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Deadly Typhoon NANGKA Striking Japan

Posted by feww on July 16, 2015

Deadly NANGKA barrels toward Shikoku, Japan

Typhoon NANGKA, the season’s 11th typhoon, is making landfall on Japan’s Shikoku island, prompting the authorities to evacuate up to a third of a million people in 11 prefectures, with more than 1.5 million others on standby to evacuate their homes, if necessary.

Flash floods triggered by the powerful typhoon have already killed at least two people, and left about 20 others injured, locals have reported.

Torrential rains brought by NANGKA [Malaysian name for the Jack fruit, no reason given for the choice of name,] have already caused multiple landslides in several prefectures, and forced Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways to cancel hundreds of domestic flights. Many train cancellations were also reported.

Japan’s weather agency has issued Warnings or Advisories for the entire country, with storm, high waves, heavy rain,
flooding, storm surge, thunderstorm and/or ground-loosening inundation topping the typhoon’s list of impacts.

NANGA was on course to hit the island of Shikoku at about midnight local time [UTC+ 9.00  hrs,] before slamming the main island of Honshu, on Friday.

TY 1511 (NANGKA) – issued by Japan’s weather agency at 12:50UTC on July 16, 2015

Scale: Large
Intensity: Strong
Center position: N33°00′(33.0°), E134°20′(134.3°)
Direction and movement speed: N 20km/h(10kt)
Central pressure: 960hPa
Maximum wind speed near the center: 35m/s(70kt)
Maximum wind gust: 50m/s(100kt)

The weather agency has forecast total rainfall amounts of up to 800mm on Shikoku, 600mm in nearby prefectures of Osaka, Nagoya and the neighboring areas, as well as 300mm in the Tokyo region in the 24 hours through noon Friday.

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