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Tuscaloosa Tornado Damage Images

Posted by feww on May 2, 2011

Tuscaloosa, Alabama Tornado Damage Captured by NOAA Aircraft

Following photos are before and after imagery showing tornado damage in various neighborhoods of Tuscaloosa, AL. The before imagery is credited to Google, the after imagery was taken from an altitude of 1,500m (5,000 feet) by a NOAA aircraft on April 29, 2011.

Image Set 1

Image Set 2

Image Set 3

  • Hi-Res images available online.
  • More images including NOAA aircraft’s flight path, are posted HERE (PDF file)

Latest Fatality and Casualty Figures for Tuscaloosa

  • At least 45 dead
  • 373 people missing [Disturbing numbers, but may be due to communication problems]
  • 1000+ others injured
  • Source:  Figures released by city officials at news conference at City Hall on Sunday May 1]

Latest Fatality and Casualty Figures for Tuscaloosa

Alabama Tornado Deaths: 250
Alabama Tornado Injuries: 2,219

Latest Fatality and Casualty Figures for Southern US

  • Unconfirmed Tornado Deaths: 389
  • Confirmed Tornado Deaths: 358
  • Injuries: Thousands
  • Displaced: Tens of Thousands

Other Stats

The April 27  super-cell storm spawned an estimated 312 tornadoes, breaking the previous record of 148 set in 1974 by more than 210 percent (164 more twisters). Revised on May 3, 2011

U-S Tornado Deaths 1875 – April 2011

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