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M6.2 Quake Strikes NNW of Taltal, Chile

Posted by feww on November 28, 2015

Strong earthquake strikes coastal Chile

Centered at 24.817°S, 70.632°W the quake occurred at a depth of about 35km and was followed by a M5.0 aftershock, as of posting.

EQ Details

Magnitude: 6.2Mw
Location: 24.817°S, 70.632°W (66km NNW of Taltal, 131km S of Antofagasta, Chile)
Depth: 35.0 km
Time: 2015-11-27 21:00:22 UTC
Source: USGS/EHP

Other Notable Earthquakes

M 5.9 – 54km SSW of Shikotan, Russia [Details subject to change!!]
Location: 43.342°N 146.483°E
Depth: 59.9 km
Time: 2015-11-28 02:51:06 UTC

M 5.5 – 52km NW of Monywa, Burma
Location: 22.497°N 94.824°E
Depth: 22.4 km
Time: 2015-11-27 08:33:59 UTC

M 5.4 – 47km S of El Rosario, El Salvador
Location: 13.073°N 88.978°W
Depth: 61.8 km
Time: 2015-11-27 11:46:27 UTC

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M6.3 Earthquake Strikes Kuril Islands

Posted by feww on July 7, 2015

FIRE-EARTH Forecast:
FIRE-EARTH Models show high probability of intense volcanic activity across Kamchatka Peninsula and along Kuril-Kamchatka Trench.


Strong earthquake strikes ENE of Shikotan, Russia

Centered at 44.00 N ; 147.98 E, the quake occurred at a depth of 30km, about 100km ENE of Shikotan, Russia, according to EMSC.

Magnitude:  6.3Mw
Date/ time: 2015-07-07 at 05:10:26.0 UTC
Location: 44.00°N ; 147.98°E
Depth: 30 km

  • 546 km E of Sapporo-shi, Japan [pop: 1,883,027]
  • 104 km E of Shikotan, Russia [pop: 2,100 ]

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