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Hundreds of Dead Animals Litter NZ Beaches

Posted by feww on August 7, 2009

NZ Mass Deaths on Auckland Beaches

“Mysterious” Death Claims Hundreds of Animals on New Zealand Beaches, including  dolphins, penguins, pilchards and local dogs

Local health officials had originally suspected foul play, however, they now say they can’t rule anything out. Among possible causes, toxic algae poisoning, death from ingesting toxic chemicals,  and ingesting rodenticides like 1080 [Sodium fluoroacetate] and Brodifacoum, have been cited.

However, due to extensive sewage contamination in New Zealand coastal waters, which spurs growth of potentially deadly algal blooms [cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae, or Cyanophyta,] toxic algae poisoning may well prove to be the main cause of the animal deaths.

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