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Global High and Low Temperatures

Posted by feww on July 7, 2017

Today’s hottest recorded temperature was 51.6°C (124.9°F)  in Mitribah (Kuwait) 

Max Temp Last 24h

Mitribah (Kuwait), 51.6°C
Basrah-Hussen (Iraq), 51.4°C
Sabriyah (Kuwait), 51.2°C
Omidieh (Iran), 51°C
Ahwaz (Iran), 50.8°C
Badrah (Iraq), 50.8°C
Abadan (Iran), 50.7°C

Death Valley, CA (USA), 50.6°C  (123°F)

Min Temp Last 24h
Dome A (Antarctica), -75.3°C (-103.5°F)

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