang runs from behind Rice and pepper sprays him in the face, and then strikes Rice’s hand repeatedly at full force with his baton. Rice stands there without flinching, calmly taking the beating from this maniacal cop,” said the report.

“This lack of reaction infuriates Wang even further, as he pepper sprays Rice again and again. Then he strikes Rice’s other hand at full force with the baton, causing him to drop his bag. Wang continues striking Rice with the baton until Rice collapses in the sand. Wang gives him a final blow to the back and then stomps on the limp man’s body.

“Rice suffered broken bones in his right hand from this beating. He rightly claims that Wang used excessive force, and the defendants “took steps to write reports that altered the events as they actually took place so as to justify Wang use force [sic] against the plaintiff to effectuate his arrest.” Wang deceptively attempted to charge Rice with resisting arrest too.”

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Missouri Gov. Orders the National Guard to Ferguson

Posted by feww on August 18, 2014

“Extraordinary circumstances” surrounds black teenager’s death: Third autopsy ordered

Residents in the St. Louis suburb have been protesting police brutality after an unarmed black teen was fatally shot by a white police officer.

A preliminary private autopsy found Brown was shot at least six times, including twice in the head, reported The New York Times.

Meantime, Nixon ordered the National Guard to the city, saying they would help “in restoring peace and order” to Ferguson.

Police claimed that protesters had hurled Molotov cocktails at them. And at least two people were shot by “civilians.”

Nixon had declared a state of emergency and imposed a curfew for the city.

“We must first have and maintain peace. This is a test. The eyes of the world are watching,” Nixon said. “We cannot allow the ill will of the few to undermine the good will of the many.”

“This is not to silence the people of Ferguson, of this region or others, but to contain those who are drowning out the voice of the people with their actions,” Nixon said. Brown was shot to death last Saturday afternoon.

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Stop Polluting Our Air!

Posted by feww on August 11, 2008

Direct action protesters try to stop UK coal-fired power plant for a day

About a 1,000 climate protesters, who aimed to stop the output at Kingsnorth coal-fired power station for a day, demonstrated outside the plant in southeast England on Saturday.

Nearly 2,000 police and civilian security personnel surrounded the protesters. Police in riot gears brandishing batons charged at the protesters and arrested about 50 people.

“We just want to try and send a message to people that we don’t want any more new coal … it’s something that’s not going to help our future at all,” said Helen Atkinson, 26, a medical photographer from Cumbria, northwest England. (Source)

Kingsnorth power station is a 1,985-megawatt dual-fired coal or oil power station in Medway, Kent, England, on the Hoo Peninsula. Licensed under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation license, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation. Credit: Clem Rutter; via Wikimedia Commons.

E.ON the German owned company that operates Kingsnorth is planning to construct two new “cleaner coal” units on the Kingsnorth site, which it claims will be 20 percent less polluting than conventional power stations. They would be the first coal-fired power stations to be built in Britain for 24 years. AFP reported.

Police surround protesters during a sitdown protest at the gates of Kingsnorth Power Station near Rochester in Kent, southeast England August 9, 2008. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor. Image may be subject to copyright.

Police and private mercenary agents confront protesters in front of of Kingsnorth Power Station near Rochester in Kent, southeast England August 9, 2008. UK Indymedia. Image may be subject to copyright.

In police heavy-handedness we trust! UK Indymedia. Image may be subject to copyright.

I need clean air! Why are you arresting me? (Photo AFP). Image may be subject to copyright.

[I’ll give you clean air, you basta*d!] Police restrain a protester in front of the gates of Kingsnorth Power Station near Rochester in Kent, southeast England August 9, 2008. REUTERS/Luke MacGregor. Image may be subject to copyright.

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