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RED Alert Kilauea Volcano

Posted by feww on May 16, 2018

Ash eruption from Overlook vent intensifies

Volcanic Activity Summary:

As of early this morning, eruption of ash from the Overlook vent within Halemaumau crater at Kilauea Volcano’s summit has generally increased in intensity. Ash has been rising nearly continuously from the vent and drifting downwind to the southwest. Ashfall and vog (volcanic air pollution) has been reported in Pahala, about 18 miles downwind. NWS radar and pilot reports indicate the top of the ash cloud is as high as 10,000 to 12,000 feet above sea level, but this may be expected to vary depending on the vigor of activity and wind conditions.

Ash emission from the Kilauea summit vent will likely be variable with periods of increased and decreased intensity depending on the occurrence of rockfalls into the vent and other changes within the vent.

At any time, activity may become more explosive, increasing the intensity of ash production and producing ballistic projectiles near the vent. [USGS/HVO @ 23:23:27 UTC 2018-05-15]

Volcanic cloud height: 10,000 – 12,000 feet (3,000 – 4,000 m)

At 11:05 a.m. HST [May 15.] Photograph from the Jaggar Museum, Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, captures an ash plume rising from the Overlook crater. Ash falling from the plume can be seen just to the right side (and below) the plume. [USGS/HVO]

At 1:38 p.m. HST [May 15,] another dark ash plume rose from the Overlook crater. During a flight earlier today by the Civil Air Patrol, the height of the ash plumes near the crater rose to more than 3 km (9,800 ft) above sea level, and downwind the plumes continued to rise to about 3.5 km (11,500 ft) above sea level. [USGS/HVO]

TOP: Activity at Halema‘uma‘u crater increased this morning to include the nearly continuous emission of ash with intermittent stronger pulses that form occasional higher plumes 1-2 kilometers (3,000 to 6,000 feet) above the ground. This photo shows the ash plume at about 9 a.m. HST. Tradewinds this morning are blowing the ash generally to the southwest toward the Ka`u Desert. The dark area to the right of the ash column rising from the Overlook crater is ash falling from the ash cloud to the ground. [USGS/HVO]

Ash plume viewed from the Volcano Golf Course near Volcano, Hawai‘i. This view is nearly due north of the Halema‘uma‘u crater. [USGS/HVO]

At 11:43 [May 15] HST, Civil Air Patrol flight CAP20 reported plume tops at about 9,500 ft [~ 3,000m] with the dispersed plume rising as high as 11,000 ft. The CAP mission was launched from Hilo in support of Hawai‘i County Civil Defense and USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory response to the ongoing eruption. Ash from this plume was reported falling on communities downwind. [USGS/HVO]

Hazard Analysis:

  • Ash cloud: The ashcloud is drifting downwind primarily to the southwest with the Trade Winds. Wind conditions are expected to change in the next 24 hours and other areas around Kilauea’s summit are likely to receive ashfall.
  • Ashfall: Ashfall has been reported in the community of Pahala, at locations along Highway 11 from Pahala to Volcano, and in the Ka’u Desert section of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
  • Other hazards: Ballistic projectiles may be produced should steam-driven explosions occur. Impacts will be limited to an area around Halemaumau.
  • Volcanic gas: Vog or volcanic air pollution produced by volcanic gas has been reported in Pahala.



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Global Volcanic Activity/ Unrest New/ Ongoing – 092601

Posted by feww on September 26, 2017

Mt Agung volcano has reached a critical stage with about 500 tremors recorded in 24 hrs –BNPB

“…all measuring instruments show there is growing pressure towards the surface,” spokesperson for the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) told the local media.

“The chance that an eruption will happen is quite high. But it cannot be predicted when it will happen.”

About 60,000 people have fled the restive volcano in Bali as rising magma and enhanced seismicity threaten an imminent eruption, officials said.

Some 2,000 cattle have also been evacuated from the villages surrounding the volcano.

Indonesia Red Alerts
Mt. Agung (since 22-09-2017)
Mt. Sinabung (Ongoing since 02-06-2015)
Dieng Volcanic Complex

New Activity/ Unrest
Zhupanovsky [Russia]
Karymsky [Russia]
Popocatepetl [Mexico]

Ongoing Activity/ Unrest
Aira [Kyushu, Japan]
Bezymianny [Central Kamchatka, Russia]
Bogoslof [Fox Islands, USA]
Cleveland  [Chuginadak Island, USA]
Dukono [Halmahera, Indonesia]
Ebeko [Paramushir Island, Russia]
Fuego [Guatemala]
Karymsky [E Kamchatka, Russia]
Kilauea [Hawaii, USA]
Klyuchevskoy [Central Kamchatka, Russia]
Popocatepetl [Mexico]
Reventador [Ecuador]
Sabancaya [Peru]
Sheveluch [Central Kamchatka, Russia]
Turrialba [Costa Rica]

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Planet China: Smog Affects 500 Million People

Posted by feww on December 20, 2016

On the Margins of Sanity

About 250 million people across six provinces were affected by hazardous levels of smog, with another 280 million experiencing “heavy” pollution, according to various estimates.

