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Strong Quake Strikes Taiwan

Posted by feww on October 31, 2013

UPDATE: The quake magnitude has been downgraded to 6.3Mw by Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau


Strong, Shallow Quake Strikes 45km SSW of Hualian, Taiwan

Members Note: Multiple plates going through a laborious algorithm to produce the desired outcome!


  • Magnitude: 6.3Mw
  • Event Time: 2013-10-31 @ 12:02UTC
  • Location: 23.55°N, 121.42°E
  • Depth: 19.5km
  • Source: Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan

Nearby Cities

  • 53km SSW of Hualien County, Taiwan
  • 760km (472mi) ENE of Hong Kong

NO local reports of damage or casualties available  as of posting.

Source: Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan

taiwan halloween quake
Earthquake Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP

More detail to follow …

Seismic activity along the boundaries of the Philippine Sea Plate (Allen et al., 2009) has produced 7 great (M>8.0) earthquakes and 250 large (M>7) events. Among the most destructive events were the 1923 Kanto, the 1948 Fukui and the 1995 Kobe (Japan) earthquakes (99,000, 5,100, and 6,400 casualties, respectively), the 1935 and the 1999 Chi-Chi (Taiwan) earthquakes (3,300 and 2,500 casualties, respectively), and the 1976 M7.6 Moro Gulf and 1990 M7.6 Luzon (Philippines) earthquakes (7,100 and 2,400 casualties, respectively). There have also been a number of tsunami-generating events in the region, including the Moro Gulf earthquake, whose tsunami resulted in more than 5,000 deaths. –USGS/EHP

Typhoon KROSA Image Update

The quake struck Taiwan as the outer bands of Typhoon KROSA battered the coastal areas south and southeast of the island.

korsa update 1
Typhoon KROSA Visible/IR  satellite image (FIRE-EARTH Enhancement) recorded at 12:30UTC on October 31, 2013. Source: CIMSS/SSEC/WISC.

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1,000+ Homes Evacuated as Calif. Wildfire Powers Up

Posted by feww on June 2, 2013

6,000-acre Powerhouse Fire prompts mandatory evacuations of more than 1,000 homes north of LA

The Los Angeles County fire and Sheriff’s departments ordered evacuations of more than 1,000 residences from San Francisquito Canyon Road up to Elizabeth Lake Road and areas south of Lake Hughes Road Saturday night as the 6,000-acre Powerhouse Fire continued to grow.

More than 1,000 fire crews were attempting to suppress the fire in the Angeles National Forest north of Castaic, in San Francisquito Canyon near a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power station next to Drinkwater Reservoir.

The massive blaze, which broke out Thursday afternoon, was fanned by erratic winds and daytime temperatures topping 105 degrees, and was less than 20% contained, as of posting.


New Mexico Wildfires: State of Emergency Declared in San Miguel County

Fire crews in New Mexico were fighting two growing wildfires Saturday that have consumed thousands of acres and forced hundreds of people from their homes.

Gov. Martinez declared a State of Emergency in San Miguel County and activated the State Emergency Operations Center after a fast-moving blaze dubbed the Tres Lagunas fire threatened about 150 cabins and vacation homes, closed a highway and prompted the authorities to evacuate dozens of residents near Pecos, NM.

The wildfire in New Mexico’s Santa Fe National Forest, located near the communities of Pecos and Tres Lagunas, about 25 miles east of Santa Fe, has consumed nearly 7,000 acres and is threatening the Santa Fe and Las Vegas watersheds.

The National Weather Service had earlier forecast Critical Fire Weather conditions throughout the State and has declared a Red Flag Warning for the northern half of New Mexico through Saturday.

2nd Large Blaze in NM prompts evacuations

Another New Mexico blaze, the Thompson Ridge fire near Jemez Springs, has grown to about 1,500 acres overnight prompting the authorities to evacuate at least 50  homes in the area.


Colorado Wildfire Threatens Several Homes

A wildfire in the Rio Grande National Forest, about 15 miles southwest of the small town of Creede, was reportedly  threatening several homes and outbuildings Saturday.


