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Floods and Mudslides

Posted by feww on May 9, 2009

More drought and deluge, more flooding and landslide, just about everywhere!

This season, the extreme weather and rain events may be worse than the previous season, and the worsening pattern is expected to continue.


Brazil flood
People travel by boat in a flooded street in Trizidela do Vale, state of Maranhao, Brazil, Saturday, May 9, 2009. The flooding in northern Brazil is the worst in 20 years, and experts have warned river levels including the Amazon could hit records not seen since 1953 by June. (AP Photo/Andre Penner). Image may be subject to copyright.

Residents walk on a street which was flooded by the Poti river in Teresina in the northeastern Brazilian state of Piaui May 8, 2009. According to Brazilian Civil Defense, floods and mudslides from months of heavy rains in northern Brazil have driven more than 214,000 from their homes and killed at least 38 people. REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker (BRAZIL ENVIRONMENT DISASTER). Image may be subject to copyright.

An aerial view of streets flooded by Tocantins river in Maraba, north of Brazil May 6, 2009. REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker (BRAZIL ENVIRONMENT DISASTER)
. Image may be subject to copyright.

Flooding in the southern part of Brazil in November and December 2008 killed about 130 people and left another 40 missing.


The Philippines rice production could suffer by as much as 10 percent this season.

chan holm -reuters TV
Extensive flooding caused by Chan Holm. Image from Reuters Video. Image may be subject to copyright.

Typhoon Chan-Holm, the fifth to hit the Philippines this year, battered the northern Philippines tearing roofs off houses, destroying roads, bridges, and other infrastructure, and felled power lines in several provinces on the main island, Luzon. Heavy rains triggered extensive mudslides killing at least 15 people, officials said on Friday.

“Forecast second quarter national rice production was cut by more than 1 percent after Typhoon Kujira hit the central Philippines last weekend, killing 27 people.” Reuters reported.

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