“On Monday, the PM2.5 reading in many parts of northern China, mainly in Hebei and Henan, exceeded 500 micrograms per cubic meter. One reading in Shijiazhuang, capital of Hebei, exceeded 1,000 micrograms per cubic meter.”


Ghost Riders in the Sky? China chokes on smog: Caoxian County, east China’s Shandong Province. Severe smog pervading northern China worsened on Monday, smothering dozens of cities, stopping flights, closing roads… and disrupting life. (Image: Xinhua/Dong Xide)

Classifying Smog as a “Natural Disaster!”

Meanwhile, Beijing and Shanghai have attempted to
classify smog as a “natural disaster” so that the “authorities would not have to take full responsibility for it,” said a report.


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Red Alert for Severe Smog in N. China

Posted by feww on December 16, 2016

Severe smog plagues N. China, triggers ‘red alert’ in Beijing, 22 other cities 

The red alert will be activated at 8 p.m. Friday for Beijing and 22 other cities and is expected to last through December 21, according to government media.

Taiyuan, the provincial capital of north China’s coal-rich Shanxi province, has also issued a red alert for severe air pollution, and will activate emergency measures at midnight Friday.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Environmental Protection said another 20 cities including Shijiazhuang, Tianjin and Zhengzhou were expected to issue red alerts, with nine others on orange alert.

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India’s Defense Forces on Red Alert after Chinese Cyber Attack

Posted by feww on June 13, 2016

Sent by a Reader in Asia

India Defenseless Against Chinese Cyber Warfare?

Chinese military’s western headquarters have launched new cyber attacks against government and commercial organizations in India prompting the government to issue a red alert to the Army, Navy and Air Force, according to a report.

A Chinese Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group called Suckfly, based in Chengdu region, is targeting Indian organizations, with India’s defense establishment being its prime target, the report said.

Suckfly carries out cyber espionage activities via a malware called Nidiran.

According to the alert, Suckfly has stolen certificates from legitimate software developing firms in South Korea and is using them to camouflage its attacks. “Sensitive information from targeting computers and networks is exfiltrated, and this information is being used to undermine the national security and economic capabilities,” said the alert issued by the Ministry of Defense.

APT attack involves unauthorized access to target networks, whereby the malware is embedded undetected for a long period of time, with the purpose of stealing data.

“It has successfully carried out cyber espionage by infecting computers of both government and commercial houses of India involved in e-commerce, finance, healthcare, shipping and technology. Targeting of military personnel cannot be ruled out, keeping in mind the sensitive nature of data being handled by them,” the alert added.

What is alarming for security agencies is that the cyber attack was carried out from the headquarters of China’s People’s Liberation Army. Chengdu Military Command is in charge of security along India’s eastern sector in the Tibet region, including Arunachal Pradesh. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar had visited Chengdu Military Command during his visit to Beijing in April.

“Indian Army headquarters issued an alert note last week (prepared by its Cyber Security Division) to all command headquarters, formations and locations. A similar note has been sent by the IAF and Naval headquarters to their respective commands,” the report added.

The 2012 Cyber Attack by Chinese hackers

In 2012 Chinese hackers managed to penetrate the commuter systems of the Navy’s Visakhapatnam-based Eastern Command, where the country’s first indigenous nuclear submarine INS Arihant was undergoing sea trial.

INS Arihant [“Slayer of Enemies”] India’s first homemade nuclear submarine during sea trials, December 2014. (Fair use under United States copyright law.)

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Tropical Cyclone STAN: Red Alert Issued in WA

Posted by feww on January 30, 2016

Destructive winds, storm surges, flooding threaten towns as cyclone approaches Western Australia

Tropical Cyclone STAN threatens northwest Pilbara region in Western Australia (WA) with potentially destructive wind gusts and heavy rain when the system makes landfall early on Sunday morning.

  • The storm, currently a category 2 system, is forecast to intensify to category three cyclone before landfall.
  • Red alert has been issued for coastal communities between Port Hedland and Wallal, including Pardoo, Eighty Mile and Wallal.
  •  Storm surges may pose additional threats of damaging waves and dangerous flooding due to the tide, said Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).


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Posted by feww on December 31, 2015

Major to record flooding continues over parts of Mississippi River Valley: NWS

Major flooding is occurring or forecast on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers & tributaries in Missouri, Illinois, and Kentucky, with record flooding at several locations. Major flooding is also occurring on the Arkansas River & tributaries in Arkansas. Floodwaters will move downstream over the next couple of weeks, with significant river flooding expected for the lower Mississippi into mid-January. Read More…

More flooding is forecast for Missouri and Illinois were on Thursday as rain-swollen rivers overflowed their banks, inundating vast areas, washing out hundreds of homes and leaving thousands of people displaced.

Flood Warnings were in effect in at least 16 states, as of posting. The Mississippi River, North America’s third longest, is forecast to crest early next week in Thebes, Illinois, at 14.48 meter, more than 0.46 cm above the 1995 record, said NWS.

Tornadoes, flooding and extreme rain have killed dozens of peephole in the southern and central U.S. since last week.

