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10,000+ Lightning Strikes Spark Scores of New Wildfires in OR, WA

Posted by feww on August 14, 2014

MAIN SCENARIOS 900, 800,797, 777, 444, 311, 111, 101, 100, 070, 03, 02

Raindrops evaporate before hitting the ground due to extremely dry air in parts of Oregon

Some 60 of the new fires are located in Oregon and 14 others in the state of Washington. Currently, three fires are spreading, according to the authorities.

Two fire are spreading in Oregon.

  • The Rogue River Drive fire north of Medford, which has blackened  more than 600 acres and threatens more than 130 homes, as of Wednesday morning local time.
  • 15 Cent fire southeast of Burns, which has  consumed 15,000 acres.

The third fire is in Washington state:  Lost Ridge Fire west of Ellensburg has charred 200 acres.

In Oregon, raindrops evaporated before reaching the ground because of extremely low humidity on Tuesday night, allowing lightning and winds to start and fuel new fires, said a spokeswoman for the Northwest Interagency Coordination Center.

Oregon Governor Kitzhaber has issued a state conflagration emergency for the fire zone. He proclaimed a state of emergency, also due to the wildfires, on July 16.

Fire crews are currently tackling at last 26 large fires across the two states including

In Oregon:

  • The South Fork complex south of John Day has consumed more than 64,700 acres, and  is  30 percent contained.
  • The 5 Mile fire east of Joseph has charred 4,500 acres.
  • The Sommers Fire northeast of Enterprise has exploded to 27,000 acres, ttreateings ranches, historic structures, and is zero percent contained.
  • The Beaver Complex northwest of Medford has grown to 35,300 acres. The fires are about 90 percent contained.
  • The Staley complex southeast of Oakridge has burned more than 300 acres and is 15 percent contained.
  • The Bald Sisters Fire in Grant County east of Prairie City has consumed more than 1,200 acres. It is  zero percent contained.
  • The Rowena fire northwest of The Dalles has charred 3,680 acres, but is now 100 percent contained.
  • The Camp Creek complex in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, has blackened about 800 acres and is 45 percent contained.
  • The Nene Creek fire north of Warm Springs has consumed about 350 acres and is 90 percent contained.
  • The Incident 769 fire north of Condon has burned 3,000 acres. It is zero percent contained.
  • The Blaylock Canyon fire west of Arlington has consumed about 1,000 acres. The fire is also zero percent contained.

In Washington:

  • The Devil’s Elbow complex northeast of Nespelem has burned about 21,000 acres and is 10 percent contained. The fire is threatening homes, with many residents under a mandatory evacuation order.
  • The Snag Canyon fire has grown to 12,000 acres. It is 50 percent contained.
  • The Hansel Creek fire south of Leavenworth has scorched more than 1,000 acres. It is 15 percent contained.
  • The Duncan fire north of Leavenworth has consumed more than 10,500 acres and is also 15 percent contained.
  • The Little Bridge Creek fire west of Winthrop has burned about 4,200 acres and is 14 percent contained.
  • The Upper Falls fire north of Winthrop has scorched more than 8,000 acres and is only 6 percent contained.
  • The South Cle Elum Ridge fire southwest of Cle Elum has grown to about 1,000 acres, and is 15 percent contained.
  • The Chiwaukum complex near Leavenworth has charred about 14,200 acres and is 40 percent contained.
  • The Carlton Complex south of Twisp has consumed about 256,200 acres and is now 95 percent contained.
  • The Haven Lake fire northwest of Olympia has scorched about 200 acres and is zero percent contained.
  • The Enterprise fire south and southeast of Colville, which had charred more than 150 acres is now 100 percent contained, according to Inciweb.

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Major Disaster Declared for Iowa

Posted by feww on August 7, 2014

SCENARIOS 444, 111, 088, 066, 023

Iowa Declared Federal Disaster Area

Iowa Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Straight-line Winds, and Flooding (DR-4187)

The Iowa  governor’s request for a Presidential Disaster Declaration in response to significant damage caused by severe weather that produced damaging winds, tornadoes, heavy rains, flooding, hail, and thunderstorms beginning June 26 through July 7 has been approved. This is Iowa’s third  federal disaster declaration in 2014.

The 22 counties included in the declaration are: Audubon, Black Hawk, Butler, Cedar, Des Moines, Grundy, Hamilton, Hardin, Ida, Iowa, Jackson, Jasper, Johnson, Jones, Keokuk, Lee, Linn, Mahaska, Muscatine, Poweshiek, Tama, and Washington, according to a statement posted on the Gov. Branstad’s website.

This Presidential Disaster Declaration is the 21st Major Presidential Disaster Declaration Iowa has received since March 2007, said the statement.

