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Tornado Destroys or Damages Hundreds of Homes in Japan

Posted by feww on September 2, 2013

Tornado destroys blocks, injures dozens, overturns vehicles near Tokyo

Powerful winds from a suspected tornado, “towering about 300m high,” ripped through Koshigaya city in Saitama Prefecture, near Tokyo,  damaging parts of the city and  injuring several dozen people—many of them requiring hospitalization.

The winds knocked over concrete utility poles, uprooted hundreds of trees and overturned dozens of vehicles, report said.

The rare twister also hit the city of Noda in Chiba prefecture, destroying or damaging at least two dozen buildings.

Power was cut off to at least 33,000 customers, TEPCO said.

Still frames from a video report broadcast by NHK, Japan, compiled by FIRE-EARTH.


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