Yemen: Humanitarian catastrophe worsens

Conflict continues to devastate the lives of men, women, and children in Yemen. Eighty-two per cent of Yemen’s population requires some form of humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs or protect their fundamental rights. After nine months of intensified conflict the severity of needs, among the most vulnerable populations, has deepened and the lack of a political solution will further exacerbate the humanitarian crisis, UN said.

Ongoing air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition and conflict on the ground makes humanitarian activities, including the transportation of goods, difficult and, at times, dangerous.

Over one million migrant/ refugee sea arrivals reach Europe in 2015

Some 1,000,573 people have reached Europe across the Mediterranean, mainly to Greece and Italy, in 2015 including 3,735 who were missing, believed drowned, according to the latest figures released by UNHCR.

Mass evacuations in three Australian towns as bushfires reignite

Thousands of residents and tourists were evacuated on Thursday from three regions along the scenic Great Ocean Road in southern Australia as hot, windy weather reignited  bushfires that destroyed 116 homes on Christmas Day.

The fires, which started by lightning 12 days ago, have consumed more than 2,500 hectares, and threatened to re-intensify amid record warm temperatures and high winds.

“The local community has listened to the best of advice and will leave their homes because on such a challenging day, with that fire still active, so close to them, it’s not safe for them nor is it safe for those who have been called on to protect them,” Victoria state Premier said

Colombia issues ‘Red Alert’ over record low river levels

Colombia has issued a red alert after water levels dropped significantly in the Magdalena River, the country’s main waterway, and Cauca River, another key river, said a report.

Hundreds of towns and cities across the country rely on the two rivers for water.

“The Magdalena River presents the lowest levels since 1973. The level is 45 centimeters, when it should be 134 centimeters,” said President Santos.

Drought Plunges Lesotho into Emergency

More than 650,000 people face hunger in Lesotho’s worst drought in decades. Struggling from two successive crop failures, the mountain kingdom has been pushed into a state of crisis by low rainfall across much of southern Africa.

Impact of flooding in northern Argentina

The number of families impacted by the flooding in the north and central parts of the Argentina is growing.

  • More than 25,000 people have been affected by the overflow of the Uruguay and Paraná Rivers, according to the latest estimates.
  • At least 1,900 inhabitants of Concordia have been evacuated due to historic river flooding in the city.
  • Over 15,000 people have been affected in Concordia, a number that includes 2,000 evacuees and over 9,000 people that have abandoned their homes and are living with family or friends.

Hundreds evacuated from BP oil platforms in North Sea

Some 235 workers were evacuated from BP’s oil platforms in the Vallhall oilfield in the Norwegian North Sea after a 110-meter monster barge drifted near the major oilfield uncontrollably, local media reported.

Fatality on board COSL rig in North Sea

Statoil and COSL say one worker was killed an at least two others injured as a result of the “breaking wave” that hit the drilling rig COSL Innovator.

“COSL Innovator is under contract to Statoil at the Troll field in the North Sea, west of Bergen. The rig had been taken off the well as a result of the bad weather before the incident occurred. The breaking wave also caused some damage to the rig’s accommodation module.”

The rig is being evacuated, and the evacuees are being flown ashore, according to a statement posted on Statoil website.

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Hazardous Smog Smothering Much of Northern China

Posted by feww on December 23, 2015

‘Red alert’ for dangerous air pollution extends to more areas in N. China

China’s Hebei Province and the port city of Tianjin saw their first-ever air pollution red alerts Wednesday, said a report.

Red alert is the most severe in China’s four-tier warning system, followed by orange, yellow and blue.

Hebei province, which is home to six of the ten most polluted Chinese cities in November, issued its first red alert for smog Tuesday noon.

The cities of Baoding, Handan, Langfang and Xingtai had already issued red alerts before the provincial-wide alert came into effect, said the report.

On Monday night, Tianjin also issued its first red alert for air pollution, which will last from 0:00 a.m. Wednesday to 6:00 a.m.Thursday, according to a government statement.

During the red alert, only half of the cars will be allowed on the roads; “enterprises and public institutions will adopt flexible working hours and large outdoor activities and construction work will be suspended.”

Particle pollution contains microscopic solids or liquid droplets that are so small they can get deep into the lungs and cause serious health problems. Small particles less than 10 micrometers in diameter pose the greatest problems, because they can get deep into your lungs, and some may even get into your bloodstream. Source: EPA

Additionally, schools will also cancel classes. “Key polluting industries will cut production as continuous cleaning operations are conducted in the city’s downtown areas.”

Beijing was hit with severe air pollution on Tuesday, with pollution levels expecting to reach grade six on a six-grade pollution gauging system in the southern part of the city later in the day, according to Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center (BMEMC).

“Affected by increased humidity and temperature inversion, the density of PM2.5 (particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers used to measure air quality) may exceed 500 micrograms per cubic meter on Tuesday,” the report quoted an environmental expert from BMEMC.

PM2.5 reached a two-day high of  506 micrograms per cubic meter in Beijing as of 4:00 p.m Tuesday, according to

Heavy smog has hit the country’s Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region on three occasions since late November. Low wind speed, high humidity and unfavorable wind conditions are the main causes of the smog…

Other parts of north China also experienced some of the worst smog so far this year starting Saturday.

