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TS Phet May Be Headed Toward India

Posted by feww on June 6, 2010

Latest Satellite Images of TC Phet (03A)

Tropical Cyclone Phet Details

  • Estimated Position at 5:00UTC on June 6, 2010 :   23.1N, 65.4E
  • Location: About 255km SW of Karachi, Pakistan
  • Maximum Wind Speed: ~ 80km/hr
  • Max. Wind Gusts: ~ 100km/hr
  • Movement and speed: 100 degrees; ~ 30km/hr
  • Comments: Phet has re-strengthened to a tropical storm and could, potentially, strengthen further before next landfall.

Tropical Cyclone Phet and its Projected Path. IR Image (NHC Enhancement – 2-km res)
. Source: CIMSS – Click images to enlarge.

Tropical Cyclone Phet
t – Total Precipitable Water. Source: CIMSS – Click images to enlarge.

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TC Phet, SST and Intercontinental Dust Storms

Posted by feww on June 4, 2010

Tropical Cyclone Phet Could Reorganize Rapidly after Leaving Oman

Cyclone Phet, Water Vapor Image (4-km res)
. Source: CIMSS – Click images to enlarge.

Cyclone Phet, Visible/ IR Image (2-km res)
. Source: CIMSS – Click images to enlarge.

Sea Surface Temperatures Warm Enough for Busy 2010 Hurricane Season

A color-coded image from Japan’s Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer for EOS (AMSR-E) aboard NASA’s Aqua satellite shows sea surface temperatures across the equatorial Atlantic Ocean and part of the Pacific Ocean. Source: NASA E/O

Saharan Dust Blown Across the Atlantic

Photo-like satellite image taken by MODIS on NASA’s Terra satellite during successive orbits and stitched together on June 1, 2010, shows a Saharan dust plume approaching the northeast coast of South America, about 8,000km away.  “Each year, mostly in the Northern Hemisphere winter, storms like the one pictured here deliver about 40 million tons of dust from the Sahara to the Amazon River Basin.” Source: NASA E/O

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Super Typhoon Phet – Satellite Images

Posted by feww on June 3, 2010

Super Typhoon Phet Raging Over the Arabian Sea

Super Cyclone Phet, Visible Image (1-km res). Source: CIMSS – Click images to enlarge.

Super Cyclone Phet, projected path and Intensity. Source: CIMSS

Super Cyclone Phet, SSMIS Brightness Temperature (85GHz).
Source: CIMSS

Tropical Cyclone Phet approaches the coast of Oman.
MODIS on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this natural-color image on June 2, 2010. Source: NASA

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