Latest Federal Disaster Declarations

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Massive Thunderstorm Hits Las Vegas

Posted by feww on July 20, 2013

“Tornado-like” winds, heavy rain and flashflooding damage home, force evacuations in Las Vegas

A severe thunderstorm packing 71-mph wind gusts battered the Las Vegas Valley, forcing evacuation of 200 units at the Atrium Garden Condos in east Las Vegas, said a report.

The storm caused heavy damage in several areas, “stranding drivers in flash floods, snapping power poles and tearing trees from the ground.”

“Temperatures dropped more than 20 degrees Friday due to the storm. The weather service reported 109 degrees early in the afternoon and 83 degrees at 10 p.m.”

Power outages across the valley affected at least 33,000 customers, NV Energy said.

Meantime, a new daily rainfall record of 0.22 inches was set at McCarran International Airport, breaking the previous record of 0.17 inches set in 1951.


July 20, 2013 – SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN –

966 Days Left

FIRE-EARTH Climate Models show climate change forcings and feedbacks switching global weather patterns onto “primordial tracks.”

FIRE-EARTH Population Model shows mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.

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Severe Weather Update – May 27

Posted by feww on May 27, 2011

Friday: Severe thunderstorms forecast across most of the country

Severe Weather Threat Moving to New England, Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast: NWS

GOES Eastern US SECTOR Infrared Image.
Click to enlarge.

US Weather Hazards Map

Click Map to enlarge. Click HERE to enter NWS portal.

Weather Forecast Map

Wednesday storms spawned softball-sized hail in Georgia and damaging winds  in upstate York, but no fatalities were reported, as of posting.

SPC received a total of 1,017 severe weather reports across 14 states  on Wednesday (preliminary data) including 96 tornado reports.  On Thursday there were 414 reports, including 5 tornadoes.

Severe weather reports for May 25 received at SPC, update May 27.

May 26 reports. Click image to enlarge.

Joplin Tornado

Death toll from Joplin Tornado stands at 125, with about 1,000 injured. The number of missing since the tornado struck 5 days ago is shrouded in secrecy. The figure previously released by the authorities, and subsequently retracted, was 1,500. The actual figure for those unaccounted for may be closer to 1,000.

UPDATE posted at 06:00UTC May 27, 2011
Death toll from Joplin tornado has risen to 126, as another body was found in the debris, and the number of missing was put at 232, officials said.  “We will keep a relentless focus on the search, rescue and identification of those 232 people, and we will not rest until everyone has been accounted for, and that number is zero,” Governor Jay Nixon said.

Tornado Attacks on Tuesday

Death toll from tornadoes swept the Midwest on Tuesday night, has climbed to at least 16 people: 10 fatalities in Oklahoma, 4 in Arkansas and 2 in Kansas.

UPDATE posted at 06:00UTC May 27, 2011
Death toll has risen to 17, reports said.

Flood Update

Major flooding is underway along Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, as well as in North Dakota. Flood warnings, advisories and watched have been issued for at least 25 states.

Significant River Flood Outlook

Click Map to enlarge. Click HERE to enter HPC portal.

Storm Related Fatalities

  • 2011 toll: > 510 deaths [expected to rise]
  • Annual 10-year average: 22 deaths

Thunderstorms disrupt Flights in Europe 

Meanwhile in England, strong winds and thunderstorms forced the cancellation of dozen of flights in and out of London’s Heathrow Airport, a report said.

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2011 Disasters

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Another Round of Extreme Weather Looms

Posted by feww on April 20, 2011

‘Strong severe weather’ for southern Plains across the Mississippi Valley and southern Great Lakes into the Midwest: NWS

On March 1, 2011, FIRE-EARTH forecast

U-S Attacked by Continued Severe Weather

Brace for the Worst Ever!  Climatic  Extremes, Primeval Geophysical Activities and WILD Weather to Wreak Mega Havoc in 2011/2012 and Beyond …


Encourage your folks, friends and neighbors to join in!! BECAUSE  for most of us the GAME would be OVER soon.

Flooding and fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, deadly tornadoes and strong storms … are just some of the items you’ve ordered from the climate change quick menu!

U.S. Weather Hazard Map

Click image to enter NWS portal.

“A 7-state area at Moderate Risk for severe weather is surrounded by a core of 14 states at Slight Risk that stretches from northeast Texas to western Pennsylvania and New York.” NWS reported.

Weather Forecast Map

Weather Extremes Today

  • Large area of severe weather is forecast
  • Heavy snow probability in most of North Dakota, N and NW South Dakota, S. Minnesota, Wisconsin, N Iowa
  • Rain and thunderstorms over the central Plains
  • Snow in the mountain areas of the west

Wilmington, OH Radar

Click image to enlarge. Click HERE to update.