  • Orange, yellow and blue alerts have been issued in cities in the provinces of Henan, Shandong and Liaoning.
  • The PM2.5 level was 248 micrograms per cubic meter in Shenyang as of 7:00 p.m Tuesday.

Poor visibility caused by heavy fog and smog, affected the trains on high-speed rail linking Shenyang, capital city of Liaoning, and the coastal city of Dalian. The trains were forced to reduce speed to 200 km/hr down from the normal 300km/hr, the report quoted the Shenyang railway bureau as saying

  • Some 15 highways in Liaoning Province were either completely or partially closed, according to the local transportation department.
  • In addition, 15 highways in Liaoning Province were either completely or partially closed, according to the local transportation department.


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Posted by feww on December 18, 2015

Heavy smog to choke Beijing again – Sat. through Tue.

The red alert, the most serious level, will last from 7 a.m. Saturday to 12 p.m. Tuesday, limiting vehicles on roads according to odd-even license plate numbers and banning fireworks and outdoor barbecue, the Beijing municipal heavy pollution emergency response headquarters said on Friday,” said a report.

The smog event will be worse than the previous spell between Dec. 6 and 9, when the pollution index exceeded 500, reported the National Meteorological Center on Thursday.

The smog is expected to blanket a sizable portion of the country, encompassing more than a dozen major cities and surrounding areas.

Beijing authorities have advised residents to avoid outdoor activity and for schools to stop classes.

The red alert—the highest of a four-level alert system, operating since 2 years ago—also triggers restrictions on industrial operation, construction work and vehicle use.

Beijing residents have been advised to avoid outdoor activity and kindergartens, primary and middle schools are expected to suspend classes during the alert, said the report.

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Smog Selfie

Posted by feww on December 8, 2015

Beijing’s 1st ever red alert for smog  to last through Thursday noon

At 23:00 local time on Tuesday, the PM2.5 AQI in Beijing was 346 [“Hazardous”] down from a recent high of 400.

[The EPA’s revised breakpoints for the upper end of the hazardous air pollution band, AQI of 401 – 500, is equivalent to PM2.5 concentration of 350.5 – 500 μgm−³ averaged over a 24-hour period.  —Editor]

smog selfie
Original caption: A tourist takes photo of the Forbidden City amid heavy fog at the Jingshan Park in Beijing, capital of China, Dec. 8, 2015. The red alert, the most serious level, will last from 7 a.m. on Tuesday to noon on Thursday. Under a red alert, the city’s emergency management headquarters has advised kindergartens, primary and high schools to suspend classes, banned outdoor operations on construction sites and required some industrial plants to limit or stop production. Car use will be limited during the red alert period as cars are allowed on the roads on alternating days depending on the odd or even numbers of their license plates. In addition, 30 percent of government cars will be banned from streets on an odd/even basis. (Xinhua/Shen Bohan)

smog beijing
Original caption: This combination photo shows the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests of the Temple of Heaven, taken on June 14, 2015 (L) and Dec. 8, 2015 (R), in Beijing, capital of China. Beijing has issued its first red alert for air pollution under a four-tier emergency response system created in October 2013. The red alert, the most serious level, will last from 7 a.m. on Tuesday to noon on Thursday. Under a red alert, the city’s emergency management headquarters has advised kindergartens, primary and high schools to suspend classes, banned outdoor operations on construction sites and required some industrial plants to limit or stop production. Car use will be limited during the red alert period as cars are allowed on the roads on alternating days depending on the odd or even numbers of their license plates. In addition, 30 percent of government cars will be banned from streets on an odd/even basis. (Xinhua/Chen Yehua). More images…

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Hazardous Air: Beijing Finally Issues a ‘Red Alert’

Posted by feww on December 7, 2015

Smog must be serious!

Beijing has issued its first ever “red alert”  as smog levels continue to build up.

The red alert means schools must close and outdoor construction have to stop, probably for the next three days.

The red alert, the highest available, which has not been used in the Chinese capital before, means authorities expect at least three consecutive days of hazardous smog.

The PM2.5 AQI in the city were 249 at 24:00 local time, down from a recent maximum of 428, and much lower than last week’s levels that easily exceeded 600.

The red alert indicates that hazardous pollution levels are forecast over the next three or more days.

Additionally, China’s weather observatory has issued an orange alert for smog in northern China, which is expected to linger through Tuesday evening, reported the state-run Xinhua news agency.

“Beijing, Tianjin, parts of the neighboring provinces of Hebei, Henan and Shandong, as well as Shanxi, Shaanxi and parts of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces in east China will face moderate smog, with south Beijing to experience heavy smog, the National Meteorological Center (NMC) said.”

Environmental activists said the AQI reached a record 1,400 in the city of Shenyang the last week of November, the highest in the country, according to reports.

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Typhoon MUJIGAE Strikes South China

Posted by feww on October 4, 2015

TY 22W Lashes South China, Authorities on ‘Red Alert’

MUJIGAE made landfall near the coastal city of Zhanjiang in Guangdong province at about 14:10 local time on Sunday, said the provincial meteorological observatory, the official new agency Xinhua reported.

