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Super BRUCE Winds Reach 265km/h

Posted by feww on December 22, 2013


Super Cyclonic Storm BRUCE intensified to 265km/h winds

Super Cyclonic Storm BRUCE maximum sustained winds reached a top speed of 265km/h with gusts of about 315km/h earlier today, according to FIRE-EARTH models.

At 13:00UTC, Super BRUCE was positioned near 19.0ºS 78.0ºE, tracking WSW at about 20km/hr and generating maximum significant wave height of about 15 meters.

Super Bruce 22-12-13
Super Cyclonic Storm BRUCE. Water Vapor 
[FIRE-EARTH Enhancement] Satellite image – recorded at 12:30UTC on December 22, 2013. The mass in the bottom left is Cyclone AMARA. The original Image Sourced from: CIMSS/SSEC/WISC.

[Credits and acknowledgments: FIRE-EARTH Models input data from various satellites and sources including ESA, NOAA, JTWC …]

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Tropical Cyclone HELEN Striking East India Coast

Posted by feww on November 21, 2013

HELEN packing sustained winds of 115kmph gusting to 145kmph

Tropical Cyclone HELEN (04B) was moving WNW at about 7kmph over warm waters (29ºC) in Bay of Bengal.

At 08:00UTC on November 21, 2013 HELEN wan positioned near 15.9ºN 83.3ºE about 540km ESE (105 degrees) of Hyderabad, India.  [Estimate is based on FIRE-EARTH Models.]

The cyclone was generating significant wave heights of up to 6 meters, as of posting.

TC HELEN IR image -  F-E Enhancement
Tropical Cyclone HELEN. INFRARED [FIRE-EARTH Enhancement] satellite image recorded at 06:30UTC on November 21, 2013. Original image sourced from: CIMSS/SSEC/WISC.

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