SPC Storm Reports

Latest report. Click images to enlarge 



Public Severe Weather Outlook

Widespread severe thunderstorms are forecast for parts of the Ozarks, the lower and middle Mississippi Valleys, and the lower Ohio Valley through tonight: Read SPC forecast.

Probability of Tornadoes – click images to enlarge

Probability of a tornado within 25 miles of a point.
Hatched Area: 10% or greater probability of EF2 – EF5 tornadoes within 25 miles of a point.

Probability of Hail

Probability of hail 1″ or larger within 25 miles of a point.
Hatched Area: 10% or greater probability of hail 2″ or larger within 25 miles of a point

Probability of damaging thunderstorm winds or wind gusts of 50 knots or higher within 25 miles of a point.
Hatched Area: 10% of greater probability of wind gusts 65 knots or greater within 25 miles of a point.

Convective Outlook.

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U.S. Weather: Flooding, Wildfires, Heavy Snow

Posted by feww on April 8, 2011

Severe weather for NE Kansas and NW Missouri today: NOAA

Flooding to increase in the Dakotas and Minnesota, southern Plains threatened by extreme fire weather conditions, as central Rockies continue to be buffeted by winter storms, NOAA forecasters say.

Click map to enter NWS portal.

Heavy Snow Forecast

“Scattered heavy snow is expected in parts of Montana, Idaho, Washington, California, Nevada and Colorado while light to moderates snow will be widespread in the Pacific Northwest and the Mountain West. Rain and thunderstorms are forecast for the central Plains, the Midwest and the Central Gulf states. With the exception of isolated rain and thunderstorms in Texas and southern Louisiana, the South will remain dry from southern Texas across Florida to the Eastern Seaboard.” NWS reported.

Alaska hit by a “dynamic and dangerous storm”

“Winds of 100 miles per hour roared through an Aleutian Island village on Thursday, ripping roofs off buildings, blowing out windows and causing structures to collapse,” local officials were reported as saying.

“The damage in False Pass, a tiny fishing village on Unimak Island, made it among the worst-hit parts of the state in a fierce winter storm that moved in from the Bering Sea.”

Twin Cities

“A strong weather system will organize on Saturday, bringing the first severe thunderstorm potential of 2011 to the area, especially late Saturday afternoon and night. The system will then track east on Sunday, still leading to thunderstorms …” NWS

Snow melts, river levels rise in the Upper Midwest

Melting snow and ice in Upper Midwest is inundating the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers.  National Weather Service (NWS) has issued flood warnings for communities along those rivers. NWS reported  major flooding along the Minnesota River at Montevideo, and along the Mississippi River at St. Paul, as well as warnings for moderate and minor flooding in the region. The above IR/visible light images were taken by MODIS on NASA’s Aqua satellite on April 6, 2011 (top), March 28, 2011 (middle), and February 28, 2011 (bottom). Source: NASA-EO

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Severe Thunderstorms Pummel North and Central Georgia

Posted by feww on April 6, 2011

A strong squall line plows across large parts of the peach state

A tornado with 130 MPH winds (EF-2 on the Enhanced Fujita scale) killed one person and injured two others near Eastman in Dodge County around 2:38 AM EDT, NWS said.

“A strong squall line associated with a cold front moved across the peach state late Monday afternoon into early Tuesday morning, resulting in severe storms across north and central Georgia. The system produced strong gusty winds, heavy rain, pea to baseball sized hail and one tornado. These reports were not limited to just north and central Georgia as damage was observed all across the southeast as the squall line plowed across the area.” NWS reported.

Reflectivity from Dodge County Tornado. Source: NWS-WFO.  Click images to enlarge.

[ Velocity from Dodge County Tornado. ]
Velocity from Dodge County Tornado.

“Straight line winds caused tremendous damage across north and central Georgia. Damage reports included structural damage to houses and chicken coops. Downed trees and power lines caused not only power outages, but also caused structural damage to buildings, and in some cases, trapping people inside. In addition, one of the downed trees on a house killed two people in Jackson (Butts County). On top of the thunderstorm wind damage, hail was reported with the largest being baseball sized hail in Gordon County. For a more detailed report of the damage associated with the squall line view the Local Storm Reports.” More …

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US Weather Forecast: Thunderstorms, Strong Winds, Flooding, Fire

Posted by feww on April 5, 2011

Severe weather forecast for much of the U.S.

Click image to enter NWS portal.

Low pressure system over Chicago with cold front to Dallas moving east

  • Risk of severe weather in conjunction with thunderstorms
  • “A second storm moving onshore over the Pacific Northwest will move to the Upper Mississippi Valley by Tuesday evening. High elevation snow and low elevation rain will move into parts of the northern High Plains, northern and central Rockies on Tuesday.”