The typhoon, with winds gusts of up to 180 km/hr, triggered severe flooding, leaving a trail of destruction and prompting authorities to issue their highest emergency response, “red alert.”

The typhoon was forecast to track northwest at a speed of about 20 km/hr reaching the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Sunday night, said the report.

Details of any casualties or damages were unknown, as of posting.

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Typhoon CHAN-HOM Approaching E China Coast

Posted by feww on July 11, 2015

Powerful typhoon forces 900,000 evacuations in East China

CHAN-HOM is forecast to land between Sanmen and Zhoushan in east China’s Zhejiang Province Saturday afternoon, said the National Meteorological Center (NMC).

At 5.00 am local time on Saturday,  the typhoon was located about 185 kilometers from Xiangshan County in Ningbo, with sustained winds of 187 km/hr [gusting to a maximum of 225 km/hr,] and was moving northwestward at 20 km/hr.

The typhoon is expected to bring heavy rains to Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, and Taiwan, said NMC.

[CHAN-HOM could trigger widespread, potentially deadly flooding and devastating landslides. FEWW]

Authorities in China have evacuated about 900,000 people in the eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang ahead of Typhoon CHAN-HOM, the second typhoon to hit China in two days, official Xinhua reported.

The evacuations began after NMC issued a red alert, their highest level, on Friday morning.

About29,000 ships and fishing boats were recalled to port Friday, and hundreds of flights into and out of the region were cancelled, said the report.

Several coastal cities were already reporting heavy rains and strong gales on Friday, officials said.

CHAN-HOM could be the strongest typhoon in 66 years to land in Zhejiang, said the NMC.

Typhoon LINFA, the first of three typhoons headed for eastern China, made landfall on Thursday in the southern province of Guangdong, bringing torrential rain and flash flooding to the area.

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Mt Sinabung Remains on ‘Red Alert’

Posted by feww on June 14, 2015

Indonesian Volcano Alerts

Mt Sinabung remains on Red Alert, or “Level IV,” the highest level of activity, and three other volcanoes, Soputan, Karangetang and Lokon, stay at Level III, or Orange Alert, the second highest level of activity, according to Indonesia’s Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center (PVMBG).

Up to 3,000 residents living within a 7-km radius of Mt. Sinabung, to the south and southeast of the volcano, were evacuated on June 4, 2015.

Following table shows the current status, as of June 14, 2015.

indonesia volcano alerts 14jun15
Indonesia Volcano Alerts as of June 14, 2015. Source: PVMBG. Image enhanced by FIRE-EARTH Blog.

Approximate location of Sinabung is marked  on the map by FEWW. Mount Sinabung is one of Indonesia’s 130  active volcanoes

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Nepal Death Toll Mounting

Posted by feww on April 25, 2015

Powerful quake leaves trails of death and destruction in Nepal, India, Tibet, Bangladesh

The death toll from the earthquake in Nepal has now reached 876, various sources quoted police spokesman as saying.

nepal quakes 25apr2015
Earthquake Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP. At least 25 aftershocks measuring magnitude 4.2Mw or greater had occurred as of posting, with 22 shocks measuring ≥ 4.5Mw.

An avalanche on Mt Everest, triggered by a magnitude 5.7Mw aftershock near Xegar (28.428°N, 87.338°E), has killed at least 10 people, said the Tourism Ministry in Kathmandu, adding that the toll was expected to mount because more than 1,000 climbers were on the mountain.

At least half dozen others were killed in Tibet, as a result of the quake and the aftershocks.

Indian authorities have confirmed 38 fatalities, as of posting.

Bangladesh police said a man was killed in the quake.

The number of injured is not known, but could be in the thousands.

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Deadly Earthquake Devastates Nepal

Posted by feww on April 25, 2015


About 500 killed, many more injured

The deadly quake that struck about 77km (48mi) NW of Kathmandu earlier today has been confirmed as a magnitude 7.8Mw shock, said USGS/EHP.

The powerful quake, and more than a dozen aftershocks, have claimed about 500 lives and left many more injured, according to Nepalese officials.

“Hundreds of people are feared dead and there are reports of widespread damage to property. The devastation is not confined to some areas of Nepal. Almost the entire country has been hit,” said a senior diplomat at Nepal’s embassy in New Delhi, India.

According to revised estimates by USGS, the total no of fatalities may be between 1,000 and 10,000.

“Red alert for shaking-related fatalities and economic losses. High casualties and extensive damage are probable and the disaster is likely widespread. Past red alerts have required a national or international response,” said USGS/EHP.

The estimated economic losses have also been revised to between $1 and $10 billion.

“Estimated economic losses are 9-50% GDP of Nepal,” said USGS/EHP.

