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Wildfire Destroys Dozens of Homes in Carlsbad, Calif.

Posted by feww on May 15, 2014


Conditions in northern San Diego County are ‘very dangerous’ —Cal Fire

Poinsettia fire, a new wildfire in San Diego County, has destroyed at least 30 homes and forced the fire and emergency officials to issue evacuation orders for more than 15,000 residences.

“It’s just unfortunately a recipe for a large fire and that’s what we’re seeing right now,” said a Cal Fire Capt., describing the Poinsettia fire to reporters.

The Poinsettia fire was a “very dynamic situation. Very dangerous situation.”

“It’s right in the middle of the city,” said another fire official, describing the 100 acre fire.

“The Santa Ana winds are expected to continue through this evening and the high temperatures and strong, gusty winds are expected to elevate danger even higher than it has been,” he said.

At least 10 other fires including blazes in Fallbrook, Camp Pendleton and Rancho Bernardo, have prompted additional evacuations.

The so-called Tomahawk Fire, which broke out on the Camp Pendleton Marine Base north of San Diego, quickly spread consuming more than 700 acres by Wednesday afternoon, and prompting evacuation of military housing and a naval weapons station, according to reports.

The Twin Oaks fire, another new wildfire in the County, forced the evacuation of Cal State San Marcos, forcing thousands of students who were in the middle of administering spring finals to evacuate the campus, LA Times reported.

Evacuations were also in effect for wildfires in Bonsall, Oceanside and Escondido Wednesday afternoon, while more blazes raged in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

Fallbrook fire northern SDC
Fallbrook Fire in northern San Diego County. A screenshot from a local news video clip.

The Bernardo Fire

Meanwhile, the Bernardo Fire had consumed about 1,600 acres by Wednesday afternoon.

Southern California Edison evacuated 13 employees from the largely shuttered San Onofre Nuclear Power Station some 30km north of Carlsbad as a precaution, Reuters reported.

“Strong Santa Ana winds will continue to impact the mountains, valleys, and coasts today,” warned National Weather Service (NWS) in San Diego. “Strongest gusts will occur along the coastal slopes. The hot, dry and windy conditions will bring a very high risk of rapid wildfire spread today.”

NWS has issued Red Flag Warnings for multiple counties in southwestern and central California.

Other Destructive Fires Reported in SoCal

  • Wildfire in the Feather Falls area brought down power lines.
  • A 30-acre blaze near I-15 in the Deer Springs area (San Diego County).

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20,000+ Homes Evacuated as San Diego Wildfire Spreads

Posted by feww on May 14, 2014


Massive wildfire prompts mass evacuations in San Diego, California

Bernardo Fire, a fast-moving wildfire driven by high winds, consumed at least 800 acres by Tuesday afternoon (local time), prompting several fire and emergency agencies to make more than 20,000 evacuation calls to homes, businesses and cellphone numbers in and around San Diego.

“The fire was reported shortly before 11 a.m. near El Norte High School and was pushed by hot, dry winds. Two elementary schools were evacuated. The fire approached numerous homes but airdrops and firefighters on the ground were able to stop its spread,” reported LATimes.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has since evacuated the Fairbanks Ranch area,Torrey Highlands, Rancho Penasqutios, Black Mountain Ranch, Santa Luz Fairbanks Ranch, outer portions of Rancho Santa Fe and Camino Del Sur, said Cal Fire

“Currently, the areas of concern include, the Communities of Rancho Santa Fe, Fairbanks Ranch, San Diego, Black Mountain Ranch, Del Mar, Solana Beach and the areas surrounding the SDG&E 230 KV Power Lines.”

Miguelito Fire in Santa Barbara County consumes 700 acres, prompts mass evacuations

Mandatory evacuations were ordered for 1,200 homes and businesses near Lompoc, Calif., on Teusday as a wind-driven wildfire, dubbed Miguelito Fire, consumed more than 700 acres in San Miguelito Canyon.

Miguelito Fire
Residents in the San Miguelito Canyon area were evacuated because their homes were threatened by the blaze moving rapidly toward Lompoc, said Capt. Sadecki of the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

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Super Typhoon Headed Towards Taiwan, Okinawa

Posted by feww on September 25, 2012


[September 25, 2012] Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016. 

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,268 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History


Global Disasters/ Significant Events

JELAWAT Intensifies to a Super Typhoon with 265kph Winds

Super Typhoon JELAWAT, described as “violent,” is currently packing maximum sustained winds of about 265 kilometer  per hour (kph), with wind gusts exceeding 325 kph, moving NNW in the Philippines Sea at forward speeds of about 12kph.

  • The Super Storm could top maximum sustained winds of 280kph in the next 12 hours, according to models.


Other Disasters, Significant Events

  • California, USA. A wildfire 50 miles east of San Diego has destroyed at least 3 dozen buildings including 20 houses, threatening more homes and forcing hundreds of residents to evacuate.
    • At least a dozen other homes have reportedly been damaged by the fire.
    • The 3,000-acre blaze may have started in Mexico, officials said.
  • Philippines Sea. Typhoon EWINIAR (TY 19W), currently positioned NNW of Mariana Islands, is heading north towards Tokyo, Japan with sustained winds of about 75kph.


Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background


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Our Forecast for 2009 California Fires

Posted by feww on August 14, 2008

Wildfires: The Golden Fleecing of America

The Raw Facts

  • Cost of fighting wildfire in California since July 1: $285 million [And it’s just the beginning!]
  • Daily cost of fighting the fire [which should be allowed to burn out] : up to $13 million
  • Cost of fighting California fires a decade ago: $44million a year
  • Why aren’t the fires allowed to burn naturally? Need the unburnt fuel for next year’s fires!
  • There is no more fire season as we know itthe fire season is now all year-round,” said Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in July while touring wildfires in N. California. “That means that we don’t have enough resources.

Burn Baby, Burn!

In this July 5, 2008, file photo, firefighters watch as a brush fire burns out of control in the Santa Ynez Mountains near Goleta, Calif. (AP Photo/Phil Klein, File). Image may be subject to copyright. See Fair Use Notice.

  • California’s budget deficit: $15.2 billion [Are you surprised? They don’t call us the Golden State for nothing. Our forests are paved with the precious stuff!]
  • Calif. Sen. Feinstein is seeking $910 million in emergency funding [for now anyway.]
  • Forest Service has already spent about $900million, or 75 percent of its fire-suppression budget, and the season hasn’t even peaked yet.
  • Last year Forest Service spent more than 50 percent of its entire budget on fires, compared with only 13 percent in 1991.
  • Allstate Corp., as if it had already smelled a rat, stopped selling new homeowner policies in California in 2007. They have 50,000 fewer homeowner policies in the state this year than in 2006. (WSJ)

Our forecast for 2009 California fires?

They’d cost more to “fight” than the 2008 Fires. Guaranteed!

Get the message?

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