Other Global Disasters/ Significant Events

Philippines: M5.6  quake struck 5km ENE of Carmen, North Cotabato province, Philippines (7.215°N, 124.839°E; depth=16.0km ), damaging or destroying dozens of homes and injuring at least a dozen people.


Taiwan: M6.2 earthquake struck 22km SSE of Buli, in central Taiwan (23.794°N, 121.082°E; depth=20.0km ). No reports of damage or injuries were available as of posting.

  • The quake reportedly shook buildings in the capital Taipei and caused a gas explosion.
  • A villager was killed after being hit by falling rocks, and about two dozen others injured.
  • The quake was felt in Hong Kong, some 700km away, reports said.


Hundred Evacuated Amid Flooding in Central Europe

Authorities in Czech Republic have evacuated hundreds of residents near the Vltava river after water levels began  reaching critical levels in the capital Prague on Sunday.

Evacuations are also underway in Germany, Austria and Switzerland due to river flooding. Cities of Passau and Rosenheim in southern Germany have issued states of emergency as water levels in Danube and Inn rivers continue to rise.


1,014 Days Left 

Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,014 Days Left to ‘Worst Day’ in the brief Human  History


Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background

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Taiwan Earthquake Warning

Posted by feww on February 28, 2010

Large Earthquake Could Strike Taiwan Region

Based on the results of Fire-Earth’s EarthModel simulations, Moderators forecast a large earthquake in the Taiwan Region.

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Another Strong Quake Strikes Taiwan

Posted by feww on December 19, 2009

Strong earthquake measuring 6.7 Mw strikes off the coast of Taiwan

The M6.7 earthquake struck about 25 km (15 miles) SSE of Hua-lien, Taiwan, at a depth of about 40 km on Saturday 19 December 2009 at 13:02 UTC.

The quake’s epicenter was about 19 km NE of another similarly strong earthquake measuring up to 6.4 Mw which on October 4, 2009.

Earthquake Details

Summary from Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) with data added from other sources:

  • Magnitude:  6.7 Mw
  • Region: TAIWAN
  • Date time: 2009-12-19 at 13:02:16.9 UTC
  • Location: 23.87 N ; 121.66 E
  • Depth: 40 km
  • Distances
    • 15 km SE Hualian (pop 108,286 ; local time 21:02 2009-12-19)
    • 27 km NE Fenglin (pop 12,763 ; local time 21:02 2009-12-19)

Recent History of seismicity in the region

Earthquake location Map. Source: European-Mediterranean Seismological Center

Details from USGS/EHP

  • Magnitude: 6.4 [Systematically downgraded from 6.7 Mw by USGS/EHP]
  • Date-Time:
    • Saturday, December 19, 2009 at 13:02:16 UTC
    • Saturday, December 19, 2009 at 09:02:16 PM at epicenter
  • Location: 23.763°N, 121.689°E
  • Depth: 44.6 km (27.7 miles)
  • Region TAIWAN
  • Distances
    • 25 km (15 miles) SSE of Hua-lien, Taiwan
    • 95 km (60 miles) S of Su-ao, Taiwan
    • 110 km (70 miles) ESE of T’ai-chung, Taiwan
    • 145 km (90 miles) S of T’AI-PEI, Taiwan
  • Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 5.7 km (3.5 miles); depth +/- 7.4 km (4.6 miles)
  • Parameters NST= 73, Nph= 73, Dmin=47.2 km, Rmss=1.19 sec, Gp= 40°,
  • M-type=teleseismic moment magnitude (Mw), Version=7
  • Source: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
  • Event ID us2009qjar

Seismic Hazard Map – USGS

Major Tectonic Boundaries: Subduction Zones -purple, Ridges -red and Transform Faults -green

Historic Seismicity [7+ shocks sine 1900] – USGS



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Strong Earthquake Strikes Taiwan

Posted by feww on October 4, 2009

Strong Earthquake Measuring up to 6.4Mw Strikes East Coast of Taiwan

Strong earthquake measuring up to 6.4 Mw struck off the east coast of Taiwan at a depth of 17.5 km on Saturday, October 03, 2009 at 17:36 UTC.