EQ Revised Details

Magnitude:  7.8Mw
Location: 28.147°N 84.708°E
Depth: 15.0 km
Time: 2015-04-25 06:11:26 UTC
Nearby Cities:

  • 34km (21mi) ESE of Lamjung, Nepal
  • 58km (36mi) NNE of Bharatpur, Nepal
  • 73km (45mi) E of Pokhara, Nepal
  • 76km (47mi) NW of Kirtipur, Nepal
  • 77km (48mi) NW of Kathmandu, Nepal

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Red Alert as Bardarbunga Volcano Erupts

Posted by feww on August 23, 2014

SCENARIOS 023, 09, 08, 07

Bardarbunga erupting subglacially

The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) has issued a red alert for aviation, warning that Bardarbunga volcano could spew significant ash emissions.

A small sub-glacial eruption is currently occurring at Bardarbunga, said the Met Office.

“Warning: It is believed that a small subglacial lava-eruption has begun under the Dyngjujökull glacier. The aviation color code for the Bárðarbunga volcano has been changed from orange to red.”

The red alert is Iceland’s highest warning level on their five-point scale.

On Wednesday, authorities evacuated hundreds of people from several areas  north of the volcano, fearing that the volcano could erupt and cause significant flooding and mudslides.

Bardarbunga, a part of a large volcanic system,  sits under up to 400 meters of ice, the Vatnajokull glacier, in central Iceland.

The following update is provided by IMO

23rd August 2014 14:10UTC –  small eruption Occurring beneath  Dyngjujökull

  • A small lava-eruption has been detected under the Dyngjujökull glacier.
  • An estimated 150-400 meters of ice covers the area.
  • The aviation color code for the Bárðarbunga volcano has been changed from orange to red.
  • At 14:04UTC, an earthquake measuring 4.5Mw occurred near the volcano.

Bardarbunga (Bárðarbunga Icelandic spelling), is a stratovolcano, located under the Vatnajökull glacier. It is the second highest mountain in Iceland, standing 2,010 meters a.s.l. The volcanic system that includes Bardarbunga is more than 200km long and 25km wide.


Vatnajökull (Glacier of Lakes), also known as the Vatna Glacier, is Iceland’s largest and most voluminous glacier, located in the south-east of the island. With an area of 13,600 km², Vatnajökull covers more than 8 percent of the country. It is also the largest ice cap in Europe by volume (3,100 km³).

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Mass Evacuation Ordered as Mt SINABUNG Put on Red Alert

Posted by feww on November 24, 2013

18,000 people evacuated as Sinabung activity intensifies

Mt Sinabung’s latest explosive eruption has prompted the authorities to raise the volcanic alert to the highest level, “siaga,” or “red alert,” according to Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center.

The alert level was raised from “orange” or “level III ” to the highest level “red” or “level IV” by PVMBG on Sunday, as the authorities evacuated an additional  11,618 residents from 19 villages and expanded the evacuation zone to a 5-km exclusion  zone from 3 km previously.

“This is Sinabung’s highest level of activity. The intensity of the eruptions continues to increase,” said Hendrasto, head of PVMBG.

sinabung erupting 24nov2013
Villagers evacuate to a safe area, as Mount Sinabung ejects ash into air at Aman Teran village in Karo district, Indonesia’s North Sumatra province, November 24, 2013. Credit: Reuters/YT Haryono. More images…

As of 2 p.m. local time on Sunday, Sinabung was continuing to eject an 8-km high column of smoke and ash into the air, he said.

Some 6,000 villagers had already been evacuated from the 3-km exclusion zone, about 90 km from Medan, capital of North Sumatra province.

The North Sumatra health has distributed 180,000 face masks, medicine and 4 tons of baby formula to relief posts in Karo regency, reported Jakarta Post.

mt sinabung
Mt Sinabung erupted explosively again on November 12, 2013 for a second time in 9 days. Image credit: CRIonLine via Xinhua. More images…

Approximate location of Sinabung is marked  on the map by FEWW.
Mount Sinabung is one of Indonesia’s 130  active volcanoes

Sinabung Volcano: Summary of Details

Country: Indonesia
Region: Sumatra
Volcano Type: Stratovolcano
Volcano Status: Holocene
Last Known Eruption: Unknown [1600?]
Summit Elevation: 2,460
Latitude: 3.17°N
Longitude: 98.392°E
Source: GVP

Sinabung is located in Group K Volcanoes

Map of Volcanoes.
Background Map: University of Michigan. Designed and enhanced by Fire Earth Blog. Click image to enlarge.

The PVMBG categorizes Sinabung as a type A volcano, or those that have erupted since 1600. Type B volcanoes have not erupted since 1600 but show signs of activity, and type C are those that have not erupted in recorded history.

Mount Sinabung ejected tephra into the air as seen from Tanah Karo, North Sumatra, Indonesia, Friday, Sept. 3, 2010. (AP Photo/Dedy Zulkifli). Image may be subject to copyright.

Indonesian Volcanoes

Indonesian Volcanoes have been responsible for a number of cataclysmic explosions in modern history.

An 1888 lithograph of the 1883 violent explosion of Krakatau.

Based on their models, our colleagues at EDRO forecast that the collapse of Singapore may occur as a result of volcanic activity on the island of Sumatra. However, they have not disclosed any further detail.

Chronology of Recent Eruptions

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It won’t get any better, before it gets a lot worse!

