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Mega Drought Plagues Brazil’s Most Populous Region

Posted by feww on January 24, 2015

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Rio de Janeiro state experiencing “the worst water crisis in its history” —Environment Minister

The states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais facing “worrying” water crisis and must save water, according to Brazil’s Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira speaking in an emergency meeting in the capital, Brasilia.

“Since records for Brazil’s south-eastern region began 84 years ago we have never seen such a delicate and worrying situation,” she said.

In Rio de Janeiro state, the main water reservoir is empty for the first time since it was built, said the country’s Environment Secretary, acknowledging that the state faces “the worst water crisis in its history,” said a report.

Rising temperatures and diminishing rainfall have forced authorities to impose rationing in the worst affected areas, amid rolling power cuts, which are affecting up to five million people.

Minas Gerais saw a total of just 900mm of rain in 2014, less half the yearly average, severely affecting coffee beans production.

Rainfall Totals & Anomaly Patterns:Last 30 Days

percp anom brazil dec2014-jan2015
During the last 30 days, below-average precipitation was observed over most of the Amazon Basin, and all of central and southeastern Brazil. Above-average precipitation was observed over southern Colombia, northern Peru, northeastern Argentina, Uruguay, and southern Brazil. Source: cpc/ncep/noaa

About 100 cities have imposed rationing, as water levels in 17 of the country’s 18 largest reservoirs fall below levels experienced during the last water crisis in 2001, said reports.

Water levels at the Cantareira system, a huge reservoir that provides water to about 22 million people in Sao Paulo and surrounding areas, have fallen to about 5 percent of the capacity, severely affecting hydroelectric generation, which provides up to 72 percent of the county’s electricity.

Rolling blackouts are hitting about a dozen cities amid high demand for refrigeration and air conditioning, as the daily temperatures soar above 35°C.

The national grid operator ONS cut power to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and several other major Brazilian cities last week, paralyzing the subway systems, said a report.

“Scientists have linked the shortage in rainfall to deforestation in the Amazon, which has led to higher temperatures and lower precipitation across much of Brazil. Ironically, much of the deforestation is driven by the agricultural sector, which is now also suffering under the extensive drought.”

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Drought Decimates Water Reserve in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Posted by feww on October 11, 2014

SCENARIOS  444, 219, 111, 100, 090, 03, 02

Brazil’s biggest city running out of water after 9 months of exceptional drought

The governor of Sao Paulo has asked the federal government for permission to siphon the remaining water out of the main reservoir that supplies water to millions of residents in Sao Paulo city, AP reported.

More than 95% of the water in Sao Paulo’s main reservoir, the Cantareira system, has already gone.  The reservoir provides water to about 6.7 million residents.

The drought, said to be Brazil’s worst ever, has also affected at least 30 other  cities in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais.

The affected regions  received  less than 30 percent of the normal rain during Brazil’s wet season that runs from December to February.

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Severe Hailstorm Hits Brazil’s Largest City

Posted by feww on May 20, 2014


Sao Paulo Roads flooded as storm dumps “mountains” of hailstorm

A ferocious storm dumped more than 10cm of moisture in the form of large hail on Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city.

“Residents in Såo Paulo wondered at the ice balls that decorated their yards and gardens even up to early Monday,” reported AP. “Some told local news media that their children had never seen hail or played with ice before Sunday’s storm.”

However, the storm did very little to raise water levels at Såo Paulo’s reservoirs. The main reservoir has reportedly sunk below 10% of its capacity, the lowest level on record.

Under the circumstances, water rationing could be the only option left for the city of 22 million (metro population) just weeks ahead of the World Cup games in Brazil.

Såo Paulo is the largest city in the southern hemisphere and world’s 7th largest city by population.

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Extreme Weather Paralyzes 71 Towns in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Posted by feww on September 24, 2013

State of Emergency Declared in Brazil’s Santa Catarina State

A major storm system has triggered severe flooding, displacing more than 20,000 people in southern Brazil’s Santa Catarina state.

The flooding, hail and landslides have affected 71 counties, destroying or damaging scores of roads, bridges, and much of the state’s infrastructure, as well as thousands of homes.

The governor of Santa Catarina, Raimundo Colombo, has declared  states of emergency in 50 of the state’s municipalities amid a major rainstorm that has been pounding the state since end of last week, said Com informações da Agência Brasil.

The emergency decree shall be in effect for 180 days, the governor’s office said.Marcelo Bittencourt-Futura Press
Extreme Rain Events triggered widespread flooding in the city of São José (
Santa Catarina), Sunday, September 22, 2013. Photo credit: Marcelo Bittencourt / Futura Press.

Suspected Tornado Kills 2, Injures 64 in Taquarituba city,  São Paulo, Brazil

A suspected tornado hit the city of Taquarituba, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, about 320 km from the state capital, “partially destroying the municipality,” said a report.

The city  (population: ~ 24,000) remains without power, the report said.

“Firefighters reported hat the “weather phenomenon” had destroyed more than 100 homes, as well as the industrial hub of the city and the highway.”

Tornado hits TaquaritubaWreckage of Taquarituba houses destroyed by a suspected tornado that swept through Brazilian state of São Paulo. Photo credit: Oslaim Brito/ Futura Press. More images…

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“FIFA, F*** OFF!”

Posted by feww on June 19, 2013

“We don’t need the World Cup!” “We need money for hospitals and education.”

Dozens of demonstrators have been injured and dozens more arrested in clashes with riot police as thousands of Brazilians demonstrated outside the national stadium in the capital, Brasilia.

Protesters took to streets across Brazil, with thousands demonstrating near Maracana Stadium,  in Rio de Janeiro.

Crowds held signs reading: “We need money for hospitals and education” and “We don’t need the World Cup!”

Protesters expressed their anger at the Federation of International Football Associations, which awarded Brazil the World Cup hosting rights, chanting: “FIFA, F*** OFF!”

Brazil has been plagued with protest rallies recently, with thousands expressing their anger at mounting crime rates, rising inflation and 10 percent hike in bus fares.

rio riot
The Rio Treat: Brazilian riot police sprays a pedestrian with a noxious chemical. Credit: AP. Image may be subject to copyright.

In Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, riot police clashed and protesters as tens of thousands of people rallied in the streets.

The protests, which began earlier this month over the transport fare increase, have since evolved into a nationwide movement calling for better hospitals, schools and transport.

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