A large area of the Southeast and Midwest at risk of severe weather

  • Primary target: Parts of Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.
  • Secondary target:  All or parts of Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and the Florida Panhandle.
“Parts of the risk area and the central Plains area have also been alerted to driving problems from high winds that will dominate the Plains and the Southeast.
“Forecasters said winds would range from 15-25 mph with gusts to 35-40 mph to areas of 30-35 mph winds gusting to around 50 mph, to sustained winds of 45-55 mph with gusts to 75 mph in western Wyoming. High winds will cause difficulties in South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.”


“Officials hope to avoid a repeat of the wildfire outbreak experienced Sunday in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Kansas. Wildfire details included:
  • Colorado – Baca County fire near Walsh burned only 30 acres but burned into Walsh and forced evacuation of 120 homes, contained Sunday evening; Crystal Wildland Fire in Larimer County burned approximately 4,500 acres and is 5 percent contained
  • New Mexico – White Fire near Ruidoso burned 2,000-3,000 acres and destroyed at least 4 homes
  • Kansas – Grassland wildfire in Grant Haskell and Stevens counties burned approximately 9,000 acres, 3 homes destroyed, 100 percent contained in Grant County, 70 percent in Stevens County and 80 percent in Haskell County
  • Oklahoma – Guymon Fire burned 7,500 acres and destroyed 12 homes
  • Texas – Fire near Midland burned 500 acres and threatened houses and oil field equipment; Justiceberg fire in Garza County burned 2,000 acres, threatens more than 20 homes; Bates field fire in Ector County burned 2,500 acres but no structures lost, evacuees being allowed to return; smaller fires included Willow View fire in Hardeman County, South Road fire in Yoakum County and Rancho Real fire in Real County.” [Drought Information Update: Drought worsens with limited precipitation in March]


NOAA’s Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service showed 111 gauge sites at some level of flooding.

  • 13 sites were at Major Flood levels,
  • 23 sites at Moderate Flood
  • 75 sites at Minor Flood


  • 109 sites were at Near Flood

Major flooding is occurring on Devils Lake, Stump Lake, The James River, the Wild Rice River, the Minnesota River, the Cottonwood River and the Mississippi River. Details available at

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1st Storm of Alantic Hurricane Season: Big Bang or Damp Whimper?

Posted by feww on June 14, 2010

Large, Well Organized, Low Pressure System 975 Miles WSW of Cape Verde Islands Moving NW at 15 MPH

A large, well-organized, low pressure system located about 1,000 miles WSW of the Cape Verde islands is moving northwestward at up to 15 MPH, NWS TPC/National Hurricane Center said.

Updated at approximately 2 AM, 8 AM, 2 PM, and 8 PM EDT from June 1 to November 30. Special outlooks may be issued as conditions warrant.   Click image to enlarge and update.

The system could become a tropical cyclone over the next 48 hours, with a probability of 60 percent, the center added.

The system “is producing widespread cloudiness along with some showers and thunderstorms.”

Satellite images show a second system tailing the first.

Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Atlantic and East Pacific Oceans

Latest Global Montage (UW-SSEC)

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Deadly Tornadoes Turn U.S. Midwest into ‘War Zone’

Posted by feww on June 7, 2010

Tornadoes and thunderstorms have killed at least seven people in U.S. Midwest, destroyed 50 homes, damaged many more and forced Fermi nuclear power plant to shut down

At least 7 people have been killed, more than a dozen injured, 50 houses destroyed and many more damaged in north-western Ohio, according to the officials.

US Weather forecast snapshot. Click image for an update.

The states of Illinois and Michigan have also been severely affected by the extreme weather, local reports say.

The Lake Township, one of the worst-hit areas was described as being “like a war zone,” by its Police Chief Mike Hammer [Mark Hummer.]


Fermi nuclear power plant, located on the shore of Lake Erie, Michigan, was forced to shut down after strong winds seriously damages one of the buildings.


The city of Streator in Illinois has been seriously damaged by high winds and thunderstorms. About 2 dozen [50] people were taken to hospital, and 30 buildings sustained “major structural damage,” the  Streator Mayor was reported as saying.

“I saw people coming out of their homes right after the tornado hit; a second story of a house was taken off,” an eye-witness said.

Eastern and
Midwest U.S. Satellite image. GOES East AVN COLOR IR CH4. CLICK HERE to UPDATE!

Goes North America Satellite image Snapshot. Click image to update.

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U.S. Weather at a Glance

Posted by feww on May 5, 2010

Severe weather could seriously impact U.S. agriculture in 2010 and beyond

Severe Thunderstorms Moving Northeast

U.S. Weather Forecast Presented Graphically

Click image to update.

National Weather Service (NWS) Weather Hazard Map. Click image to update and select areas of interest.

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