Posted by feww on October 22, 2013

The Elusive and the Surreal in China

Heavy smog continued to choke northeast China, forcing the closure of schools, highways, rail and bus services, airports…

harbin 8am 22oct2013
Harbin city bus terminal 8:00am Tuesday, October 22, 2013. [Original Title: “Heavy smog envelops NE China’s cities for 4th day”] Photo credit: via Xinhua. More images…

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Typhoon FITOW Chased by Cyclone DANAS

Posted by feww on October 5, 2013

UPDATED at 14:30UTC Saturday, October 5, 2013

DANAS has intensified to a typhoon force packing sustained winds of about 125km/hr. FIRE-EARTH models show that DANAS could potentially influence its predecessor, typhoon FITOW,  effectively pinwheeling the earlier typhoon [“Fujiwhara Effect,”] if the former stalls, or becomes quasi stationary again.

the two amigos


China issues highest warning as Typhoon FITOW nears

China’s meteorological agency on Saturday issued a “Red Alert,” the country’s highest in its weather warning system, as Typhoon FITOW neared its southeast coast.

FITOW was located approximately 550km east of Taipei, according to FIRE-EARTH projections, tracking WNW at about 13km/hr, generating maximum significant wave heights of about 12 meters.

FITOW as of 9:00UTC on October 5, 2013

  • Location: near 27.0ºN,119.3ºE
  • Movement and speed: WNW  at 13km/hr
  • Max sustained winds: 175km/hr
  • Max wind gusts: 210km/hr
  • Max significant wave heights: 12m

fitow chased by danas
Typhoon FITOW (TY 1323) Chased by Tropical Cyclone DANAS (TS 1324) . MTSAT-2 image recorded at 7:00UTC on 2013-10-05. IMAGE credit: Digital Typhoon.

The typhoon is expected to move NW at a speed of about 15 km per hour, and would likely strengthen slightly, said China’s National Meteorological Center (NMC).

“FITOW is likely to make landfall in the coastal areas between central Zhejiang Province and northern Fujian Province between Sunday night and Monday morning,” said NMC.

“The center said it is unusual for a typhoon to make landfall in southeast China in October, urging local authorities and residents to raise their alerts and closely follow relevant information,” said a report.

China’s maritime authorities have also issued an “Orange Alert,” their second highest alert level, for coastal storm surges.

List of Tropical Cyclones in the Western North Pacific [October 5, 2013]

  3. YAGI
  4. LEEPI
  9. JEBI
  11. UTOR
  12. TRAMI
  13. PEWA
  14. UNALA
  15. KONG-REY
  16. YUTU
  17. TORAJI
  18. MAN-YI
  19. USAGI
  20. PABUK
  21. WUTIP
  22. SEPAT
  23. FITOW
  24. DANAS (TS1324)

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Global Disasters/ Significant Events – 20 April 2013

Posted by feww on April 20, 2013

UPDATE 6: Powerful Earthquake Kills up to 200, injures many thousands in China

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Lushan county  of Ya’an city in southwest China’s Sichuan Province at 8:02 a.m. Saturday  Beijing Time [00:02 UTC,] killing about 200 people and injuring  many thousands more.

china EQ 20apr2013
Displaced residents rest next to ruins of houses after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake in Longmen Township, Lushan County, Ya’an City of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, April 20, 2013. (Xinhua/Zhang Xiaoli). More images …



Missouri declares a state of emergency after rainstorm triggers worst flooding in century

Governor Nixon has declared a state of emergency in response to heavy rain and flash flooding in much of the state.

Many portions of NE Missouri received up to 5 inches of rain this week, causing streams and rivers to rise above flood stage, the National Weather Service (NWS) reported.

Several Missouri counties have independently declared states of  emergency issuing mandatory evacuation orders for hundreds of residents.


Indiana Pounded by Extreme Rain Events, Counties Declare States of Emergency

Several counties in Indiana, including Boone and Tipton counties, north of Indianapolis, has declared states of emergency since Friday.

  • NWS issued a flash flood warning for much of Indiana after most of the state received up to 5 inches of rain.
  • Emergency workers have rescued dozens of people from flooded homes using boats.
  • “Numerous homes are underwater or flooded, stranding homeowners and their families,” said Boone County Sheriff’s Department.
  • Flooding reported along dozens of rivers across the Midwest.


Latest Disaster Declarations

  • Iowa Gov. Bransted has issued a disaster declaration for five eastern counties:  Cedar, Johnson, Mahaska, Scott and Washington.
  • Illinois Gov. Quinn has declared 38 counties disaster areas.
    • “Illinois has seen an incredible level of devastation and reports indicate that conditions will get worse in the coming days. ” Quinn said.


Lee County in Iowa Declares a State of Emergency amid Flooding

Lee County, Iowa, has declared a state of emergency due to recent heavy rains that have caused the Mississippi, Des Moines and Skunk rivers to begin rising and the expected flooding that will cause severe damage to public and private property, critical infrastructure, disruption of utility service, including but not limited to power generation, water and waste-water, and endangerment of health and safety of the citizens of Lee County within the disaster area.The Lee County Board of Supervisors have declared.

