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“North Korea Finishes Preparation for Guam Strike – Embassy in Russia”

Posted by feww on August 22, 2017

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North Korea Threatens US, S Korea With ‘Ruthless Retaliation’ Over Military Drills

The North Korean chargé d’affaires in Russia has told Sputnik News Agency that “Pyongyang has finished preparation for a strike on the US territory of Guam and is ready to carry it out in case of a ‘provocation.'”

“As you know, we have completed the preparation of the Guam strike. Everything will depend on whether the United States acts sensibly or not. If they do not do so, they will be shamed yet again on the Korean Peninsula in front of the whole world,” Jin Jong Hyop said.

Moratorium on Nuclear Tests

“A few years ago we have already come up with such a proposal to introduce a moratorium on nuclear tests if the United States were to cease military exercises. But then the United States responded to our proposal by launching even larger military drills,” Jin said.

“We will not in any way put out missiles and nuclear weapons on the negotiations table until the United States gives up its provocative policies and nuclear threats against our country,” he said.

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