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Monsanto Chemical Found in Euro Urine

Posted by feww on June 15, 2013

“Quantifiable levels” of Monsanto herbicide found in urine samples from 18 Euro countries

In a recent study by Medical Laboratory Bremen in Germany humane urine samples from 18 European countries showed residues of Glyphosate and the metabolite AMPA.

“On average 44 % and 36 % of the urine samples analyzed were found to contain quantifiable levels of Glyphosate and AMPA, respectively,” said the report.

  • The frequency of detection ranged from 10% to 90%.  The highest Glyphosate concentration was 1,8 μg/L  in Latvia, followed by Malta, UK and Germany, while the highest AMPA concentration was 2,6 μg/L  found in Croatia.
  • A total of 6.6% of  samples showed residues that “significantly exceeded the tentative reference value of 0,8 μg/L forGlyphosate,” the report said.

The report concludes; “The results give a first idea to which extent adults in 18 European countries are exposed to Glyphosate. The regional and individual variations are large. Diet seems to be the main sources of exposure. However, more scientific work is needed to distinguish between different exposure situations.”

Glyphosate was discovered to be a herbicide by a Monsanto chemist and was marketed in the 1970s under the trade name Roundup.

Aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA), an organic acid, is one of the primary degradation products of the herbicide glyphosate.

Both Glyphosate and AMPA are said to have low toxicity, with glyphosate being an EPA Toxicity Class III chemical (on a scale of I to IV, Class I is most toxic) for oral and inhalation exposure.

In 2007, Glyphosate was the most used herbicide in the United States, with about 100,000 tons applied  by the agricultural sector, government and home and garden users.


Other Global Disasters/ Significant Events

Black Forest Fire: Initial Home Assessment

Updated: June 15, 2013 at approximately 12:00 a.m. (DST) – El Paso County Sheriff’s office

The extent of damage caused by the Black Forest Fire to homes in the region is as follows:

  • Total Loss: 473
  • Partial Damage: 17

Note: This is a preliminary home assessment. Due to continuous and dynamic fire activity the information could change.

The blaze was reportedly 30 percent contained, as of posting.

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Another Toxic Weekend in Beijing

beijing air pollution
Beijing Air Pollution: Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI). Source: AQICN

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What’s the Point of Having the Supreme Court, If…

Posted by feww on June 22, 2010

… If Its Corporate-Friendly Judges Didn’t Side with Big Business?

US Supreme Court Overturns Ban on Monsanto GM Seed

The US Supreme Court has ruled that Monsanto can sell genetically modified seeds without having to worry about  safety tests.

The ban on Monsanto GM seed was imposed by a lower court which had previously ruled that the sale of the modified alfalfa seeds may NOT proceed until an environmental impact study had been carried out.

Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller has caused an explosion of resistant “superweeds” infesting millions of hectares (acres) of land in the United States.

However, the Supreme Court’s “Magnificent Seven,” that’s 7 of the nine Justices most accommodating to corporate interests than public safety,  decided that the ruling was unconstitutional, and reversed the decision.

Alfalfa is the fourth most valuable crop grown in the U.S., the world’s largest producer of the  grass-like plant used as animal feeds, and the Monsanto modification is meant to make the seed resistant to the company’s own brand of weedkiller—killing two birds, as it were, with one Monsanto stone!

Environmentalists are worried about the real risk of cross-pollination between the Monsanto’s genetically modified plants and crops grown nearby, as well as the danger of polluting the ground water as a result of the overuse of the company’s weedkiller Roundup,  which could also result in rapid growth of resistant “superweeds.”

Monsanto claims its products are no danger [sic]  to the environment and any claims against them are “bad science fiction with no support on the record.”

At least 10 resistant “superweeds”  in more than 22 states are infesting millions of acres, a report said.

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