  • The Mississippi River’s level at Keokuk rose to 21.06 feet on Friday, more than 5 feet above the flood stage, and is expected to crest at 22.8 feet on Saturday, said a report.


Canada: Ontario Towns Declare States of Emergency

The towns of Bracebridge and Huntsville in Central Ontario, Canada have declared states of emergency, said a report.

  • Heavy rain in Bracebridge has damaged infrastructure and evacuations in low lying areas could follow, the report said.


China confirms 96 cases of H7N9 infections, 18 fatalities

Chinese health officials confirmed 5 new cases of human H7N9 avian influenza—one in Shanghai, one in Jiangsu and three in Zhejiang—raising the total number of reported cases to 96, with 18 fatalities, Xinhua reported.

  • “A total of 33 cases, including 11 that have ended in death, have been reported in Shanghai. Twenty-three cases, including three deaths, have been reported in Jiangsu Province, and 33 cases, including three deaths, in Zhejiang Province. Anhui Province has reported three cases, with one ending in death. Beijing has reported one case and three have been reported in Henan Province,” said the report.
  • At least 69 of the patients are receiving treatment in designated hospitals.

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Deadly Earthquake Hits SW China’s Sichuan Province

Posted by feww on April 20, 2013

UPDATE 5 [12:00 UTC] – 124 confirmed dead, 2,700 injured (350 severely), unknown number trapped

– UPDATE 4 [09:00 UTC] – 104 confirmed dead, 2,500+ injured (150 seriously), unknown number trapped, 32 survivors out of rubble

A military vehicle carrying 17 soldiers to the quake-hit area in  Sichuan plunged 20 meters off a cliff on Saturday, killing at least one soldier and injuring 7 others, a report quoting military sources said.

– UPDATE 3 [08:00 UTC] – 78 confirmed dead, 2,200 injured, unknown number trapped

– UPDATE 2 [05:00 UTC] – 46 confirmed dead, 600 injured, unknown number trapped

– UPDATE 1 [04:00UTC] – Sichuan quake kills at least 80, injures about 500, unknown number trapped

Powerful Earthquake Kills at least 5, injures more than 100 in China

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Lushan county  of Ya’an city in southwest China’s Sichuan Province at 8:02 a.m. Saturday  Beijing Time [00:02 UTC,] the China Earthquake Networks Center (CENC) reported.

  • The shallow quake occurred at a depth of 13km [centered at 30.284°N, 102.956°E, according to USGS] said the provincial seismological bureau.
  • The quake has killed at least 5 people and left more than 100 injured, reported the government of Lushan county, as of posting.
  • The quake was strongly felt  in Sichuan’s capital city of Chengdu,  about 140 kilometers from Ya’an, reportedly for as long as 20 seconds.
  • The quake was also felt in provinces of Guizhou, Gansu, Shaanxi and Yunnan, the report said.

The quake, registered as a 6.6Mw shock by USGS/EHP, was followed by several significant aftershocks.

sichuan quake damage
An aerial photo of some of the damage caused by the earthquake in Lushan county, Ya’an, Sichuan province, SW China April 20, 2013. (Credit: China Daily via Reuters).

China Quake 20Apr 2013
EQ Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP. Map enhanced by FIRE-EARTH

Sichuan EQ ShakeMap

“Red alert level for economic losses. Extensive damage is probable and the disaster is likely widespread. Estimated economic losses are less than 1% of GDP of China. Past events with this alert level have required a national or international level response. Orange alert level for shaking-related fatalities. Significant casualties are likely.”  —USGS/EHP

The epicenter was close to that of the massive quake [2008 Sichuan earthquake, 31.021°N,103.367°E] that killed 70,000 people [figure quoted by Chinese government,] and left more than 5 million people homeless.

Sichuan is one of China’s four major natural-gas-producing provinces, and accounts for 14 percent of the country’s total output, said a report.

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1,057 Days Left 

Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,057 Days Left to ‘Worst Day’ in the brief Human  History
  • The countdown began on May 15, 2011 …


Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Red Alert as Blizzards, Freezing Rain Lash N. China

Posted by feww on November 4, 2012


[November 4, 2012] Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,224 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History
  • Symbolic countdown to the ‘worst day’ in human history began on May 15, 2011 ...


Global Disasters/ Significant Events

Heaviest snowfall in 62 years reported in Beijing’s Yanqing County

Heavy snowfall and sleet blanketed north China and temperatures dipped as cold weather gripped the region, prompting the authorities to issue blizzard warnings and a regional red alert.

Beijing authorities issued a citywide orange alert, China’s second highest, as the cold front dumped a record 58 mm of snow on the NW section of the city, according to the Beijing Meteorological Center.

Original caption:  Paramilitary policemen clean snow on the Badaling section of Beijing-Tibet expressway, in Beijing, capital of China, Nov. 4, 2012. The capital city had witnessed snowfall and sleet since Saturday night as cold current swept north China and dropped temperature. Over 1,000 vehicles were trapped on the snow-covered Badaling section. Rescue work is underway. (Xinhua/Li Guangyin)

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background


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