As the quake occurred, Typhoon Parma was reported heading towards the southeastern coast of Taiwan still reeling from the aftermath of typhoon Morakot that  struck the island in August, killing more than 1000 people.

10-degree Map Centered at 25°N,120°E

Taiwan 4-10-09
Earthquake Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP. Enhanced by FEWW

USGS/EHP has downgraded this quake to a magnitude 6.1 shock.

Earthquake Details:

  • Magnitude: 6.1 [possibly measuring up to 6.4Mw – Moderator]
  • Date-Time:
    • Saturday, October 03, 2009 at 17:36:05 UTC
    • Sunday, October 04, 2009 at 01:36:05 AM at epicenter
  • Location 23.635°N, 121.565°E
  • Depth 17.5 km (10.9 miles)
  • Region TAIWAN
  • Distances
    • 35 km (25 miles) S of Hua-lien, Taiwan
    • 110 km (65 miles) ESE of T’ai-chung, Taiwan
    • 110 km (70 miles) NNE of T’ai-tung, Taiwan
    • 160 km (100 miles) S of T’AI-PEI, Taiwan
  • Location Uncertainty:  horizontal +/- 5.7 km (3.5 miles); depth +/- 5 km (3.1 miles)
  • Parameters NST= 97, Nph= 97, Dmin=38.4 km, Rmss=1.06 sec, Gp= 22°, M-type=teleseismic moment magnitude (Mw), Version=6
  • Source: USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
  • Event ID: us2009mhcf

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Magnitude 6.3 quake strikes Taiwan region

Posted by feww on July 13, 2009

Strong Quake Strikes Taiwan – March 4

FOR March 4, 2010 Quake in Taiwan Click the Link ABOVE

A Magnitude 6.3 earthquake occurred near east coast of Taiwan.

A Magnitude 6.3 mainshock followed by a M5.1 aftershock struck about 60km east of the coastal town of Hua-lien, Taiwan, at a depth of 24.7 km, USGS reported.

The quake occurred about 40km east of an unnamed volcano [Volcano Number: 0801-03= ; Latitude: 24.00°N,  Longitude: 121.83°E] where according to the Global Volcanism Program:

A submarine eruption observed by the U.S. Navy boat “Southampton” took place on October 29, 1853 in the Philippine Sea offshore from the city of Hualien about 18 km from the eastern coast of Taiwan. Several days later another ship, the “Macedonian,” passed the same location and reported white ash covering its curtains.

Subject to further seismic activity in the area FEWW will publish the probability of eruption at volcano 0801-03.

10-degree Map Centered at 25°N,120°E

Tw - us2009jabu
Earthquake location. Original Map: USGS

Earthquake Details:

  • Magnitude: 6.3
  • Date-Tim:
    • Monday, July 13, 2009 at 18:05:02 UTC
    • Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at 02:05:02 AM at epicenter
  • Location:  23.997°N, 122.177°E
  • Depth:  24.7 km (15.3 miles)
  • Region:  TAIWAN REGION
  • Distances:
    • 60 km (40 miles) E of Hua-lien, Taiwan
    • 75 km (45 miles) SSE of Su-ao, Taiwan
    • 135 km (85 miles) SSE of T’AI-PEI, Taiwan
    • 150 km (95 miles) SE of Hsin-chu, Taiwan
  • Location Uncertainty:  horizontal +/- 6.9 km (4.3 miles); depth +/- 20 km (12.4 miles)
  • Parameters NST= 95, Nph= 95, Dmin=62.3 km, Rmss=0.72 sec, Gp= 50°, M-type=teleseismic moment magnitude (Mw), Version=6
  • Source:  USGS NEIC (WDCS-D)
  • Event ID: us2009jabu

Seismic Hazard Map – USGS


Major Tectonic Boundaries: Subduction Zones -purple, Ridges -red and Transform Faults -green

Historic Seismicity [7+ shocks sine 1900] – USGS



Major Tectonic Boundaries: Subduction Zones -purple, Ridges -red and Transform Faults -green

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