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“Himalayan Tsunami” Damaged or Destroyed 4,000 Villages

Posted by feww on July 15, 2013

5,748 Missing people presumed dead in north India floods

Northern Indian state of Uttarakhand has officially declared that 5,748 people missing following last month’s devastating floods will be presumed dead.

Authorities have so far recovered some 580 to 625  corpses, according to various reports.

The floods and landslides triggered by extreme monsoon rains have damaged or destroyed more than 4,000 villages in the Himalayan mountains.

The 2013 monsoon rains in the Uttarakhand region were the worst in eight decades.

Tens of thousands who lost their homes are living in temporary camps, but the authorities are struggling to provide relief  because the remote  areas are still cut off after flooding washed away roads.

The temple town of Kedarnath, one of the worst affected areas, will be closed to the public for at least a year, government has announced.


Tsunami-like waves hit Chile and Peru

Unusually high winds and strong tidal current generated huge, tsunami-like waves battering the shared coastline of Chile and Peru.

The spectacular waves reaching heights of more than 7 meters (22 feet), plucked up rocks from the ocean bed dumping them onto the shore line and coastal roads, reports said.


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